Why You Should Hire A Minivan Over An SUV

When you’re travelling with a group of people – whether it’s a business trip or vacation with your extended family, hiring a larger vehicle is always the better option if you want a comfortable ride. However, you might be wondering whether a minivan hire would be better than an SUV? Here’s a breakdown of minivan hire Auckland and SUV rentals to help you choose correctly.
Mid-Size SUV Hire 
Mid-size SUVs are one of the smaller sized SUVs that you could rent. They hold five people at a push, and about four pieces of luggage, if you’re going on a trip. They’re best suited for small families or group of friends going on vacation together, but would otherwise be too cramped if you were travelling with more people. If you’re going to an event, conference, or awards ceremony with your team from work, a mid-size SUV would be too small if you want everyone to be comfortable during the ride, without feeling cramped. Besides, there’s nothing worse than arriving at a work function in creased clothing – it’s not professional at all!
Full-Size SUV
Although the full-size SUV is a luxurious way to travel, they can be quite a bit more expensive to hire. If you’re looking for comfort and space for up to seven people, this SUV is fine, but a minivan is your best bet – especially if you’re transporting more than seven people. If there are more than seven people, you’re better off getting a minivan hire from a well-known Auckland rental company.
Why Hire A Minivan 
Minivan hire in Auckland is exactly what you need when you’re going on a trip or an outing with a group. If you’re carrying five or more people to a party in the city, to a business retreat, or a family wedding, an SUV won’t be big enough – unless you hire a full-size SUV. Minivans can be equally comfortable and even more spacious. Depending on your needs, you can hire an 8-seater, or go as large as a 15-seater minivan. If you’re going on a company retreat, you would most likely need a minivan, as most companies employ more than ten people.
SUV rentals have their place and are hired out very often. But they’re not the only option available when you need to hire a car to seat more than ten people. That’s why minivan hire in Auckland is what you need. They are roomy and comfortable and get you and your group where you need to go.