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Most people don’t need to own a 10 seater van, which is why the next best solution is to hire one. The next time you have an overnight function with a group, or are travelling with friends or family, rent a van for the following three reasons.

You Can Spread Out 

Say you and your colleagues are going away on a teambuilding weekend. Or, you and your extended family are going on a vacation. It’s more cost-effective to travel together; however, eventually, you’ll need some space. Long drives can get uncomfortable and claustrophobic, so you need the extra space to spread out and enjoy the ride.

There’s Enough Space For Storage 

A great benefit to travelling with a group in a van is how much extra space you have for storage. When you go separately in your own cars, you have to try to squeeze every bag in the boot of each car. And that doesn’t take fishing, snorkelling, camping, golfing or hiking gear into consideration. If you have a full itinerary of fun things to do during your trip, you’ll need the extra space to store everything, which makes a van the perfect vehicle to use.

Travelling Together Is Better For Everyone 

If you’re going away with a group of friends, it’s much easier to rent a van and split the cost between everyone going. It’s more affordable as well. When each person takes their car, they’re paying costs in mileage, wear and tear and petrol costs. Not forgetting to mention that some vehicles are more fuel-efficient than others, so some parties might even pay more than others, which isn’t fair. If you rent a van, you can split the costs evenly between everyone.

Travelling together also provides an element of safety and punctuality. If one person is driving their own vehicle, which is unreliable for long stretches of driving, there’s the worry that they’ll break down. Others can have trouble with staying punctual, following road maps, or driving long distances. But when you rent a van, you don’t have to worry about someone falling behind, getting lost or breaking down. You can all travel and arrive together, on time and in one piece.

If you’re planning a getaway, a Christmas function over a weekend for your colleagues or a vacation with friends and family, the best way to travel is together. Rent a van, stay safe and in a group, and you’ll have stress-free travels.

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Towing a trailer for the first time can be challenging. It adds to the weight of your vehicle, which means that you’ll feel your car slightly less powerful than usual. Turning will also feel unnatural, because you’ll need to make wider turns, and you’ll have to brake sooner than you’re used to. You can get used to this after a few minutes; however, a bouncing trailer can be even more nerve-wracking.

What Is A Bouncing Trailer?

A bouncing trailer is the result of a suspension that’s too stiff for the load you’re towing. That means that while you’re driving, the trailer will bounce lightly on the road. It makes the ride more unsteady and uncomfortable, and it feels like you’re driving on an untarred road. It can also be risky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the art of towing a trailer.

Other Causes 

It’s important to remember that the suspension in a vehicle comprises of the tyres, springs and axle, which is the leading cause of bouncing trailers. However, other causes include:

  • The tyres have not been adequately inflated and have a weak grip on the road
  • The towing is not level
  • The load in the trailer has an unbalanced weight and needs to be shifted
  • The shocks have worn out
  • The shocks are incorrect for the load (this is felt  specifically when going over a bump)
  • An axle has been damaged
  • The trailer is overloaded

As you can see, it’s quite clear that many factors can cause, or contribute to a bouncing trailer. Fortunately, they can be fixed with a few minor adjustments. The easiest among them is to check the tyres. They should be inflated correctly, with proper tyre pressure without losing any air.

How To Fix It

Your rental company of choice should keep their trailers maintained. This means checking that the electrical systems for the backlights and brake lights work, the suspension, tyres, and even the safety chain and axles.

They typically perform inspections after a rental trailer has been returned, so that any repairs or services can be performed before it’s hired out again. It’s important to remember to check for any visible damage and point it out before you leave with it so that you’re not charged when the trailer is returned.

These methods should stop the trailer from bouncing and provide a more steady ride. Make sure that your car rental company keeps their trailer hire well-maintained to avoid issues like this. If not, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Everyone’s home looks different. We each have different items, and varying amounts of furniture to move when the time comes. That’s why you get different sized vans. You might look at a van and think it’s too small, but for the bachelor living in a one-bedroom apartment, it’s perfect. Here’s why you should use cheap van hire Auckland when you’re going through a small move.

They’re The Perfect Size 

A single person living on their own wouldn’t have as much to move as a family of four. Although both would have one fridge and two couches, you have to consider how much more a household of four people can own. Each bedroom would be full of furniture, clothing, books, or toys. A van wouldn’t be big enough for them. However, for a single person or a student’s, it’s perfect. The furniture could be carried in one trip, and boxes can go on the second trip. That means you wouldn’t have to spend too much on fuel or mileage, and the move will be finished in a morning.

Cargo Vans Are Enclosed 

Slightly larger than some trailers, vans are better not only because of the size difference but also because they’re enclosed. When you’re moving to a new bachelor flat, you don’t have to worry that your items will become dislodged or damaged during the trip, because vans are entirely enclosed. Your belongings will be safe and dry during transit.

Multiple Trips Are Easier 

When a vehicle is more comfortable to drive, making multiple trips will be stress-free and convenient. Because they’re only slightly bigger than an SUV, vans are easy to operate and unpack. Instead of hiring services or the help of your friends and family, you could pack your belongings and offload them in your new home almost on your own!

Manoeuvring A Van Is Effortless

Trying to move a trailer around a corner or up a driveway can be very challenging, especially if you’ve never towed one before. However, vans are the perfect size for driving typical Auckland roads, as well as for entering properties, going in and out of front gates, and up driveways. Moving trucks are much bigger, which means that they’d have to park in the street to offload your furniture.

If you’re a student, a bachelor or a singleton, you don’t need a huge home. Therefore, when you’re moving to somewhere new in Auckland, you wouldn’t need more than cheap van hire to do it. You’ll save time, money effort.