Choose Your Vehicle

Moving to a new home is a big job, so why not make it easier? You could hire a moving company, but they’re expensive. That’s why truck hire West Auckland is your best bet. If you want to make it even simpler, here’s a guide on how to pack your moving truck like a professional, to minimise on time, space and money.

Pack The Heaviest Items First 

Furniture and large appliances are big and bulky; they’ll take up the most space within the truck, and need to be loaded securely. To be safe, you should pack them first so that they’re at the front of the truck. Make sure that both sides of the truck have equal weights because even weight distribution on the road could prevent the truck from flipping in an accident. If there’s too much weight at the back of the truck, it could cause drag, which is equally dangerous on the road.

When loading the truck, you need at least two people – one on the ground lifting, and one in the truck pulling the furniture inside. Appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers should be loaded standing up against the sides. Then load tables, dressers, couches and other pieces furniture.

Be Careful Not To Damage Your Furniture 

The last thing you need is to find your furniture damaged after you’ve moved it into a new home. Furniture can be expensive, so you want to take care of it. To avoid the most cumbersome items crushing others beneath them, load them onto the bottom of the truck, and pack lighter pieces on top. Use straps to keep them from moving or falling over inside the truck while it’s on the road.

Pack The Long Items Next

What are the long items, you might be asking? These are items that are long, but narrow, such as mirrors, mattresses and bed bases, and headboards. They can be propped upright against each other, taking up length but not a vast amount of space. And because mattresses are soft, they make a significant barrier to put in between fragile items so that they aren’t damaged.

The Boxes And The Cracks 

Boxes are easy to pack because they stack. Again, put the heaviest boxes at the bottom, and the items with fragile contents on the top so that they don’t get crushed.

Now to fill the cracks. Like playing Tetris, you’re filling in the empty spaces so that your items are packed tightly enough, without space to wobble or move during transit. The best items for filling in the cracks are soft and malleable, which won’t cause damage to the things around them – use linens, blankets, duvets, cushions, towels and even clothing. They’ll fill the gaps, save space and keep everything tightly secured.

Moving to a new home is challenging enough, even if nothing goes wrong. With truck hire in West Auckland and learning how to pack it like a pro, you’ll save on space, time and even money – especially if you can shave off an additional trip from the itinerary.

Everybody likes a bargain. Whether you get a discounted rate for using a gift card, or you find a sale at a boutique store, getting a deal is a great way to ensure brand loyalty. However, sometimes, you need to find the bargains yourself. Take transit van hire Auckland for one. Here are some tips that can ensure that you get a great deal the next time you need to rent a van.

Rent Online 

The internet has become the world’s primary source of information, and we utilise it every day. Whether you’re booking a table at your favourite restaurant or applying to study, you can do it online – including transit van hire. Vehicle rental companies are now allowing customers to rent a car from their websites. Also, those that offer online rentals provide the incentive of discounted rates or additions for free. For example, if you rent a transit van online, you could get the GPS for free, instead of paying extra for the additional accessory. If you’ve found a trusted rental company that you’ve hired from before, try renting online – you might get a few good deals.

Look For Discounts 

Just like restaurants, hotels and golf courses, vehicle rental companies also provide discounted rates at certain times of the year, so keep your eyes peeled. You can even contact your rental company of choice and enquire about upcoming discounts around holidays or off-peak seasons. You can plan your needs around their schedule to ensure that you make a saving.

Time Your Booking

When hiring a transit van, timing is everything. You should book your van of choice ahead of time. If you reserve a vehicle ahead of time, you could be afforded bargain prices and better deals on offer if you’re booking in the off-peak season. Therefore, time your transit van reservation well enough to enjoy off-peak season deals.

Know Your Timeframe 

Most of the time, when people hire a transit van, they usually only keep it for as long as they need it and then return it. Typically, this is around 2-3 days if you’re transporting items to storage, or moving to a new home. However, knowing the kinds of bargains, you can make just from altering your timeframe can make a significant difference. Some rental companies provide cheaper deals if you extend the rental agreement to a week, or even longer. Therefore, weekly rates are more affordable than if you only use the transit van for a day or two.

When you’re looking into transit van hire, you can make significant savings if you’re smart about when and how you go about the rental process. Although you might want the convenience of picking the first viable vehicle from a well-known brand, you might end up paying more than you could get away with. Use these tips if you’re looking for better deals when hiring a transit van.

As a vehicle owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your car so that it runs well without breaking down or causing an accident. For the same reason, cheap trailer hire Auckland, you want to trust that the rental company is providing a well-maintained trailer whenever you need it. Here’s a checklist of how your rental trailer should be serviced.

Tyre Condition 

As with your own car, the tread on your tyres is essential. Tyre tread keeps the vehicle gripped to the road, even if it’s slick with water or oil. If the tread has worn away, the tyres will have trouble gripping the road, causing you to skid. The tread on the trailer’s wheels is just as essential as on the car pulling it. Because you’re using the trailer to transport goods, you can’t hitch an unsteady trailer to your vehicle. Because a loaded trailer is carrying more weight, the unbalanced weight distribution could cause a severe accident if it can’t grip the road. Therefore, whenever you hire a trailer, have a look at the tyre tread to ensure that it’s up to roadworthy specifications.

Safety Chains 

There are two components to attaching a hired trailer to your vehicle. One is the coupling, and the other is the safety chain. The coupler is the main component, which hitches to the back of your car. It should attach smoothly and securely. It has a lever to release the coupler when you want to detach the trailer. The safety chain is an added element of safety,  which secures the trailer to your vehicle even if the coupling is locked. The safety chain is the fail-safe mechanism used if the coupling fails, and your trailer unhitches itself while you’re on the road. Both components must be in working order because this mechanism keeps you, and others on the street, safe from a loaded trailer becoming a free moving object with no control.

Brakes And Electrics 

When you attach a trailer to your vehicle, the trailer becomes an extension of your car. It’s brakes, and electronics need to be in working condition so that drivers behind you know what your next move is before you make it. The only way the car behind you knows if you’re going to stop, turn, or brake is by the lights on the trailer, so make sure that these work before you sign the agreement.

When you hire a car, you take it for a test drive to ensure that each system is in working order. If you think the brakes are soft or the handbrake doesn’t hold, you will need to choose a different model. Cheap trailer hire Auckland is the same. You trust the rental company to maintain each trailer, so use this checklist to ensure that tyres, brakes, lights and more are in good condition before you hire a trailer that might not be roadworthy.

All around the world, the same vehicles are used to transport large quantities – from furniture to supermarket stock. However, you can’t buy a truck for the few times you’ll need one, which is why you can hire trucks for cheap prices in Auckland. Take note of these four tips for when you need cheap truck hire Auckland.

Compare Quotations 

Whether you’re hiring a party venue or hiring a truck, it’s bad practice to accept the first quotation that you find. When looking for a truck rental company, make sure that you do enough research so that you have more than one option to choose from. You might come across a rental company that has more models of varying capacities to choose from, or with more affordable prices. Some rental companies don’t include additional fees such as insurance or accessories in their quotes, so you should have more than one quote for comparison purposes.

Read The Quote Carefully 

Even though the price might be the most essential aspect of truck hire you go with, you should make sure that you understand the quotation you’re given. These days, some truck rental companies create overcomplicated quotes that can easily be misunderstood. Make sure that you read it carefully, looking for terms and conditions which could drive the price up. You should also take note of the timeframe that your quote covers so that there are no surprises according to how many days you need the truck.

Be Clear About Your Requirements 

Your requirements for truck hire could change the price you pay quite drastically. That’s why you must be clear about your requirements. You need to be sure on how long you need it for, how far you’ll be travelling with it, and how much you’ll be carrying. A little thing, such as mileage, could drive the price up, which doesn’t help if you’re working with a strict budget. Check your contract to ensure that everything you need is covered, including inclusions or exclusions of accessories, insurance or other benefits. Knowing these minor details could determine how much you’re charged, so be clear about what you need.

Know Your Capacity 

Although you can’t know for sure how much your furniture weighs, you can provide an estimate of how much you’re carrying. If you’re transporting stock, you can work out how heavy your load is according to per item. Knowing how the weight of what you’re carrying determines which model and capacity you need are essential, so try to be accurate in your estimation.

When you hire a cheap truck in Auckland, you need to be sure that the rental process, use of the truck, and its return goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to get into a situation where you’re overcharged, or in an accident without insurance. Therefore, follow these four tips to ensure that your endeavours go without a hitch.

Moving from one home to another can be daunting. It’s stressful and expensive and requires a lot of time. In an ideal world, you’d have unlimited time and finances to make the process as easy as possible. However, you live in the real world. Fortunately, you can make use of car trailer hire to assist you. Here’s how you can save money when hiring a car trailer.

Get The Right Trailer 

Often, the most expensive mistake made is when people hire the wrong trailer. If you hire a trailer too big, you could have saved money on a smaller and more affordable option. A trailer too small would require more trips to move, which drives up petrol expenses.

Because there are too many types of trailers available to choose from, discuss what you have to move with your rental company – including furniture, appliances and boxes. They should be able to recommend the right sized trailer depending on your needs. For example, if you have a few items that can’t be adequately secured, your rental company will recommend an enclosed trailer. Make sure you hire the best car trailer according to what you need it for, to get your money’s worth.

Don’t Rent For Too Long 

Some people manage to move from one home to another in a day, but others need a weekend. It depends on how much you have to move, and if you have people assisting you. If you organise the helping hands ahead of time, you’ll be able to calculate precisely for how long you’ll need to hire a trailer. Remember, when you hire a car trailer, you either pay per hour or per day. If you keep the trailer for an extra day longer than you need it, you’ll spend more. Make sure that everyone who has offered assistance or a vehicle has committed so that you can budget accordingly.

Compare Prices 

Once you’re aware of how big your trailer needs must be and how long you’ll need it, you can start shopping around for rates that you can afford. Most rental companies have competitive prices, so if you look around enough, you should find someone reputable, trustworthy and affordable. Although, rates change per season because the demand for trailers increases in summer. Remember to keep that in mind when you’re looking for the best price.


Moving to a new home is an expensive task to undertake. Between paying for your new home, packing materials and the travel and labour costs of moving, why not try to save some money in the car trailer hire expense area? When you start planning the move, consider these tips. They’ll help you save money, which could make all the difference to your finances when you’re moving. Make sure you know what you need, and look around for decent specials. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save!

Rental trucks are a great way to move to your new home without costing an arm and a leg. Moving companies can get very expensive, even if you’re not moving far away. Here’s how hiring a truck in West Auckland will be a more cost-effective solution when you’re moving.

Save On Labour

When you hire a moving company, part of the expense goes toward labour costs. However, most of us have friends and family who are willing to help move furniture and a few heavy boxes when you’re in need. At most, they’ll be happy to be repaid with a barbeque after the work is done, a swim in your new pool to cool off, or a return of the favour when they’re moving as well. However, this can become a big job, so make sure that you have enough helping hands if you want all of your possessions moved in a day.

Save On Motivation Costs

Keeping friends and family motivated is simple. Some good food and drink provided are usually enough for friends to offer their time and effort when you’re moving. It won’t cost you much, and they’re happy to help anyway, so getting something out of it will be more than enough to show your appreciation. Moving companies have to pay fair wages to their staff, which will be included in your bill – and that will be much more expensive than a few pizzas.

Earn Money By Selling What You Don’t Need

Packing up your home and moving can take a long time, especially if you have a lot to pack. Make this easier by deciding what to keep, and what can go. A good rule to live by is the three-month-period strategy. If you haven’t needed something, thought of it, or looked at it in three months, then the chances are high that you don’t need it. A week before moving day, you can have a garage sale and sell what you don’t need anymore. You can also take advantage of online marketplaces, auctions or second-hand stores to pay you for your goods. With the money you’ve earned, you can provide a great treat at the end of the day for your hardworking loved ones. They’ll also be grateful for the lightened load.


Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be expensive, although most people assume that one day will set them back financially at least a few months. Thankfully, that’s incorrect, if you know how to do it. Start with a truck hire West Auckland. Self-drive truck rentals are affordable and convenient and allow for more finances to go toward other moving costs.

If you’re moving to a new home, you know that it’s going to cost money. Unfortunately, some don’t always have the funds available for unexpected costs that could arise during the move. Here are a few ways that you could save money from van hire in Auckland, which you haven’t thought of.

Hire The Correct Van

If you’re hiring a moving van for the first time, you need to make sure that you rent the correct type of van. There are many types available, and they differ in size, price, brand and model. Moreover, with all these differences, come different rental rates. The last thing you want to do is waste money on a hired van that is too big or too small for your needs. Make a list of your belongings, including all furniture, and present it to the rental company you’re using. They should be able to recommend a van that is the best size for you.

Find A Rental Price You Can Afford

Before you begin making plans to start moving, make sure that you have a set budget. Included should be what you can realistically pay for a van rental, as well as petrol costs, packing accessories and boxes. You need to be aware of how much you can spend; otherwise, you’ll have trouble filling the petrol tank when transporting your belongings. Once you know what you can afford, you can start looking for a rental company that can provide what you need.

Compare Rates

There is always more than one service provider to choose from. To become more successful than their competitors, they’ll set competitive prices. If you want to save money and still hire a decent, well-maintained moving van in Auckland, look at rates within your budget from different rental companies. You’ll find ones that fit your budget, go over it, or go under it. Some rental companies will even try to beat other quotes you’ve found. However, make sure that they’re reputable before you sign an agreement.

Find Ways To Save On Petrol

When trying to save money during your move, you can even look at your petrol usage for room to save. If your rental agreement allows you to pay per hour or by the day, you’ll find that whatever distance you travel isn’t covered by the rate you’re paying. Therefore, you should look for the shortest routes from your old house to your new one, and those that will have the least traffic. You can also try to make the move in one trip; so in this instance, rent a slightly larger van so that you can fit everything in one load.


Moving is an extremely expensive life change. Other than paying deposits for your new home, you also need to pay for packing materials, petrol and moving van hire in Auckland. If you don’t have many expendable funds to see you through this transition comfortably, use these tips to make the cost of moving less crippling. As moving companies are costly, start with moving van hire in Auckland.

Whatever your reasoning for needing a 10 seater van hire Auckland, you’ll want to be extra careful while you’re using it. Especially on long haul trips, you can get reckless with your safety. If you hire a van and it gets damaged, you’ll have to pay some hefty fees. That’s another reason why you need to be alert when you’re on the road. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Always Keep Left

If you’re unfamiliar with Auckland roads, you might be surprised to know that in New Zealand, everyone drives on the left side. This might feel unnatural or unsettling at first; however, you’ll get into the habit of keeping left. Just remember, keep left when entering or exiting a car park, and make sure to check your right side when entering a roundabout.

Seatbelts On, Always

A good habit to get into when driving other people around is to ensure that everyone has their seatbelt engaged when the car is moving. To keep this at the forefront of your mind, make sure that you don’t start the car until every passenger is wearing their seatbelt. As the driver of the van, you’re responsible for getting everyone to their destination in one piece. You should also be aware that if you’re caught by the authorities with passengers who aren’t wearing a safety belt, you’ll get a fine.

Keep To The Speed Limit

Speed limits are there to limit your speed – not to be used as targets! Driving an unfamiliar vehicle can take some getting used to. If a 10-seater van has more power than your beaten-up car at home, you might enjoy being able to drive faster than usual. However, you don’t want to get a fine for speeding. Vehicles – especially those you’re unfamiliar with – are harder to control when they’re going too fast. Make sure that you keep your eyes on the speed limit, to get to where you’re going safely. You’ll also come to learn that New Zealand is famous for rapidly changing weather patterns. When the weather turns to rain, ice or fog, reduce your speed for better control of the van.

Brush Up On The Road Rules

If you’re not from Auckland, it will do you good to familiarise yourself with the rules of driving on New Zealand’s roads. If you’re stopped by the authorities for breaking the law, saying that you didn’t know about the rules won’t be enough to get you off. If you want to drive on the roads, make sure that you read up on how you’re expected to drive safely so that you don’t get into trouble.


Before you utilise the convenient service of 10-seater van hire in Auckland, make sure that these tips are kept in mind so that you’re alert, careful and safe. Read up on the road laws so that you don’t get fined, or into trouble, and you’ll be right as rain. 

Moving to a new home is not easy. From packing, donating what you don’t need, and cleaning, you’ll be exhausted. Not to mention transporting your things from one place to another. To make the job easier, you should use truck rentals in Auckland.

It’s The Cheaper Option

How many trips will it take to move everything into your new home in your car? The added weight will also drive your fuel consumption through the roof. That means that you’ll have to fill your tank more often, costing more money. Hiring a moving truck is a more cost-effective option because you’ll be able to move everything in one or two trips at most.

It Cuts Down On Time

Time is the one commodity in life that cannot be earned back after it’s been wasted. Therefore, even when you’re moving to a new house, you can’t waste it. Making multiple trips in your car takes too long, and you’ll still be busy by nightfall.

When you hire a truck, you’ll carry more, and it’s quicker to load. They’re typically big enough to take all furniture and large appliances in one trip, and smaller items such as boxes, in another. By the time everything is at your new home, you’ll still have daylight hours to unpack and rearrange the furniture.

It Provides Peace Of Mind

Hiring a moving truck that you can pack yourself is less stressful. Sure, it’s easy to hire a moving company and have them do the heavy lifting; however, you’ll have to supervise them. There are countless stories of people who were left with damaged items and ruined belongings because their moving company was unprofessional and careless.

By doing it yourself, you can handle your things the way they should be. You’ll be responsible for damages, and you won’t have to spend time supervising a group of people. You won’t have to rely on people who are late, slacking, or who didn’t arrive to help at all. You can get it all done by yourself at your own speed, and to your personal standard.


Before you make a decision you’ll regret, look into a truck rental in Auckland. If you don’t want to rely on your car, your friends and family or a moving company, this is your best bet. You can work at your own pace, save time, and look after your belongings. Moving into a new home is a big deal; you don’t want it ruined by unreliable people, debt, or a careless and unprofessional moving company. If you want to save money, time and peace of mind, rent a moving truck.

Most families struggle to fit everything in the car when they go on holiday. You might need that extra blow-up mattress, and the kids won’t want to leave toys behind. You’ll have to compromise, and there might be a few tantrums. To avoid disappointment, why not hire a van? Here are five benefits to hiring a van for your next Auckland holiday.

1) You Don’t Have To Make Any Sacrifices

The biggest problem you deal with when you go on holiday is struggling to fit everything in the car. You want to make sure that you have everything you need; however, storage space can become an issue. If you hire a van for the next trip, this problem is solved. Vans have ample storage space, so you won’t have to make any sacrifices. You can plan a full and fun vacation, without worrying about whether everything will fit in the car.

2) Vans Are More Comfortable

Many parents often don’t start enjoying their vacation until they’ve arrived because the drive can be stressful. Your boot is never big enough, which means that there’ll be stuff packed in between your legs and on the backseat. Uncomfortable children become unhappy. To avoid unhappy and fussy children, hiring a van is the smarter decision. You and your family won’t be cramped because of the extra legroom. It’ll be a more enjoyable ride for all.

3) This Travel Is More Efficient

Many in Auckland love going on vacation and taking friends and family with them. However, this isn’t always possible unless your vehicle is big enough to seat extra people, or if you travel in more than one car. However, going in more than one car doubles your travel costs. You would be better off hiring a van.

Moreover, you won’t have to stop to rest when driving long distances. Sharing the van means sharing driving duties as well. The driver can relax while someone else takes the wheel, making the journey safer, and faster. Your travel expenses will be cheaper, and you’ll enjoy the trip more.


When you plan a vacation, make sure to allocate funds for van hire in Auckland. Ensure that you find a rental company that you like, with prices you can afford. The drive to your holiday destination will be a pleasure. You’ll be comfortable, with more space for storage and the opportunity to bring more friends and family along. Next time, make the smarter choice and hire a van. You won’t regret it!