Choose Your Vehicle

Most people don’t need to own a 10-seater van, which is why the next best solution is to hire one. The next time you have an overnight function with a group, or are travelling with friends or family, rent a van for the following three reasons.

You Can Spread Out 

Say you and your colleagues are going away on a teambuilding weekend. Or, you and your extended family are going on a vacation. It’s more cost-effective to travel together; however, eventually, you’ll need some space. Long drives can get uncomfortable and claustrophobic, so you need the extra space to spread out and enjoy the ride.

There’s Enough Space For Storage 

A great benefit to travelling with a group in a van is how much extra space you have for storage. When you go separately in your own cars, you have to try to squeeze every bag in the boot of each car. And that doesn’t take fishing, snorkelling, camping, golfing or hiking gear into consideration. If you have a full itinerary of fun things to do during your trip, you’ll need the extra space to store everything, which makes a van the perfect vehicle to use.

Travelling Together Is Better For Everyone 

If you’re going away with a group of friends, it’s much easier to rent a van and split the cost between everyone going. It’s more affordable as well. When each person takes their car, they’re paying costs in mileage, wear and tear and petrol costs. Not forgetting to mention that some vehicles are more fuel-efficient than others, so some parties might even pay more than others, which isn’t fair. If you rent a van, you can split the costs evenly between everyone.

Travelling together also provides an element of safety and punctuality. If one person is driving their own vehicle, which is unreliable for long stretches of driving, there’s the worry that they’ll break down. Others can have trouble with staying punctual, following road maps, or driving long distances. But when you rent a van, you don’t have to worry about someone falling behind, getting lost or breaking down. You can all travel and arrive together, on time and in one piece.

If you’re planning a getaway, a Christmas function over a weekend for your colleagues or a vacation with friends and family, the best way to travel is together. Rent a van, stay safe and in a group, and you’ll have stress-free travels.

Towing a trailer for the first time can be challenging. It adds to the weight of your vehicle, which means that you’ll feel your car slightly less powerful than usual. Turning will also feel unnatural, because you’ll need to make wider turns, and you’ll have to brake sooner than you’re used to. You can get used to this after a few minutes; however, a bouncing trailer can be even more nerve-wracking.

What Is A Bouncing Trailer?

A bouncing trailer is the result of a suspension that’s too stiff for the load you’re towing. That means that while you’re driving, the trailer will bounce lightly on the road. It makes the ride more unsteady and uncomfortable, and it feels like you’re driving on an untarred road. It can also be risky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the art of towing a trailer.

Other Causes 

It’s important to remember that the suspension in a vehicle comprises of the tyres, springs and axle, which is the leading cause of bouncing trailers. However, other causes include:

  • The tyres have not been adequately inflated and have a weak grip on the road
  • The towing is not level
  • The load in the trailer has an unbalanced weight and needs to be shifted
  • The shocks have worn out
  • The shocks are incorrect for the load (this is felt  specifically when going over a bump)
  • An axle has been damaged
  • The trailer is overloaded

As you can see, it’s quite clear that many factors can cause, or contribute to a bouncing trailer. Fortunately, they can be fixed with a few minor adjustments. The easiest among them is to check the tyres. They should be inflated correctly, with proper tyre pressure without losing any air.

How To Fix It

Your rental company of choice should keep their trailers maintained. This means checking that the electrical systems for the backlights and brake lights work, the suspension, tyres, and even the safety chain and axles.

They typically perform inspections after a rental trailer has been returned, so that any repairs or services can be performed before it’s hired out again. It’s important to remember to check for any visible damage and point it out before you leave with it so that you’re not charged when the trailer is returned.

These methods should stop the trailer from bouncing and provide a more steady ride. Make sure that your car rental company keeps their trailer hire well-maintained to avoid issues like this. If not, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Everyone’s home looks different. We each have different items, and varying amounts of furniture to move when the time comes. That’s why you get different sized vans. You might look at a van and think it’s too small, but for the bachelor living in a one-bedroom apartment, it’s perfect. Here’s why you should use cheap van hire Auckland when you’re going through a small move.

They’re The Perfect Size 

A single person living on their own wouldn’t have as much to move as a family of four. Although both would have one fridge and two couches, you have to consider how much more a household of four people can own. Each bedroom would be full of furniture, clothing, books, or toys. A van wouldn’t be big enough for them. However, for a single person or a student’s, it’s perfect. The furniture could be carried in one trip, and boxes can go on the second trip. That means you wouldn’t have to spend too much on fuel or mileage, and the move will be finished in a morning.

Cargo Vans Are Enclosed 

Slightly larger than some trailers, vans are better not only because of the size difference but also because they’re enclosed. When you’re moving to a new bachelor flat, you don’t have to worry that your items will become dislodged or damaged during the trip, because vans are entirely enclosed. Your belongings will be safe and dry during transit.

Multiple Trips Are Easier 

When a vehicle is more comfortable to drive, making multiple trips will be stress-free and convenient. Because they’re only slightly bigger than an SUV, vans are easy to operate and unpack. Instead of hiring services or the help of your friends and family, you could pack your belongings and offload them in your new home almost on your own!

Manoeuvring A Van Is Effortless

Trying to move a trailer around a corner or up a driveway can be very challenging, especially if you’ve never towed one before. However, vans are the perfect size for driving typical Auckland roads, as well as for entering properties, going in and out of front gates, and up driveways. Moving trucks are much bigger, which means that they’d have to park in the street to offload your furniture.

If you’re a student, a bachelor or a singleton, you don’t need a huge home. Therefore, when you’re moving to somewhere new in Auckland, you wouldn’t need more than cheap van hire to do it. You’ll save time, money effort.

Travelling in groups can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re going on a trip with friends and family. However, travelling in convoy with multiple cars is expensive and less enjoyable with the group split up. Why not hire a minibus for your next group trip? Minibus vacations come with many advantages!

There Are Better Group Dynamics

Taking trips with a very small group only really works when you’re with close friends or an incredibly close family. Otherwise, tension could start brewing, especially after being on the road for a long time. However, too many people in the vehicle can get overwhelming, and you could even feel like you’ve gone back in time, and you’re going on a school trip with classmates. The noise levels would be immense, and it would be impossible to enjoy the drive. That’s why minibus hire is best – they’re big enough for small groups, and fit ten to twelve people comfortably at most, making them the perfectly-sized vehicle for group travels.

There’s Less Waiting Involved

When you go with a large tour group, you could be with up to twenty people or more. Organising that many people is a lot of work, and it wastes a lot of time, especially if it’s a short trip that falls over a weekend. It’ll feel like you’re spending more time waiting for people to return to the bus, get on and off the bus, use the bathroom, get meals, or see attractions. If you hire a minibus for yourself and your smaller group of friends and family, you can control what you see, where you go, and how many stops you make.

There Are Better Views For Everyone 

Minibuses are much smaller than regular tour buses, which typically seat up to three people in rows on each side. That means that, with a large tour bus, if you wanted to see the views or the sights as you drove past, you’d have to stretch or look past people’s heads to see them. In a minibus, there’s more space to go round for everyone to be comfortable, so you won’t miss anything you drive past, making it a better experience for everyone.

There’s More Flexibility 

Although keeping some kind of itinerary and time frame is a good idea, travelling on a tour bus is not flexible at all. You don’t get to veer off course for an afternoon because there’s something you want to see on the way that you didn’t know about before. You can’t choose where to go which means that you might miss out on seeing a lot of cool places without even knowing about it. If you hire a minibus, you have the freedom to make these decisions yourself, with the rest of your group in agreement.

Going on a vacation with a group of friends and family can be great fun, but more so when you rent a minibus. With minibus hire, you can make all the decisions together, see and do what you want to, skip the touristy spots and make your own adventure.

When hiring a car trailer in Auckland, you’ll have options to choose. There are different types available, which would suit diverse requirements. But what are the main differences between open and enclosed car trailers? Here are the differences between both, so that you can make an informed decision when you begin the hiring process.

Enclosed Trailers

The main difference is that enclosed trailers have a cover attached on hinges that open like a door. Also known as luggage trailers, you’ve probably seen them trailing buses and vans, carrying suitcases.

Enclosure – When you’re travelling, you don’t want something to come loose or fall out of the trailer, especially in high winds, an emergency brake or even a minor accident. Especially in long distances, you won’t want to stop regularly to ensure that everything is still tied down.

Security – Most enclosed trailers close tightly and even have a locking mechanism. The contents will be more secure, whether you’re on the road, or if you can’t offload it every day. With an enclosed trailer, you can keep the contents inside while it’s locked.

Customisation – Did you know that enclosed trailers are easily customisable? Depending on what you need it for, you could modify the inside to fit your requirements. You could include shelving and compartments for easy storage or even a sink.

Open Trailers

Open trailers are more commonly seen and come in different types. You might have seen a flatbed trailer without sides, a cage trailer or an open trailer. Each is used for varying purposes, but all are similar in the way that they don’t have a cover.

Weight – In comparison to enclosed trailers, open trailers are much more lightweight. That means that they’re easier to tow and manoeuvre, especially in tight spots. They are also more fuel-efficient because they’re lighter to drive with and provide less wind resistance.

Height – When you use an enclosed trailer, you’re limited to what you can store in it. With open trailers, there is almost no limit to height – one day you could be transporting boxes which don’t rise higher than the sides, and another day you could be strapping down a tall dresser.

Visibility – Unless you’re carrying a load of high items, you have better visibility when towing an open trailer. With more visibility, manoeuvring it into tight spaces or even reversing, is much more manageable.

Outdoors – Open trailers are perfect for outdoor work. Landscapers use them often, especially when transporting plants, debris, and garden ornaments. If it rains, you won’t have to worry about damage. However, if you’re carrying things you don’t want to get wet, you can secure a tarp over them to keep them safe and dry.

Both open and enclosed car trailers are useful, depending on what you need them for. You can find one that fits your requirements perfectly, especially if you’re hiring them in Auckland. If you’re using car trailer hire Auckland for the first time, you can talk to your rental company about which option is better for you.

Moving to a new home is a big job, so why not make it easier? You could hire a moving company, but they’re expensive. That’s why truck hire West Auckland is your best bet. If you want to make it even simpler, here’s a guide on how to pack your moving truck like a professional, to minimise on time, space and money.

Pack The Heaviest Items First 

Furniture and large appliances are big and bulky; they’ll take up the most space within the truck, and need to be loaded securely. To be safe, you should pack them first so that they’re at the front of the truck. Make sure that both sides of the truck have equal weights because even weight distribution on the road could prevent the truck from flipping in an accident. If there’s too much weight at the back of the truck, it could cause drag, which is equally dangerous on the road.

When loading the truck, you need at least two people – one on the ground lifting, and one in the truck pulling the furniture inside. Appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers should be loaded standing up against the sides. Then load tables, dressers, couches and other pieces furniture.

Be Careful Not To Damage Your Furniture 

The last thing you need is to find your furniture damaged after you’ve moved it into a new home. Furniture can be expensive, so you want to take care of it. To avoid the most cumbersome items crushing others beneath them, load them onto the bottom of the truck, and pack lighter pieces on top. Use straps to keep them from moving or falling over inside the truck while it’s on the road.

Pack The Long Items Next

What are the long items, you might be asking? These are items that are long, but narrow, such as mirrors, mattresses and bed bases, and headboards. They can be propped upright against each other, taking up length but not a vast amount of space. And because mattresses are soft, they make a significant barrier to put in between fragile items so that they aren’t damaged.

The Boxes And The Cracks 

Boxes are easy to pack because they stack. Again, put the heaviest boxes at the bottom, and the items with fragile contents on the top so that they don’t get crushed.

Now to fill the cracks. Like playing Tetris, you’re filling in the empty spaces so that your items are packed tightly enough, without space to wobble or move during transit. The best items for filling in the cracks are soft and malleable, which won’t cause damage to the things around them – use linens, blankets, duvets, cushions, towels and even clothing. They’ll fill the gaps, save space and keep everything tightly secured.

Moving to a new home is challenging enough, even if nothing goes wrong. With truck hire in West Auckland and learning how to pack it like a pro, you’ll save on space, time and even money – especially if you can shave off an additional trip from the itinerary.

Everybody likes a bargain. Whether you get a discounted rate for using a gift card, or you find a sale at a boutique store, getting a deal is a great way to ensure brand loyalty. However, sometimes, you need to find the bargains yourself. Take transit van hire Auckland for one. Here are some tips that can ensure that you get a great deal the next time you need to rent a van.

Rent Online 

The internet has become the world’s primary source of information, and we utilise it every day. Whether you’re booking a table at your favourite restaurant or applying to study, you can do it online – including transit van hire. Vehicle rental companies are now allowing customers to rent a car from their websites. Also, those that offer online rentals provide the incentive of discounted rates or additions for free. For example, if you rent a transit van online, you could get the GPS for free, instead of paying extra for the additional accessory. If you’ve found a trusted rental company that you’ve hired from before, try renting online – you might get a few good deals.

Look For Discounts 

Just like restaurants, hotels and golf courses, vehicle rental companies also provide discounted rates at certain times of the year, so keep your eyes peeled. You can even contact your rental company of choice and enquire about upcoming discounts around holidays or off-peak seasons. You can plan your needs around their schedule to ensure that you make a saving.

Time Your Booking

When hiring a transit van, timing is everything. You should book your van of choice ahead of time. If you reserve a vehicle ahead of time, you could be afforded bargain prices and better deals on offer if you’re booking in the off-peak season. Therefore, time your transit van reservation well enough to enjoy off-peak season deals.

Know Your Timeframe 

Most of the time, when people hire a transit van, they usually only keep it for as long as they need it and then return it. Typically, this is around 2-3 days if you’re transporting items to storage, or moving to a new home. However, knowing the kinds of bargains, you can make just from altering your timeframe can make a significant difference. Some rental companies provide cheaper deals if you extend the rental agreement to a week, or even longer. Therefore, weekly rates are more affordable than if you only use the transit van for a day or two.

When you’re looking into transit van hire, you can make significant savings if you’re smart about when and how you go about the rental process. Although you might want the convenience of picking the first viable vehicle from a well-known brand, you might end up paying more than you could get away with. Use these tips if you’re looking for better deals when hiring a transit van.

As a vehicle owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your car so that it runs well without breaking down or causing an accident. For the same reason, cheap trailer hire Auckland, you want to trust that the rental company is providing a well-maintained trailer whenever you need it. Here’s a checklist of how your rental trailer should be serviced.

Tyre Condition 

As with your own car, the tread on your tyres is essential. Tyre tread keeps the vehicle gripped to the road, even if it’s slick with water or oil. If the tread has worn away, the tyres will have trouble gripping the road, causing you to skid. The tread on the trailer’s wheels is just as essential as on the car pulling it. Because you’re using the trailer to transport goods, you can’t hitch an unsteady trailer to your vehicle. Because a loaded trailer is carrying more weight, the unbalanced weight distribution could cause a severe accident if it can’t grip the road. Therefore, whenever you hire a trailer, have a look at the tyre tread to ensure that it’s up to roadworthy specifications.

Safety Chains 

There are two components to attaching a hired trailer to your vehicle. One is the coupling, and the other is the safety chain. The coupler is the main component, which hitches to the back of your car. It should attach smoothly and securely. It has a lever to release the coupler when you want to detach the trailer. The safety chain is an added element of safety,  which secures the trailer to your vehicle even if the coupling is locked. The safety chain is the fail-safe mechanism used if the coupling fails, and your trailer unhitches itself while you’re on the road. Both components must be in working order because this mechanism keeps you, and others on the street, safe from a loaded trailer becoming a free moving object with no control.

Brakes And Electrics 

When you attach a trailer to your vehicle, the trailer becomes an extension of your car. It’s brakes, and electronics need to be in working condition so that drivers behind you know what your next move is before you make it. The only way the car behind you knows if you’re going to stop, turn, or brake is by the lights on the trailer, so make sure that these work before you sign the agreement.

When you hire a car, you take it for a test drive to ensure that each system is in working order. If you think the brakes are soft or the handbrake doesn’t hold, you will need to choose a different model. Cheap trailer hire Auckland is the same. You trust the rental company to maintain each trailer, so use this checklist to ensure that tyres, brakes, lights and more are in good condition before you hire a trailer that might not be roadworthy.

All around the world, the same vehicles are used to transport large quantities – from furniture to supermarket stock. However, you can’t buy a truck for the few times you’ll need one, which is why you can hire trucks for cheap prices in Auckland. Take note of these four tips for when you need cheap truck hire Auckland.

Compare Quotations 

Whether you’re hiring a party venue or hiring a truck, it’s bad practice to accept the first quotation that you find. When looking for a truck rental company, make sure that you do enough research so that you have more than one option to choose from. You might come across a rental company that has more models of varying capacities to choose from, or with more affordable prices. Some rental companies don’t include additional fees such as insurance or accessories in their quotes, so you should have more than one quote for comparison purposes.

Read The Quote Carefully 

Even though the price might be the most essential aspect of truck hire you go with, you should make sure that you understand the quotation you’re given. These days, some truck rental companies create overcomplicated quotes that can easily be misunderstood. Make sure that you read it carefully, looking for terms and conditions which could drive the price up. You should also take note of the timeframe that your quote covers so that there are no surprises according to how many days you need the truck.

Be Clear About Your Requirements 

Your requirements for truck hire could change the price you pay quite drastically. That’s why you must be clear about your requirements. You need to be sure on how long you need it for, how far you’ll be travelling with it, and how much you’ll be carrying. A little thing, such as mileage, could drive the price up, which doesn’t help if you’re working with a strict budget. Check your contract to ensure that everything you need is covered, including inclusions or exclusions of accessories, insurance or other benefits. Knowing these minor details could determine how much you’re charged, so be clear about what you need.

Know Your Capacity 

Although you can’t know for sure how much your furniture weighs, you can provide an estimate of how much you’re carrying. If you’re transporting stock, you can work out how heavy your load is according to per item. Knowing how the weight of what you’re carrying determines which model and capacity you need are essential, so try to be accurate in your estimation.

When you hire a cheap truck in Auckland, you need to be sure that the rental process, use of the truck, and its return goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to get into a situation where you’re overcharged, or in an accident without insurance. Therefore, follow these four tips to ensure that your endeavours go without a hitch.

Moving from one home to another can be daunting. It’s stressful and expensive and requires a lot of time. In an ideal world, you’d have unlimited time and finances to make the process as easy as possible. However, you live in the real world. Fortunately, you can make use of car trailer hire to assist you. Here’s how you can save money when hiring a car trailer.

Get The Right Trailer 

Often, the most expensive mistake made is when people hire the wrong trailer. If you hire a trailer too big, you could have saved money on a smaller and more affordable option. A trailer too small would require more trips to move, which drives up petrol expenses.

Because there are too many types of trailers available to choose from, discuss what you have to move with your rental company – including furniture, appliances and boxes. They should be able to recommend the right sized trailer depending on your needs. For example, if you have a few items that can’t be adequately secured, your rental company will recommend an enclosed trailer. Make sure you hire the best car trailer according to what you need it for, to get your money’s worth.

Don’t Rent For Too Long 

Some people manage to move from one home to another in a day, but others need a weekend. It depends on how much you have to move, and if you have people assisting you. If you organise the helping hands ahead of time, you’ll be able to calculate precisely for how long you’ll need to hire a trailer. Remember, when you hire a car trailer, you either pay per hour or per day. If you keep the trailer for an extra day longer than you need it, you’ll spend more. Make sure that everyone who has offered assistance or a vehicle has committed so that you can budget accordingly.

Compare Prices 

Once you’re aware of how big your trailer needs must be and how long you’ll need it, you can start shopping around for rates that you can afford. Most rental companies have competitive prices, so if you look around enough, you should find someone reputable, trustworthy and affordable. Although, rates change per season because the demand for trailers increases in summer. Remember to keep that in mind when you’re looking for the best price.


Moving to a new home is an expensive task to undertake. Between paying for your new home, packing materials and the travel and labour costs of moving, why not try to save some money in the car trailer hire expense area? When you start planning the move, consider these tips. They’ll help you save money, which could make all the difference to your finances when you’re moving. Make sure you know what you need, and look around for decent specials. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save!