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Auckland Vehicle Rentals provide furniture truck hire throughout Auckland, New Zealand with sizes up to 3 tonnes. If you have got some big items that need moving, we have got specifically designed furniture truck rentals that can help transport all of your belongings.

We have a number of different truck rentals for furniture moving, so you can find a truck that best suits your needs. For example some of our vehicles have a hydraulic tail lift to help you move heavy items up into the truck.

We can assist you with any moving truck or van rental needs because we provide affordable truck rental. Get in contact today with the friendly Auckland Truck Rentals team to receive a moving truck hire quote or make your booking. Our competitive rates make moving yourself with using a truck hire the easiest option – plus you can hire just the right amount of space – no more, no less.

Driving our trucks with your standard New Zealand full car licence is allowed in New Zealand. You can choose any one of our rental vehicles, from an truck or even a high top cargo van if its smaller items you need to move. Whether you need a single day hire or full weekend, we have got you covered with a furniture truck hire solution that fits your budget.

We have truck rentals in both 10, 12 and 18 cubic metres, and we can help you figure out what the truck is that best suits your purposes. We have an extensive rental vehicle fleet including furniture trucks and also cargo vans, suited for your budget. Hire rates vary depending on vehicle, we charge based on daily rates and we often include a generous amount of free mileage with our rental options. We also offer a wide range of insurance premiums for you to choose from. You can hire or lease a truck or van for just a day, or for as long as you require.

We also carry moving packs that include furniture trolley, blankets to wrap your goods in and ties. Let us know if you would like to hire one or more moving packs.


Moving to a new home is not easy. From packing, donating what you don’t need, and cleaning, you’ll be exhausted. Not to mention transporting your things from one place to another. To make the job easier, you should use truck rentals in Auckland.

It’s The Cheaper Option

How many trips will it take to move everything into your new home in your car? The added weight will also drive your fuel consumption through the roof. That means that you’ll have to fill your tank more often, costing more money. Hiring a moving truck is a more cost-effective option because you’ll be able to move everything in one or two trips at most.

It Cuts Down On Time

Time is the one commodity in life that cannot be earned back after it’s been wasted. Therefore, even when you’re moving to a new house, you can’t waste it. Making multiple trips in your car takes too long, and you’ll still be busy by nightfall.

When you hire a truck, you’ll carry more, and it’s quicker to load. They’re typically big enough to take all furniture and large appliances in one trip, and smaller items such as boxes, in another. By the time everything is at your new home, you’ll still have daylight hours to unpack and rearrange the furniture.

It Provides Peace Of Mind

Hiring a moving truck that you can pack yourself is less stressful. Sure, it’s easy to hire a moving company and have them do the heavy lifting; however, you’ll have to supervise them. There are countless stories of people who were left with damaged items and ruined belongings because their moving company was unprofessional and careless.

By doing it yourself, you can handle your things the way they should be. You’ll be responsible for damages, and you won’t have to spend time supervising a group of people. You won’t have to rely on people who are late, slacking, or who didn’t arrive to help at all. You can get it all done by yourself at your own speed, and to your personal standard.


Before you make a decision you’ll regret, look into a truck rental in Auckland. If you don’t want to rely on your car, your friends and family or a moving company, this is your best bet. You can work at your own pace, save time, and look after your belongings. Moving into a new home is a big deal; you don’t want it ruined by unreliable people, debt, or a careless and unprofessional moving company. If you want to save money, time and peace of mind, rent a moving truck.

Welcome to Auckland Vehicle Rentals, the company providing New Zealand’s only alternative to regular vehicle hire. We are the only vehicle hire service that is owned and operated by the company. Whether you need a minibus to get around the city, or for the next New Zealand road trip, Auckland Vehicle Rentals have the right car for your trip needs.

We have minibuses to suit every comfort and security need, no matter where you are going and how long it takes to get there. Our fleet is up-to-date and well-maintained, so when you are on the road, you will not need to worry about anything.

 We offer comprehensive insurance, though this is not necessary all the time. We also provide accessories to rent, like baby seats and GPS units for those longer journeys. Here at Auckland Vehicle Rentals (AVR) we provides a range of minibus hire vehicles. We offer three grades of vehicles -premium, standard and budget, something to suit all needs.

 Conveniently located close to Central Auckland and the North Shore we also provide Auckland Airport pickups for our customers.

 If you are flying into the city of Auckland, you can pre-book your mini bus from the airport and have your shuttle take you directly to your hire vehicle, which is only twenty minutes away. We make it simple for you to find, compare, and book your rental minibus in Auckland. If you are in Auckland, or looking to arrive in Auckland and rent a minibus, be sure to give us a call and meet with you, or book online, first.

 Book a hire car via our website, or give us a call, and we will get you the best deal for a great minibus rental that will  let you take off on an adventure around Auckland.

Whether you are planning on taking a golfing trip with friends or an extended family vacation, we have got a great selection of budget, standard and premium rental cars and minibuses in Auckland, sourced from brands you can trust such as Toyota, plus more, so we are sure to have a minibus option, either for hire by yourself or with driver, which fits the bill perfectly. We have an awesome selection of cheap, flexible and premium Minibus Hire deals that will fit your needs and budget.