Have you ever wondered if you can use a restricted license to rent a vehicle in Auckland? Well, we can’t speak for every rental company because different rental companies have their policies.
Auckland Vehicle Rentals allow you to rent a vehicle with a restricted license as long as the license has not been suspended or revoked. If you have a license that has been canceled, suspended, revoked, or expired, you are not qualified to hire a car.
A New Zealand learner’s license is also not accepted.
If you are an international visitor in New Zealand looking to hire a vehicle, you must present a valid driver’s license which has been held for a minimum of 12 months before you may rent a vehicle, supported by your passport. 
The following are steps on how you can hire a vehicle with a restricted license:

  • Take a valid license and major credit card to the company; copies or photos are not accepted.
  • Present the license and credit card to the agent at the rental company you want to use.
  • If the process goes smoothly and you have been given a contract to sign concerning the hire, ensure that you read it carefully. Your insurance liability is most likely higher than a full licence holder. 

To answer the question to the topic, a restricted license can be used to hire a vehicle with Auckland Vehicle Rentals if you can meet the above requirements. For any questions, you can contact us today!