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Cheap Cargo Van Hire In Auckland

Moving into a new home can come with great expenses which is why van hire is always an option to consider. With so much to be done when you are planning a move, if you are unable to handle everything carefully with a proper organizing system, moving can be a far more overwhelming and stressful process. 
One of the good things about self-moving is that it lets you take care of your belongings in the best way possible—instead of having to deal with the carelessness and accidents movers tend to cause during a move. 
Whether you need a van to move or transfer your belongings from one location to another, Auckland Vehicle Rentals is ready to provide you with quality cargo van hires and rentals for your move. 
Whatever the reason for your move is, you should consider hiring your cargo van from us. Our fleet is affordable, well maintained, and most importantly very safe for your use. We have two different models of moving vans for you to choose from which are the high top and the low top.
The high-top moving van has approximately 7.5 cubic meters of cargo/storage space with a side opening and a back door for easy storage of your belongings. 
The low-top moving van has approximately 6 cubic meters of cargo/storage space. Similar to the high top, it also has a back door and side door for easy loading, entrance, and exit. 
These van rentals have automatic transmissions and are available from 2003 models or newer. The price for short-term rentals is $120 per day. 
Cargo van rentals are not only a cost-effective way to move, but they also make your self-moving process stress-free because you can easily get things done at your own pace without any rush compared to when you hire professional movers.
At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we are reliable and trustworthy. We offer the best services with the help of our friendly team who are always available to attend to all your questions and concerns. We also provide you with affordable prices on van rentals and offer you services that you know you can trust.
If you ever need a cheap cargo van hire in Auckland, you can contact us today.