There are a few reasons why a 12 seater van hire is a great option to consider for a planned trip. Whether you are planning a retreat with colleagues or a holiday road trip with the family, there are various reasons why a 12 seater van rental in Auckland is an option to consider.
A 12 seater van hire is perfect for carrying around a group of people at the same time. The following are groups that can benefit from using a 12 seater van rental on a trip:
Companies and Businesses
Some companies go on office retreats, host or attend work conferences, and participate in other out of the office business-related events. In such cases, a 12 seater van hire is usually a go-to rental for such companies. A 12 seater van rental helps carry attendees to and fro from the meeting.
This van rental is comfortable and great for taking trips from one place to another, it also gives colleagues time to go over information and make decisions before arriving at their destination.
Film and tv production companies
When a movie, tv-series or documentary is being filmed, there is a lot of manpower involved. These companies usually hire a great number of people to bring their ideas to life and the 12 seater van hire is ideal when you need to shuttle crew from one set or location to another. 
With a 12 seater van rental, these companies can carry both actors and technicians behind the scene with their gear. Renting a 12 seater is also an economical way of transportation that will help save costs and keep your project on budget.
Sports teams and activities
Do you have big away games for your kid’s soccer team or are you and your friends going to see your favorite team out of town? A 12 seater is just what you need.
Likewise, when it comes to athletes, most sports teams shuffle between locations all through the season, from games to practice and it can be difficult transporting them in small groups. A 12 seater van hire is a good transportation option because you can get everyone together at the same time and eliminate the hassle of individual transportation.
Organisations and other events
Sometimes, when an organisation has a program or an event that requires attendees, they often rent out 12 seater buses to pick up individuals who can’t travel to the venue. These attendees could be elderly, very young, or unable to afford their transportation fare. The 12 seater is a convenient way to transport individuals to functions, outreaches, events, and other forms of gatherings.
Senior Homes
One of the greatest advantages of a van hire is that people can travel together and save time. Just like everyone, people who live in senior homes still enjoy going out, having fun, running errands, and even participating in certain activities. 
Sadly, not all of them who like to do these things can drive or move around due to reasons like poor eyesight, arthritis, or even dementia. Because these elderly people in senior living communities still want to go out and do things but can’t drive themselves safely, a 12 seater van hire allows them to go out together and get things done.
Various groups can benefit from a 12 seater van rental besides the ones listed above, if you are in Auckland and are planning a group trip, you can book a 12 seater van hire with us today!