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How To Save Money On Small Moves in Auckland – Hire A Cargo Van

Are you finally moving out from your family home to an apartment alone or planning a road trip back to college after the holidays? If your answer is yes, then you are probably planning a small move.
Small moves usually require less effort and are faster to complete with the right vehicle rental. If you are looking for the best vehicle option for a small self-move in Auckland, you should consider getting a cargo van rental.  
Cargo van rentals are perfect for moving into one-bedroom apartments, dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and small apartments. The following are reasons why a cargo van hire is ideal for your small move:
They are the ideal size for a small move
There’s the right van size for every move, and a cargo van is a perfect size for a small move. If you are planning to move into a single room or small space, that means you most likely have fewer items and belongings to transport. This van can take all your items in one or two trips while it helps you cut costs on fuel or mileage.
They are enclosed
Unlike trailers, cargo vans are enclosed. This means you don’t have to stress or worry about losing or damaging items during the trip because cargo vans are enclosed. With cargo vans, you can guarantee less stress when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and dry while in transit. 
They make multiple trips easier
Multiple trips can be stressful particularly when you have a lot of items to move or transfer from one location to another. Cargo vans are comfortable to drive. They make the driving process a lot easier and more convenient compared to when you take multiple trips with a trailer or truck. 
Cargo vans are slightly bigger than SUVs which makes them easier to operate, load, and offload. You don’t need to hire a moving professional or get help from anyone to pack your belongings for your move because you can get it done yourself.
They are easy to operate
Still not sure whether or not a cargo van rental is ideal for your next move? Here’s another important reason to consider, they are easy to maneuver.
If you’ve ever driven a trailer or furniture truck before, you can agree that it can be challenging. And even more challenging if your first experience was your only one. It is easier to move around Auckland with cargo vans, particularly when it comes to reversing, driving uphill, making turns, and parking.
A cargo van hire is most likely for you if you are a student, a bachelor, or a spinster moving to a small home/space. No matter where you are moving to in Auckland, you can hire a van rental from Auckland Vehicle Rentals. Our services are available to you at an affordable price and we can help you save time, money, and effort.