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How Rental Trailers Should Be Maintained

As a vehicle owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your car so that it runs well without breaking down or causing an accident. For the same reason, cheap trailer hire Auckland, you want to trust that the rental company is providing a well-maintained trailer whenever you need it. Here’s a checklist of how your rental trailer should be serviced.
Tyre Condition 
As with your own car, the tread on your tyres is essential. Tyre tread keeps the vehicle gripped to the road, even if it’s slick with water or oil. If the tread has worn away, the tyres will have trouble gripping the road, causing you to skid. The tread on the trailer’s wheels is just as essential as on the car pulling it. Because you’re using the trailer to transport goods, you can’t hitch an unsteady trailer to your vehicle. Because a loaded trailer is carrying more weight, the unbalanced weight distribution could cause a severe accident if it can’t grip the road. Therefore, whenever you hire a trailer, have a look at the tyre tread to ensure that it’s up to roadworthy specifications.
Safety Chains 
There are two components to attaching a hired trailer to your vehicle. One is the coupling, and the other is the safety chain. The coupler is the main component, which hitches to the back of your car. It should attach smoothly and securely. It has a lever to release the coupler when you want to detach the trailer. The safety chain is an added element of safety,  which secures the trailer to your vehicle even if the coupling is locked. The safety chain is the fail-safe mechanism used if the coupling fails, and your trailer unhitches itself while you’re on the road. Both components must be in working order because this mechanism keeps you, and others on the street, safe from a loaded trailer becoming a free moving object with no control.
Brakes And Electrics 
When you attach a trailer to your vehicle, the trailer becomes an extension of your car. It’s brakes, and electronics need to be in working condition so that drivers behind you know what your next move is before you make it. The only way the car behind you knows if you’re going to stop, turn, or brake is by the lights on the trailer, so make sure that these work before you sign the agreement.
When you hire a car, you take it for a test drive to ensure that each system is in working order. If you think the brakes are soft or the handbrake doesn’t hold, you will need to choose a different model. Cheap trailer hire Auckland is the same. You trust the rental company to maintain each trailer, so use this checklist to ensure that tyres, brakes, lights and more are in good condition before you hire a trailer that might not be roadworthy.