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How To Pack A Moving Truck Like A Pro

Moving to a new home is a big job, so why not make it easier? You could hire a moving company, but they’re expensive. That’s why truck hire West Auckland is your best bet. If you want to make it even simpler, here’s a guide on how to pack your moving truck like a professional, to minimise on time, space and money.
Pack The Heaviest Items First 
Furniture and large appliances are big and bulky; they’ll take up the most space within the truck, and need to be loaded securely. To be safe, you should pack them first so that they’re at the front of the truck. Make sure that both sides of the truck have equal weights because even weight distribution on the road could prevent the truck from flipping in an accident. If there’s too much weight at the back of the truck, it could cause drag, which is equally dangerous on the road.
When loading the truck, you need at least two people – one on the ground lifting, and one in the truck pulling the furniture inside. Appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers should be loaded standing up against the sides. Then load tables, dressers, couches and other pieces furniture.
Be Careful Not To Damage Your Furniture 
The last thing you need is to find your furniture damaged after you’ve moved it into a new home. Furniture can be expensive, so you want to take care of it. To avoid the most cumbersome items crushing others beneath them, load them onto the bottom of the truck, and pack lighter pieces on top. Use straps to keep them from moving or falling over inside the truck while it’s on the road.
Pack The Long Items Next
What are the long items, you might be asking? These are items that are long, but narrow, such as mirrors, mattresses and bed bases, and headboards. They can be propped upright against each other, taking up length but not a vast amount of space. And because mattresses are soft, they make a significant barrier to put in between fragile items so that they aren’t damaged.
The Boxes And The Cracks 
Boxes are easy to pack because they stack. Again, put the heaviest boxes at the bottom, and the items with fragile contents on the top so that they don’t get crushed.
Now to fill the cracks. Like playing Tetris, you’re filling in the empty spaces so that your items are packed tightly enough, without space to wobble or move during transit. The best items for filling in the cracks are soft and malleable, which won’t cause damage to the things around them – use linens, blankets, duvets, cushions, towels and even clothing. They’ll fill the gaps, save space and keep everything tightly secured.
Moving to a new home is challenging enough, even if nothing goes wrong. With truck hire in West Auckland and learning how to pack it like a pro, you’ll save on space, time and even money – especially if you can shave off an additional trip from the itinerary.