Loading Tips on Your Moving Truck Rental

You decided to save some money by renting a moving truck instead of hiring a professional moving company. But now you’re wondering how you’re supposed to fit all your stuff in the truck

The idea is to maximise space and also to protect your belongings. Unlike hiring moving companies, you don’t have the luxury of insurance with moving truck rental so you want to make sure your appliances or items arrive in one piece.

Rule of thumb
It’s not a strict rule, but typically, moving companies will load the heaviest items first. So your refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, television set go inside the truck closest to the cab to limit the shaking. What counts as heavy? Something that takes two or more persons to carry. Keeping the truck balanced is important to avoid accidents.If you’re driving a moving truck, don’t put all the stuff on one side or you’ll be in trouble on sharp turns. It’s a good idea to use bubble wrap or padding to protect your appliances and furniture, especially if they’re made of wood with sharp edges. The place you’re renting the truck from might have padding you can rent.

From heavy to long
The “long” items are next–these include your bed, mattresses, sofas, dining tables, or mirrors. Put these alongside the longest wall of the truck. You can use your mattress for extra padding – like for your tabletop. Roll up the carpet and put it on the floor to save space. You can also disassemble furniture frames and tape them together.

Next stop, the boxes
The heaviest boxes go on the bottom of the truck and the lighter boxes go on top. But be careful not to put the heavy boxes on top of anything breakable, like appliances. Also, make sure the fragile stuff is taped up securely so it won’t break during transport.

The size of the moving truck you get depends on how much stuff you’re moving. If you’re not sure, you can tell the hauling company and they’ll help you figure it out.

Contact AVR and we’ll give you an estimate of the size truck you’ll need. We also have a number of different size trucks to choose from. If you’re still not sure, give us a call and we’ll help you out. You can also visit our website for more tips on how to save on your move. AVR has a wide variety of trucks and services to choose from that can help you save money on your move.