Looking For a Self Drive Van Hire?

If you need to move a large group of people, or have possessions to transport during a move, you may want to consider hiring a self-drive van. It can be very efficient and is often the ideal solution. Being in the same vehicle makes it feel like a team, and it’s way more economical. Plus, you can fit a lot of stuff into a van when you’re moving to a new home or office.

Figuring out what vehicle works best for your needs can be a challenge. Think about what you need it for and how much room you need to make the right pick.

Vans made for moving stuff are usually with just three seats in the front and a large space in the back. Check out the vans with doors on each side which makes loading and unloading easy.

If you are moving goods, a model with a tow bar is certainly worth considering, as it will give you the opportunity to attach a trailer, if you need to. It would help if you asked your hire company to also supply any trailers you may need. For a comfortable journey, it is also important to look for vehicles that offer air conditioning, especially if you will be travelling long distances across New Zealand, or making several trips across town.

When it comes to moving people rather than freight, you can find a van with either 10 or 12 spots. To ensure that everyone’s comfortable, an automatic transmission is a must – you never know what other drivers are used to.
Ask about areas to store luggage and belongings. There is not much point in seating ten or twelve people into a van and then discovering there is no room for your luggage!

Splitting the cost of a bigger, nicer van with a group means you don’t have to spend much more, so you should think about upgrading.

Ask questions about the age of the vehicle, the kilometres it has done and its regular safety checks. If you are on a tight budget the company should also be able to give you a fair idea on just how far one tank of petrol will take you.

A self drive van hire may be the answer to an easy care move or a fun filled group trip. The convenience of having all the passengers together in one vehicle and the ability to transport possessions is a great advantage. Be sure to check the details of the vehicle and the rental company’s terms and conditions before you sign on. That way, you can be sure that you have everything taken care of and are ready to hit the road.

Finally, before you get on the road, make sure you understand the rental company’s terms and conditions, as well as any additional paperwork that may be needed. Make sure you know the rules for the particular van you are renting, and be sure to check the vehicle for any potential problems. That way you can relax and set off with confidence, knowing that you have everything in hand for a successful and stress-free journey.