Jumbo Hiace 12 seater minibus for hire


Mini Buses are essential for trips. Whether it’s a trip with the family, a school trip, a work function, or a sports team game, mini buses are useful and cost-effective. 
When planning a trip, it is easier to rent a minibus for the group instead of shuffling to make arrangements for different cars and following each other from location to location with hopes that one car does not lose its way.  Hiring a minibus is a convenient and reliable way to have the travel group together.
Renting a minibus in Auckland is not only a simple process, it also allows you to select amenities that would support the needs of whoever is in the group. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we know the ups and downs our customers have faced while renting a minibus which is why we are sharing insider tips with you to ensure you make the most of the trip. 
To some customers, driving a minibus rental may seem like they are driving an unfamiliar vehicle. Put aside all distractions before you begin a trip, as the saying goes, safety first. 
So what do you do? Take it easy with your driving, avoid engaging in distracting behavior while travelling and utilize all driving signals. When there are distractions, you are at a slightly higher risk of an accident. 
Other key things that can help are: 1. keep your phone out of sight, and 2. ensure your passengers respect your ability to safely focus while driving.
Be cautious of the vehicle’s features when you drive. Before starting the trip, get familiar with the minibus features because when you understand them, you can handle the vehicle with caution.
Adjust the mirrors to your best view to minimise blind spots and pay attention to the mirrors throughout the trip. Well-adjusted mirrors help you navigate around posts, gates, and even other vehicles. When it comes to parking the minibus, always take note of obstacles that make a spot unsuitable for parking.
This act requires a certain finesse to it. When you hire a minibus, it’s vital to keep safety in mind and avoid any collusion. Poor reversing visibility can cause an accident that can easily be avoided if the right precautions are taken.
The following are a few things to consider before reversing:

  • Make sure the rearview mirrors are clean and well-adjusted.
  • Avoid reversing over a long distance.
  • Keep an eye out for obstacles.
  • Do not reverse from a minor road to a major road.
  • Reverse slowly and check your mirrors on both sides.

You can also ask someone to guide you when you’re reversing. (Note: All our Premium 12 seater minibuses come with a backing camera to make reversing a lot easier.)
Driving a minibus rental is a great responsibility for a lot of reasons. You can have a safe and smooth trip when you are responsible for the wheels. 
Fully loaded minibus rentals are quite heavy and their weight impacts momentum so slow down when braking or turning. Always drive carefully at a safe speed especially when there is traffic and sharp turns. Ensure you keep a distance from the car in front of you, especially large vehicles because it takes them longer to come to a stop.
New Zealand is known for its volcanic terrain and every so often, you’re likely to find yourself traveling up and down hills or mountain ranges when driving between main cities or towns. So, take it easy on the brakes and give them time to cool off.
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