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Open VS Enclosed Car Trailers

When hiring a car trailer in Auckland, you’ll have options to choose. There are different types available, which would suit diverse requirements. But what are the main differences between open and enclosed car trailers? Here are the differences between both, so that you can make an informed decision when you begin the hiring process.

Enclosed Trailers

The main difference is that enclosed trailers have a cover attached on hinges that open like a door. Also known as luggage trailers, you’ve probably seen them trailing buses and vans, carrying suitcases.
Enclosure – When you’re travelling, you don’t want something to come loose or fall out of the trailer, especially in high winds, an emergency brake or even a minor accident. Especially in long distances, you won’t want to stop regularly to ensure that everything is still tied down.
Security – Most enclosed trailers close tightly and even have a locking mechanism. The contents will be more secure, whether you’re on the road, or if you can’t offload it every day. With an enclosed trailer, you can keep the contents inside while it’s locked.
Customisation – Did you know that enclosed trailers are easily customisable? Depending on what you need it for, you could modify the inside to fit your requirements. You could include shelving and compartments for easy storage or even a sink.

Open Trailers

Open trailers are more commonly seen and come in different types. You might have seen a flatbed trailer without sides, a cage trailer or an open trailer. Each is used for varying purposes, but all are similar in the way that they don’t have a cover.
Weight – In comparison to enclosed trailers, open trailers are much more lightweight. That means that they’re easier to tow and manoeuvre, especially in tight spots. They are also more fuel-efficient because they’re lighter to drive with and provide less wind resistance.
Height – When you use an enclosed trailer, you’re limited to what you can store in it. With open trailers, there is almost no limit to height – one day you could be transporting boxes which don’t rise higher than the sides, and another day you could be strapping down a tall dresser.
Visibility – Unless you’re carrying a load of high items, you have better visibility when towing an open trailer. With more visibility, manoeuvring it into tight spaces or even reversing, is much more manageable.
Outdoors – Open trailers are perfect for outdoor work. Landscapers use them often, especially when transporting plants, debris, and garden ornaments. If it rains, you won’t have to worry about damage. However, if you’re carrying things you don’t want to get wet, you can secure a tarp over them to keep them safe and dry.
Both open and enclosed car trailers are useful, depending on what you need them for. You can find one that fits your requirements perfectly, especially if you’re hiring them in Auckland. If you’re using car trailer hire Auckland for the first time, you can talk to your rental company about which option is better for you.