New Zealand like any other country around the world has certain requirements that should be met before renting out a vehicle.
At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, you are allowed to rent most vehicles on a restricted license as long as it hasn’t been canceled or suspended. Trucks cannot be hired as they typically exceed the weight limits of restricted licences. Some requirements must be met first before you can rent a vehicle.
Please note that once your license is revoked, suspended, or expired, you will not be qualified to rent a vehicle with us. Also, you cannot use an NZ learner’s license because it is not accepted.
However, if you are an international visitor in Auckland looking to rent a vehicle, you must submit a valid driving license that has been held for at least a year alongside your passport as a supporting document.
There are steps you have to take when you are looking to rent a vehicle with a restricted license in Auckland, they include the following:

  • Present a valid license and a major credit card to the company; please know that copies and photos will not be accepted.
  • Present the license and the credit card to the agent in charge at the vehicle rental company you want to use.
  • If the submission process goes well and you are given a contract to sign for the vehicle hire, ensure that you go through it carefully before signing. Also, keep in mind that your insurance liability is going to be higher than a full license holder.

To respond to your question in simple terms on whether you can use a restricted license to hire a vehicle in Auckland, the answer is yes. A restricted license can be used to rent a vehicle in Auckland once the requirements are met.