Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are fun, exciting, and a great way to create new memories.
The thing about road trips is that sometimes, we get so excited to go on them and forget to pack the essentials we need for the trip. To fully enjoy your road trip, proper planning and preparation go a long way.
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Do you know the essentials you need for a road trip? Yes, no. not sure?– well, here’s a checklist of everything you would need for your road trip.
Book a car
If you are planning on taking your road trip with a rental, the first step is to book a car ahead of time. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our fleet has a variety of affordable car rentals that are great for a road trip with family or friends. 
To get the best deals or car of your choice, be sure to book ahead of time. With car rentals, the early birds get the best deals. 
Ensure you have all the necessary documents
Before you head out on the road, ensure that all the important documents you need for the trip are intact. These important documents include your license and registration, insurance policy, car manual–which will be useful if you have car trouble on the way (hopefully you don’t, but it’s a possibility). 
It is noteworthy to say that you don’t have to worry about car breakdowns when you rent with Auckland Vehicle Rentals because all our vehicles are covered 24/7 by roadside assistance.
Prepare for emergencies
When it comes to preparing for emergencies, there are a couple of things to look out for and they include: 

  • Money: credit cards are great but always make sure you have some cash in hand. Cash will come in handy if you find yourself in a place with cash-only policies. 
  • Roadside emergency kit: this all-in-one kit usually covers any possible event during your road trip. It contains everything you will need in case of a car emergency.
  • Paper maps: using maps on your devices is always encouraged but what happens when you do not have a network connection? Paper maps may seem ancient but they are still useful because internet connection is not available everywhere.
  • First aid kit: we suggest that you always have a first aid kit for every road trip. Basic supplies like painkillers, bandages, antiseptics, pills for nausea/tummy aches, bug spray, etc, are essential.

Other emergencies to prepare for include having water bottles if you get stranded (staying hydrated is vital), flashlights for the dark, toilet rolls, and a spare tire.
Entertainment and connection
When you’re on a road trip, you need the entertainment to pass time and make the most of your trip when it seems a little….uneventful? To keep yourselves entertained, the following can come to the rescue:

  • A great playlist.
  • A good book to read/audiobook.
  • A Bluetooth wireless hands-free kit (for the driver).
  • Phone chargers, USB cords, cameras, portable wifi.
  • Travel games.

The following options can keep the group entertained by making it worthwhile, and more enjoyable.
Other essentials we forgot to add to the list include essentials for your comfort like sunglasses, sunscreen, travel pillow, hand sanitizers, and anything else that will make the trip as comfortable as it should be for you.
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