Tips For Staying Alert On The Road With A Hired Van

Whatever your reasoning for needing a 10 seater van hire Auckland, you’ll want to be extra careful while you’re using it. Especially on long haul trips, you can get reckless with your safety. If you hire a van and it gets damaged, you’ll have to pay some hefty fees. That’s another reason why you need to be alert when you’re on the road. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Always Keep Left
If you’re unfamiliar with Auckland roads, you might be surprised to know that in New Zealand, everyone drives on the left side. This might feel unnatural or unsettling at first; however, you’ll get into the habit of keeping left. Just remember, keep left when entering or exiting a car park, and make sure to check your right side when entering a roundabout.
Seatbelts On, Always
A good habit to get into when driving other people around is to ensure that everyone has their seatbelt engaged when the car is moving. To keep this at the forefront of your mind, make sure that you don’t start the car until every passenger is wearing their seatbelt. As the driver of the van, you’re responsible for getting everyone to their destination in one piece. You should also be aware that if you’re caught by the authorities with passengers who aren’t wearing a safety belt, you’ll get a fine.
Keep To The Speed Limit
Speed limits are there to limit your speed – not to be used as targets! Driving an unfamiliar vehicle can take some getting used to. If a 10-seater van has more power than your beaten-up car at home, you might enjoy being able to drive faster than usual. However, you don’t want to get a fine for speeding. Vehicles – especially those you’re unfamiliar with – are harder to control when they’re going too fast. Make sure that you keep your eyes on the speed limit, to get to where you’re going safely. You’ll also come to learn that New Zealand is famous for rapidly changing weather patterns. When the weather turns to rain, ice or fog, reduce your speed for better control of the van.
Brush Up On The Road Rules
If you’re not from Auckland, it will do you good to familiarise yourself with the rules of driving on New Zealand’s roads. If you’re stopped by the authorities for breaking the law, saying that you didn’t know about the rules won’t be enough to get you off. If you want to drive on the roads, make sure that you read up on how you’re expected to drive safely so that you don’t get into trouble.
Before you utilise the convenient service of 10-seater van hire in Auckland, make sure that these tips are kept in mind so that you’re alert, careful and safe. Read up on the road laws so that you don’t get fined, or into trouble, and you’ll be right as rain.