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Bad drivers abound, you just need to leave your house to see them. But are you a bad driver? Maybe not, but you most likely do have poor driving habits that could be damaging your minibus hire. Here are a few bad habits to try to avoid when you hire a minibus.

Not Avoiding Potholes 

You won’t find a city that doesn’t have its share of potholes, so it’s best to avoid them. However, some people – especially those who drive larger cars like SUVs, minibuses and pick-up trucks – think that driving over potholes won’t damage their vehicle. But all you need is to drive over one which is worse than you thought, and you could pop a tyre, or dent a rim.

Driving Over Speed Bumps Too Fast 

Speed bumps exist to regulate driving speed – especially in residential areas or outside schools, nursing homes or hospitals. They’re designed to damage the undercarriage of your car if you drive over them too fast. However, if you hired a minibus and thought that it was big enough to clear most speed bumps, you might end up damaging it and incurring costly repair fees with your rental company.

Not Using Your Hand Brake 

Also known as a parking brake, the hand brake has been specifically designed to keep your vehicle immobile when you park it. However, some people have the unfortunate habit of not engaging this mechanism, especially when they put the car into the parking gear. This can be risky, especially if you’re parked on a slope. To avoid your minibus from rolling forwards or backwards after you’ve parked it, spend the extra two seconds it takes to engage the hand brake.

Driving Until The Tank Is Almost Empty 

Sometimes when you hire a minibus, you’re required to return the vehicle with a full tank. But other rental companies add the cost of a full tank to your invoice instead. If your rental company does the latter, driving until your tank is almost empty is not a good idea. Not only can you risk running out of petrol, but the engine can overheat because petrol also acts as a coolant.

You can drive your own car the way you want to – you own it. But when you hire a minibus, you need to drive it safely so that it doesn’t get damaged while in your care. That means avoiding more than accidents – it includes avoiding potholes and going over speed bumps too fast. Minibus hire can be affordable, as long as you don’t damage it with bad driving habits.

When you’re travelling with a group of people – whether it’s a business trip or vacation with your extended family, hiring a larger vehicle is always the better option if you want a comfortable ride. However, you might be wondering whether a minivan hire would be better than an SUV? Here’s a breakdown of minivan hire Auckland and SUV rentals to help you choose correctly.

Mid-Size SUV Hire 

Mid-size SUVs are one of the smaller sized SUVs that you could rent. They hold five people at a push, and about four pieces of luggage, if you’re going on a trip. They’re best suited for small families or group of friends going on vacation together, but would otherwise be too cramped if you were travelling with more people. If you’re going to an event, conference, or awards ceremony with your team from work, a mid-size SUV would be too small if you want everyone to be comfortable during the ride, without feeling cramped. Besides, there’s nothing worse than arriving at a work function in creased clothing – it’s not professional at all!

Full-Size SUV

Although the full-size SUV is a luxurious way to travel, they can be quite a bit more expensive to hire. If you’re looking for comfort and space for up to seven people, this SUV is fine, but a minivan is your best bet – especially if you’re transporting more than seven people. If there are more than seven people, you’re better off getting a minivan hire from a well-known Auckland rental company.

Why Hire A Minivan 

Minivan hire in Auckland is exactly what you need when you’re going on a trip or an outing with a group. If you’re carrying five or more people to a party in the city, to a business retreat, or a family wedding, an SUV won’t be big enough – unless you hire a full-size SUV. Minivans can be equally comfortable and even more spacious. Depending on your needs, you can hire an 8-seater, or go as large as a 15-seater minivan. If you’re going on a company retreat, you would most likely need a minivan, as most companies employ more than ten people.

SUV rentals have their place and are hired out very often. But they’re not the only option available when you need to hire a car to seat more than ten people. That’s why minivan hire in Auckland is what you need. They are roomy and comfortable and get you and your group where you need to go.

When you hire any vehicle, your most pressing concern will be driving cautiously. Unfortunately, other drivers are not always so careful, which is why you need to learn how to drive defensively. When you take your 12 seater minibus rental onto the road, keep these tips in mind to avoid reckless drivers around you.

Stay Focused 

This advice might be obvious for any driver, but it’s almost effortless to lose focus when you’re driving. You could be listening to the radio and hear a troubling news broadcast, or you might hear one of your favourite songs. You might even be thinking about getting to your destination on time, or which route would be better to get there. However, most car accidents happen when people are not concentrating.

When you’re driving a 12-seater minibus rental, make sure to remain focused at all times. Don’t fiddle with the radio or windows too much, keep your participation in discussions to the minimum, and be aware of other drivers. Analyse the road ahead, and be mindful of what’s going on in your mirrors and blind spots.

Stay One Step Ahead 

Although this is something that you learn only after you’ve been driving for a while, it is possible to stay one step ahead on the road. Try to anticipate what other vehicles around you will do before they do it, to avoid a collision. By keeping below the speed limit, you will also have a better chance of controlling the 12-seater minibus hire if you have to react than if you were speeding.

Always Treat Other Drivers As If They’re The Worst 

This tip might seem a bit out there, but it will go far in keeping you alert and safe while driving a minibus rental. You might be a generous driver, who lets people in front of you when they’re overtaking, or when two lanes merge but don’t assume other drivers will do the same for you. If you’re at a green light, other drivers might try to get through even though they’re meant to stop. If you prepare for the worst, you’ll have better chances of avoiding a car accident.

When you’re driving a 12-seater minibus rental on busy roads, you don’t only have the rental to worry about. You are also responsible for up to twelve people arriving at their destination in one piece. And even though you might be a good driver, others around you might not be. Keep this in mind the next time you’re on the road so that you can act accordingly.

Being the designated driver for a group of young people on a night out on the town is a pretty big responsibility. You have to keep everyone safe as you pick them up and drive to your destination. If you’re getting a minibus hire Auckland for a night out, make sure that, as the designated driver, you keep these safety tips in mind.

Be A Responsible Driver 

Even though the designated driver doesn’t drink when you and your friends go out, you can still have fun. You can enjoy the music, dance, and have a good time. However, when you’re behind the wheel of a minibus hire, you need to be responsible. While your friends are having fun in the back of the minibus, you need to concentrate and stay focused. Make sure that everyone has their seatbelt on and encourage your friends to be considerate and behave appropriately while you’re driving.

Make Sure That You’re Familiar With The Minibus 

Driving a minibus is not easy, especially if you haven’t driven one before. However, it’s easy to become familiar with the vehicle, as long as you take the time to do it before you head out to your destination. Familiarise yourself with the minibus’s features, and drive it around the block a few times before everyone arrives to go to the party. You don’t want the first time that you drive the car to be when it’s full of excited people who are ready to cut loose.

Be Extra Cautious In Wet Weather 

Driving in wet weather is tricky in any vehicle, which is why you need to be extra careful when you’re driving a minibus hire. The rain might not put a dampener on your night out, but it can have everything come to a crashing halt if you have an accident. Drive at a slower speed so that you can control the vehicle if the tyres slide on the wet road. Avoid braking heavily, and leave a larger gap in between your minibus and the car in front of you so that you have more time to brake safely when coming to a stop.

Leave Extra Space In Front Of You On An Incline 

Not everyone can control their vehicle from rolling when they stop on an incline, which is why you should again leave a bigger space between the car in front of you and your minibus hire. The car in front might roll back when they start to drive again, and you want to avoid the most minor of accidents in a minibus rental – even a small “bumper bashing.”

When you stop on a road with a steep incline, it’s important to remember that a minibus full of people is much heavier than the average vehicle, and can also roll back from the added weight. For this reason, to protect the minibus and the car behind you, always engage the handbrake when you stop.

Give Trucks More Space To Turn 

When you get a minibus hire, almost all of your focus will be on driving it safely, avoiding a speeding fine or getting into a collision. However, you also need to remember the other vehicles around you. For example, trucks need an extra-wide berth when turning corners, which means that if you get too close, they could damage your minibus. To be cautious, give other vehicles around you enough space, especially trucks. Be a courteous driver, and make sure to indicate when you’re changing lanes or turning.

Be Aware Of Cyclists And Bikers 

Although people seem to hate cyclists and people on motorbikes when they’re on the road, it’s much more nerve-wracking for them. The way they ride might frustrate you, but it’s typically for their safety, and your awareness. For example, when you’re driving, and you see a cyclist come right up behind you or to the side of your vehicle, they’re not trying to annoy or disturb you – they’re making sure that they’re not in your blind spot so that you can see them! Driving in a minibus means that your blind spot is even more challenging to see, so make sure to be aware of your surroundings while you’re on the road.

Being a designated driver on a night out with friends is an important responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. If you’re also driving a minibus hire to accommodate your group of friends, you need to be extra cautious when driving on Auckland roads. Keep these tips in mind so that you and your friends can arrive at your destination safely.