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How To Drive A Van Rental Without Damaging With Poor Driving Habits

A poor driving habit in summary is any driving practice that is unsafe for the road and damaging to your vehicle. You can be a good driver with bad driving habits and this can be dangerous as it disobeys road rules.
Do you fall under the category of good drivers with poor driving habits? If your answer is yes, here are a few tips on bad habits to avoid when driving a rental van.
Avoid Potholes
Drinking into potholes can be dangerous for several reasons. Driving into potholes can cause steering wheel misalignment, damage to the exhaust system, dented rim, and even popping your tire. Every city has potholes and it is important to avoid them while driving. Unfortunately, most people who drive large cars like SUVs, vans, and trucks usually drive over potholes because they believe their vehicles will not be damaged but they are wrong. 
Staying alert and avoiding potholes while you drive is an important thing to remember while driving.
Slow down instead of driving fast on speed bumps
Speed bumps are put on the road for a reason which is to regulate driving speed. This is particularly found in most residential areas or outside schools and hospitals. Driving fast over speed bumps can be damaging to the undercarriage of a car. You may think that driving a rental van will allow you to speed over speed bumps because they seem big enough but that’s not the case because they can still damage the vehicle which will lead to paying costly repair fees to the rental company.
Use the hand brake
Making sure you use it when you park the van rental. The hand brake ensures that your vehicle stays immobile while it is parked. Some people have a careless habit of not engaging this mechanism and if this is you, we encourage you to always put the car into parking gear when you turn off the vehicle. Avoid causing damage to the van rental by letting the car move forwards or backward down a road (especially slopes) because the parking wasn’t engaged as it ought to be.
Make sure you don’t drive on an almost empty tank
Driving on an empty tank is a risky thing to do when driving a vehicle let alone a rental van. This is because, besides the risk of running out of fuel, you can cause the car to overheat which is damaging to the vehicle.
When you drive a van rental, you should always drive safely and carefully to avoid causing damage to the vehicle. Cheap van rental is affordable when it is not damaged with poor driving habits.