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A poor driving habit in summary is any driving practice that is unsafe for the road and damaging to your vehicle. You can be a good driver with bad driving habits and this can be dangerous as it disobeys road rules.

Do you fall under the category of good drivers with poor driving habits? If your answer is yes, here are a few tips on bad habits to avoid when driving a rental van.

Avoid Potholes

Drinking into potholes can be dangerous for several reasons. Driving into potholes can cause steering wheel misalignment, damage to the exhaust system, dented rim, and even popping your tire. Every city has potholes and it is important to avoid them while driving. Unfortunately, most people who drive large cars like SUVs, vans, and trucks usually drive over potholes because they believe their vehicles will not be damaged but they are wrong. 

Staying alert and avoiding potholes while you drive is an important thing to remember while driving.

Slow down instead of driving fast on speed bumps

Speed bumps are put on the road for a reason which is to regulate driving speed. This is particularly found in most residential areas or outside schools and hospitals. Driving fast over speed bumps can be damaging to the undercarriage of a car. You may think that driving a rental van will allow you to speed over speed bumps because they seem big enough but that’s not the case because they can still damage the vehicle which will lead to paying costly repair fees to the rental company.

Use the hand brake

Making sure you use it when you park the van rental. The hand brake ensures that your vehicle stays immobile while it is parked. Some people have a careless habit of not engaging this mechanism and if this is you, we encourage you to always put the car into parking gear when you turn off the vehicle. Avoid causing damage to the van rental by letting the car move forwards or backward down a road (especially slopes) because the parking wasn’t engaged as it ought to be.

Make sure you don’t drive on an almost empty tank

Driving on an empty tank is a risky thing to do when driving a vehicle let alone a rental van. This is because, besides the risk of running out of fuel, you can cause the car to overheat which is damaging to the vehicle.

When you drive a van rental, you should always drive safely and carefully to avoid causing damage to the vehicle. Cheap van rental is affordable when it is not damaged with poor driving habits.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we are known for having the right vehicle for the right price. We offer a large fleet of vehicle options that are of the best quality and standard to meet all your needs.  

Our van rental options are very sought after in the North Shore because they are spacious, convenient to move around with, and easier than driving trucks. The following reasons will let you know why a van rental is a great choice for you.

A Van Rental Is A Great Option For Moving

Moving out of a home and into a new one can be stressful but with proper preparation and the right van rental, your experience might be better than expected. Van rentals are great for moving small items from one location to another. Depending on the size of the rental, vans have storage space that allows you to easily carry packed boxes, furniture, appliances, and other items safely and securely.

So, when next you are preparing to move or just need to move heavy items around the North Shore, a van rental is suitable for getting the job done.

Deliveries and Errands

If you run a business that requires a lot of moving around and transportation, you might need a van rental as they are cheaper than owning your vehicle. All you have to do is make payments for an agreed period and have a van at your disposal whenever you need it.

If your job also requires deliveries to customers, van rentals are perfect to get the job done. They can be handy on busy days when you need an extra set of wheels to get things done. Cargo vans have enough space to carry goods and products you need to deliver around the North Shore. Auckland Vehicle Rentals have affordable, modern, and safe cargo van options from our fleet you can rent whenever you need to get deliveries and errands done.

Trips And Other Activities

The beauty of van rentals is that they are versatile and can be used for different purposes. If you are planning a trip with the family, an excursion with the kids to a museum, or a work retreat with your colleagues, van rentals come in very handy. Auckland Vehicle Rentals have several seated options you can choose from. 

In a situation where you volunteered to help out with your kid’s soccer team trip or help your friend’s band move equipment, van rentals are also great to use in these situations. You can use a van to move items and pieces of equipment to and from a location as well as the group too. With van rentals, it is safe to say the possibilities are limitless.

There are a few other reasons why you might need to rent a van in North Shore but whatever you need a van for, Auckland Vehicle Rentals has you covered. To make inquiries about our services or to get a quote, contact us today!

If you are thinking of new ways to spend time with family and friends, make new memories, and save money while at it, then you should consider a van rental for your next holiday trip.

Van rental is always a great idea for several reasons, some of which include:

It is cost-effective

Although catching a flight for your next holiday trip may seem like a faster and easier way to arrive at your destination, they are way more expensive than when you rent an 8 or 10 seater van.

If you want to save money on your next holiday, you should consider driving instead of flying this holiday. It is an affordable way to create unexpected memories and enjoy new bonding experiences with your family. We have just what you need for your trip at Auckland Vehicle Rentals, contact us today 

Your trips are more flexible 

Planning trips can be overwhelming especially with kids. The last thing you want when taking a trip is to be unable to carry certain items because of luggage restrictions. With road trips, you have the freedom to take whatever you need for your trip without having to deal with any restrictions.

When it comes to using a budget van rental, you also have the flexibility on your schedule and activities for the trip. Van rentals allow you to enjoy the luxury of having everything you need throughout the trip without having to downsize. Another reason to hire a van is that you can have more people and even your pets tag along for the fun.

It allows you to enjoy the scenery

Driving lets you enjoy the view and take in the scenery throughout the trip. This also allows you to enjoy walks, picnics, sightseeing, camping and a bunch of other outdoor activities as long as it’s safe and does not interrupt your trip schedule.

Auckland Vehicle Rentals offer car rentals and van hires. If you are planning a trip within Auckland, contact us today for the best deals.