When you are planning to move, making sure everything is packed and ready to go is important. You have to pack boxes, clear rooms out, deciding what goes and what stays, and most importantly how to transport your property.
Moving can be very stressful whether it is to a new home, across the country, or just to a self-storage unit. Whatever the case may be, deciding to hire a moving van or truck is something you should consider for easing the stress and pressure that comes with moving.
The following are a few things to consider before you embark on your van or truck hire:
Consider the size of the truck and belongings you have
There’s nothing as frustrating as hiring a van or truck hire that is too small for your stuff. Before you hire a van, always plan so you don’t pay for a truck that’s not the adequate size.
When you are not sure of the size of your belongings, it can cost you more money on fuel, mileage, and even increased stress. Ensure that you know all box measurements so that you can plan according. If you are not sure of the measurements, you can make inquiries from the rental company because moving vans and trucks vary in size. 
Be an early bird with your bookings
Depending on the time of the to move, it is best to always book in advance. Don’t wait until the dying minute to book because there may be unforeseen occurrences that can make your rental impossible.
Avoid hiring a truck or van on short notice because timing is everything with car rentals. Get a quote and book your van in advance so that on your moving day, you will be sure that your truck is ready for you on that day. Also, when you book for a van or truck hire, you may be eligible for attractive discounts which is a win on your end!
Quick reminder: call the rental company a day before to make confirmation for your booking and also to be at ease.
Research and compare
A critical part of a van hire is doing research and comparing prices and quotations. Don’t be so quick to jump on the first rental company quotation you find. Doing a little research helps you decide the best rental company that will suit your budget and location. 
Comparing prices and quotations can get you the best rates and deals on your truck hire.
Keep an eye out for hidden charges 
In Auckland, it is a little hard to compare quotes for truck hire because your final cost usually consists of two factors: the hire cost and the mileage rate. Before you finalize payments, calculate the cost of your estimated distance. Always make sure to read and understand your quotes and rates. Take note of extra costs that may attract extra charges, like additional weight or gas mileage.
We think it will be great to point out that at Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our van and truck hires come with 100 km fee mileage which is included with sharp prices and GST too.
A quick tip: find out if your van or truck hire is insured.
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