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When it comes to driving any vehicle, always remember safety first before anything. 

Driving a truck or van requires extra care and safety. Although truck hire is a great way to save money, driving a truck is a very big responsibility. Transporting your belongings in a truck by yourself can be the most challenging part of a DIY move. 

When you hire a moving van, reckless and unsafe driving can lead to damages that will cost you more money. The following tips will guide you on how to drive a van hire safely:

Know The Road Rules

If you are new in New Zealand, it is important to know that everyone drives on the left side of the road. This may seem unfamiliar to you at first but once you get in the habit of keeping left, you will get the hang of it eventually. 

Keep your seatbelts on always. Before you start the vehicle, ensure that everyone has their seatbelt on. It is your responsibility as the driver is to get everyone to their destination safely and to do that, everyone must observe all safety rules including yourself. Failure to obey these rules could cost you a fine if you are caught by authorities.

Make sure that you know all the road rules before you drive a truck.

Speed Limit

Speed limits are there for a reason and you must respect them. When you’re driving a truck, you are expected to drive slowly and carefully. Most accidents and mishaps that happen while driving a truck are usually a result of driving above the speed limit. Always remember to observe speed limits in each city.

Drive safe and limit your speed especially when you are driving through curves, corners, high traffic areas, narrow streets, or turning into parking lots and driveways, or backing out. 

Safe Distance

Always maintain a safe distance when you drive a van, especially when you are driving uphill. Unlike regular cars, trucks take a longer time to come to a complete stop because they are heavier. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and the cars around you is very important.

When you drive a truck, make sure you watch out for your blind spots. This will help you navigate high-traffic areas better and avoid any accidents or road mishaps. 

It is also important to take breaks when you need to, especially when the weather condition is not favorable for the drive. Taking breaks keeps your mind alert and energizes you to get back on the road again.

Before renting a van or truck, ensure that you have these tips in mind. They will help you stay safe, prepared, and careful throughout the trip. 

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Moving to a new home or space can be exciting although the process of moving can be stressful, especially when you are not sure how to go about it. Moving is not an easy and swift process but with proper preparation, you can have a fast and better way to pack your furniture to go on the d-day.

Although moving is overwhelming, in this article we will be sharing tips and hacks on how to pack your moving trucks. These tips will help you maximize space, know the best positions for furniture placement, and will save you time and cost.

The following are tips for packing a furniture truck hire:


  • Disassemble Your Furniture: disassembling your furniture has got to be one of the most stressful parts of moving. Disassembling your furniture before packing them into your truck hire makes loading easier, evenly distributes the weight of heavy furniture, and creates space to accommodate other smaller furniture. The first step to loading a furniture truck is disassembling items like your bed, tables, cabinets, desks, lamps, etc. This process can help in preventing furniture from falling out of the truck while in transit.
  • Load The Longer And Larger Items: when you are ready to load up your furniture into the truck, it is advisable to put all long, heavy, and large items first. Putting these items first will avoid crushing smaller items and damage to fragile objects. Some of the items to load include dishwashers, washing machines, bed frames, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, mattresses, couches, etc. 
  • Load Light and Fragile Items Last: after loading the heavy items into the furniture truck, the next step is to load smaller, valuable, and fragile items. This will avoid damage and ensure that these items are the first things you unpack on arrival. Make sure that all valuable items are also properly wrapped in case of potential shock you may experience while driving. Another great place to consider keeping fragile items is between and underneath holes of the large already packed.
  • Make Use Of Moving Straps: making use of moving straps is a great way to secure and protect your items while the truck moves. They are good for preventing the items in the furniture truck from shifting while in transit, allow you to maximize space, and also protect your items.


The best way to pack your furniture in a truck requires care and precision. A good plan will make the move easier. 

If you are looking for a furniture truck hire in Auckland, we are available to provide the perfect moving van for you. Contact us today!

When you are planning to move, making sure everything is packed and ready to go is important. You have to pack boxes, clear rooms out, deciding what goes and what stays, and most importantly how to transport your property.

Moving can be very stressful whether it is to a new home, across the country, or just to a self-storage unit. Whatever the case may be, deciding to hire a moving van or truck is something you should consider for easing the stress and pressure that comes with moving.

The following are a few things to consider before you embark on your van or truck hire:

Consider the size of the truck and belongings you have

There’s nothing as frustrating as hiring a van or truck hire that is too small for your stuff. Before you hire a van, always plan so you don’t pay for a truck that’s not the adequate size.

When you are not sure of the size of your belongings, it can cost you more money on fuel, mileage, and even increased stress. Ensure that you know all box measurements so that you can plan according. If you are not sure of the measurements, you can make inquiries from the rental company because moving vans and trucks vary in size. 

Be an early bird with your bookings

Depending on the time of the to move, it is best to always book in advance. Don’t wait until the dying minute to book because there may be unforeseen occurrences that can make your rental impossible.

Avoid hiring a truck or van on short notice because timing is everything with car rentals. Get a quote and book your van in advance so that on your moving day, you will be sure that your truck is ready for you on that day. Also, when you book for a van or truck hire, you may be eligible for attractive discounts which is a win on your end!

Quick reminder: call the rental company a day before to make confirmation for your booking and also to be at ease.

Research and compare

A critical part of a van hire is doing research and comparing prices and quotations. Don’t be so quick to jump on the first rental company quotation you find. Doing a little research helps you decide the best rental company that will suit your budget and location. 

Comparing prices and quotations can get you the best rates and deals on your truck hire.

Keep an eye out for hidden charges 

In Auckland, it is a little hard to compare quotes for truck hire because your final cost usually consists of two factors: the hire cost and the mileage rate. Before you finalize payments, calculate the cost of your estimated distance. Always make sure to read and understand your quotes and rates. Take note of extra costs that may attract extra charges, like additional weight or gas mileage.

We think it will be great to point out that at Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our van and truck hires come with 100 km fee mileage which is included with sharp prices and GST too.

A quick tip: find out if your van or truck hire is insured.

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A truck for hire is necessary when you need to move into a new house or shift large items. It is advisable to also have the right vehicle for the job, otherwise you can end up wasting precious time if you hire the wrong vehicle. 

This article will provide insights into everything you need to know about truck hire in Auckland. We believe you will find this information useful so let’s dive right in.

Know how much furniture you have.

You never know how much furniture and belongings you have until it’s time to move. When you are taking account of all your belongings, be sure you have everything accounted for before deciding on the truck to hire. 

In Auckland, the size or amount of items that you need to shift is a primary factor when determining hiring the correct truck. It is advisable to check the dimensions of the boxes and/or items that you are moving and match them to the dimensions of the truck you might need to hire. 

What size of truck to hire.

Once you know how much you have to pack, you can then decide the type of truck you would hire. Your moving checklist will determine the truck you hire based on the box sizes and furniture, but we advise that you hire a truck that is bigger than the calculated size to avoid unnecessary repeated trips. This will save you time and money.

Compare services and prices.

Before hiring a truck, we suggest you do a little research and not jump on the first deal you see.

Take your time to compare the prices and quality of service (this can be done by reading reviews) between truck rental companies in Auckland. The process helps you discover the best rates for moving and keeps you in line with your budget.

Once you are satisfied with the price and service, be sure to book ahead! Don’t wait to hire a rental truck on a moving day because the truck you want may not be available.

Insurance, terms of service, and other agreements.

This bit is an important part of any truck hire in Auckland. Make sure you know what each agreement covers for the period of hire. Find out if there is coverage on accidental damage to your possessions and the hire truck.

Knowing the necessary information will let you know what you will be responsible for in the case of any damage. Before signing any agreements, you need to understand your exposure.

Be safe when driving the truck.

Ensure that you drive the truck safely to avoid accidents or damage. 

Be cautious when driving a truck, take all the necessary precautions like adjusting mirrors, obeying speed limits and traffic laws, etc.

For any further information on hiring a truck in Auckland, contact us.

The use of truck rental to transport furniture or a large item from one location to another is essential.

Being able to move on a budget is always a win-win situation. But how can you ensure that you are not going above your budget? You can do this by choosing a rental company that provides vehicles and services at an affordable price. 

Here are steps to choosing a furniture truck for hire:


A little research goes a long way. Instead of rushing into a booking, go the extra mile, and find options. You can do this by finding companies online or talking to family and friends for referrals. Once you have found the company that meets your requirements, always book ahead! 

Being proactive by booking ahead is always a great idea because you are going to have a broader range of truck options than booking on short notice. Depending on the company you decide to hire, this step can save cost (you can get a discount).


3 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

Before you hire a furniture truck, understanding the size of truck you need is essential, the last thing you want is to hire a furniture truck that is too small for your items.

In Auckland, the cost of your hire is determined by the size of your boxes. Not knowing the size of items before hiring a truck can cost you mileage, extra trips, and energy. When next you are looking to rent a furniture truck, keep in mind that size always matters.


The pickup location of the furniture truck hire is an important aspect to consider before hiring. Don’t just settle for the cheapest truck for hire seen online, this seems tempting but it’s not worth the stress. Thanks to the internet it’s easy to find a location before booking is much easier. There is nothing more stressful than booking a rental truck and realizing the pickup location is far away. If you are in Auckland, finding a vehicle rental that is close to you will save cost, fuel, and time.


Making extra payment for additional accessories when hiring a furniture truck can save time and enhance the convenience of moving. Loading items can be made easier with these specific features, for example, tail lifts are incredible and functional accessories that ease the struggle of lifting large objects. Some other extra costs to consider are insurance, hand trollies, furniture blankets, and moving straps.

If you are looking to hire a furniture truck in Auckland, call us today and request a quote!