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Hire A 10 Seater Van For Your Next Family Road Trip

Are you looking to spend quality family bonding time this year? 
Comfort is a huge factor to consider when taking road trips, especially with kids. The last thing you want on a trip is uncomfortable kids in a confined space, so you have to ensure you use the right vehicle for the trip.
If you don’t own a minivan, you can get a 10 seater van hire. They are spacious, have great extra storage spaces, and come with extra accessories on demand that can make the trip enjoyable for the whole family. 
Instead of using your family car to take a road trip with the family, a 10 seater hire is perfect for your next family road trip because of the following reasons:

  1. A van hire saves cost on gas, maintenance, and wear and tear.
  2. It creates space for the family and your luggage. You can say goodbye to using separate trailers for your luggage.
  3. It is a great way to keep the family together and spend more time bonding and having fun.
  4. It provides more legroom for the family which is a great way to avoid temper tantrums. The extra legroom provides everyone with enough space for themselves.
  5. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our 10 seater van hire can be booked with extra accessories like child seats and GPS units. These accessories aid in making the trip go smoother.
  6. Van hire is an effective and affordable way to take family trips.
  7. Using a 10 seater van hire will allow you to fully experience the scenery during the trip compared to a plane that has beautiful but limited scenery.

Family trips are fun and exciting for creating memories and enjoying life experiences together as a family. As you work out the details for your next family trip, you should include a 10 seater van hire, you won’t regret it.
To book a 10 seater van hire in Auckland or make inquiries about a quote, contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.