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Are you looking to spend quality family bonding time this year? 

Comfort is a huge factor to consider when taking road trips, especially with kids. The last thing you want on a trip is uncomfortable kids in a confined space, so you have to ensure you use the right vehicle for the trip.

If you don’t own a minivan, you can get a 10 seater van hire. They are spacious, have great extra storage spaces, and come with extra accessories on demand that can make the trip enjoyable for the whole family. 

Instead of using your family car to take a road trip with the family, a 10 seater hire is perfect for your next family road trip because of the following reasons:

  1. A van hire saves cost on gas, maintenance, and wear and tear.
  2. It creates space for the family and your luggage. You can say goodbye to using separate trailers for your luggage.
  3. It is a great way to keep the family together and spend more time bonding and having fun.
  4. It provides more legroom for the family which is a great way to avoid temper tantrums. The extra legroom provides everyone with enough space for themselves.
  5. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our 10 seater van hire can be booked with extra accessories like child seats and GPS units. These accessories aid in making the trip go smoother.
  6. Van hire is an effective and affordable way to take family trips.
  7. Using a 10 seater van hire will allow you to fully experience the scenery during the trip compared to a plane that has beautiful but limited scenery.

Family trips are fun and exciting for creating memories and enjoying life experiences together as a family. As you work out the details for your next family trip, you should include a 10 seater van hire, you won’t regret it.

To book a 10 seater van hire in Auckland or make inquiries about a quote, contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.

A trip with friends is always something we all look forward to now and then. While driving on a road trip, It’s easy to get distracted with the fun, conversations, games, and other activities during the trip but if you are the designated driver, we encourage you to keep reading this.

The safety of the group in the vehicle is based on how well and safe you drive. As the designated driver for the trip, it is your job to make sure that your driving does not endanger anyone. If you are planning on renting a 10 seater van for hire in Auckland for your next trip, you should consider the following safety tips.

Experience and responsibility is important

A 10 seater van hire can be difficult to navigate if you haven’t driven one before. Before you start your trip, we suggest you take the van for a spin in the car park to get familiar with the vehicle. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a hang of it, and once you are sure you have familiarised yourself with the van rental features, you can be on your way.

Another important thing to remember throughout the trip is the responsibility that comes with driving a 10 seater van rental. As the designated driver, you must ensure safety first and this includes staying sober and alert while driving. Remember that everyone’s safety and the van hire are in your hands. 

As you drive, you may get distracted by the music or conversations but to be responsible is to stay focused and concentrate once behind the wheel. 

Be extra cautious when it’s raining

If you planned a trip with friends during the rainy season, you must be extra cautious when you drive. Reckless driving while it rains can cause an accident. You should always drive slowly so you can control the vehicle better in case the tires slide on the wet road. 

Keep a gap between the van and the vehicle ahead and behind so you can have ample time to break when needed. This is applicable always and not just on a rainy day especially when you are driving uphill.

Watch your speed and take note of road signs

Always obey the speed limits and road signs while you drive. There are usually fines to pay when you break a road rule. When you drive past residential areas or busy parts of the city, it’s also important to be aware of cyclists and bikers, intersections, roundabouts, and pedestrian walks as you drive. This ensures everyone’s safety and avoids damage to the van rental.

Driving a 10 seater van rental requires a lot of responsibility. It is important to drive safely and take extra caution while driving around Auckland. We hope you keep these tips in mind on your next road trip.

Road trips with the family are a great way you share experiences and memorable moments. A promising way to enjoy the comfort and have a successful trip is by choosing the right vehicle for the trip. The type of vehicle you decide on is important for the convenience and concern of the family, ensure that you use a vehicle that doesn’t cause discomfort to everyone especially if it’s a long trip.

If you are planning a family trip in Auckland and are looking to hire a van, our 10 seater van may be just what you need. The following are reasons why a 10 seater van hire is perfect for you and the family for trips:

It is an affordable option for transportation.
Taking trips with the family can be overwhelming especially when there are kids involved. While flights are faster to arrive at your destination, taking trips is affordable and a great way to bond while keeping an eye on everyone.

Hiring the 10 seater van for a family trip is a cost-effective mode of transportation for taking trips with the family in Auckland. It allows for splitting the bill evenly between the group which is a lot cheaper than separate fares and costs.

It allows for flexibility with your travel plans.
Part of the beauty of road trips is being able to encounter the scenery as you go. Road trips can be fun for the family. Choosing to hire a van gives you control over where you go, where you stop, and what you do. A 10 seater van hire in Auckland would make a great pick to enjoy the flexibility.

It’s a comfortable choice.
You can say goodbye to discomfort until arrival. Opting for the 10 seater van hire is choosing the level of comfort you desire. You don’t have to worry about the boot being enough to fit everything in or having enough legroom throughout the trip. In cases when there are kids on board, the 10 seater van can prevent discomfort amongst the kids which in turn could be stressful for you.

Enjoy extra space without making sacrifices.
Depending on the nature of the trip, there are certain equipment and supplies that will take up space with your car. You don’t have to worry about this when you hire the 10 seater van. It allows for extra space which means you don’t have to make any sacrifices or face the struggles of what will fit in and won’t.

You can make the most of your trip around Auckland with the 10 seater van hire without the distress of not enough space.

When next you plan to take a trip with the family and want to enjoy comfort, affordability, and flexibility you should consider a 10 seater van hire in Auckland. To make your bookings or get more information, contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.