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A long-term car rental is a convenient and inexpensive way of transporting yourself around without the risk and commitment of owning a car. The following are several benefits of long-term car rental.

Let’s Talk Costs

Unlike short-term car rentals (daily and weekly rentals), one of the biggest benefits of getting a rental car for a long time is it saves cost. Renting a car monthly or annually is cheaper than owning your car or renting a car for a short period.

With long-term car rentals, the prices are usually fixed based on your budget and contract with the rental company. With a fixed monthly cost, you stay prepared for payment when needed and have time to focus on developing other aspects of your livelihood without having to worry about car depreciation costs. Auckland Vehicle Rentals is here for you if you need a long-term car rental in and around Auckland.

Little Or No Paperwork

Renting a car long-term allows you to be free of all car documentation like maintenance, insurance, possible periodic inspections, taxes, etc. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of driving the car like it is yours without having to deal with revision or renewal of documentation. In a situation where the car you rent needs maintenance, the company gives a replacement car to use.

A Wide Range Of Vehicle Options

Another notable advantage of long-term car rental is you have an option of a wide range of car options. You can choose from any vehicle without any limit so long as it is within your budget of initial payment made. This means you can go for an 8 seater van, SUV, station wagon, compact, city cars, etc, to suit your needs and requirements.

Are You Considering Long-Term Car Rental?

If you are contemplating whether to not long term car rental is for you, you should consider the following statements:

  • It is a good option for you if you are not ready to have a car in your name just yet but still need something to move around.
  • It is for you if you like to change cars often.
  • It is for you if you would rather invest your money in other businesses and ventures instead of putting it into owning your car.

Do you fall for any other of the things written above? Then maybe a long-term car rental is for you!

If you are looking to hire a long-term car rental in Auckland, contact us today and get a quote.


Owning a car can be expensive to own, let alone maintain. This is why car rental is an option to consider when you are looking for alternatives to move or travel around Auckland.

If you need a car to travel around the city, visit family and friends, attend meetings, or just make your daily commute easier, car rental is an ideal means of transportation to consider. Renting a car can save you the stress of having to rely on others or public transport to get your daily activities done at your own pace instead of working with other people’s time.

You don’t have to miss another appointment because you missed the bus or work with someone’s schedule because you need them to take you somewhere. This is why Auckland Vehicle Rentals is here for you!

We have cheap car hire that is perfect for your temporary or immediate driving needs. Our fleet of cars comes in different models to suit your needs at your time of hire. We have a range of  model selections for you to choose from, they include:

  • SUVs: these are available in Standard (4- 10 years old under 130,000 km) and Budget (10-15 years old under 200,000 km).
  • Station Wagons: these are available in Budget (10-15 years old under 200,000 km).
  • Mid Size Sedans: these are available in Standard (4- 10 years old under 130,000 km).
  • Family Vehicles (8 seaters and 10 seaters) 
  • Compact Cars: these are available in Budget (10-15 years old under 200,000 km).

We also have other cheaper but well-maintained vehicles available for rental. With our affordable rates and all-inclusive deal, you can trust our services for your next car hire.

Some of the benefits of car rental with us include: each car rental comes with a full tank and unlimited kilometers that allow you to drive for as long and as far as you would like to. Besides our cheap rental services, we also provide car rentals at a bargain! 

Our competitive pricing makes us one of the best car rental solutions in Auckland. We provide you with affordable car hires for as long as you need, providing you with necessary accessories and insurance.

If you are planning a trip with family or friends, preparing for coast to coast travel, or simply looking for a faster and easier way to commute and run errands around Auckland, Auckland Vehicle Rentals is your solution.

To book a car rental, make inquiries or get a quote, contact us today!

If you are reading this, then chances are you want to know the best time to rent a car. Well, you are in the right place because in this article we are discussing the best time to rent a car.

Are you planning to rent a car for a weekend trip? The best time to rent a car is now. On the whole, if you want to save money and get the best deals on car rentals, it is always advised to book early. This is because car rental rates fluctuate based on demand or season. So if you are planning a trip in a few months and not immediately, we still suggest you book early.

The following are tips to consider if you want to get a good deal on your car rental and have an advantage on peak times to book a car.

Know the seasons and time

Knowing the seasons where prices are higher than usual is important. For example, if you plan on booking an 8 seater people mover or 10 seater rental van for a holiday trip, you have to make a move quickly and ahead of time. The price fluctuation is a result of the high demand for the vehicles in that season, and you cannot guarantee that the type of car you want will be available at the normal price so ensure you book that car today!

If you want to book a car in Auckland for a holiday trip, graduation season, or any activity that happens in peak seasons of the year, you can contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals for affordable prices and comprehensive deals!

Although off-peak seasons will give you time to make selections, we encourage you to apply the same energy that you will use during peak times because the prices may still fluctuate.

The size of the city/airport

In case you didn’t know this, when it comes to car rental, the size of the city and airport can affect the price rates. Just like the season factor, smaller cities with smaller airports will most likely have fewer car rental availability, especially in peak seasons. So don’t wait for the prices to go down before you book because they might be sold out before you know it.

In bigger cities with bigger airports, car rental is high in demand which means prices fluctuate a lot‒ even during the day. If you are planning a trip to a busy city, booking in advance will pay off!

The type of car you are looking for

The type of car you want to rent is an important factor to consider when you think of the best time to rent a car. For example, if you are looking for a premium or luxury car to rent, booking weeks or months in advance is requisite! Most rental companies have fewer of these car categories so once you miss out on them, that’s it. For most luxury cars, the prices don’t fluctuate as much so you cannot guarantee a last-minute bargain.

We hope you found this article useful. To book a car rental in Auckland, contact us today!


Road trips allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while allowing you to experience the world around you as you go.

If you haven’t used a car hire for a road trip and are considering using one, you should keep reading. We believe there are a few things you can learn from this.

Whether it’s a business trip with colleagues or a vacay with family or friends for the weekend or you are looking for a new driving experience, car hire is a great option to consider.

There are a lot of benefits that come with renting a car rather than using your vehicle, this usually depends on some factors like duration of the trip, the condition of your vehicle, and your destination. Using car rentals for road trips provides comfort for everyone and helps reduce the wear and tear of your car.

Why should I rent a car?

People use car rentals for a couple of reasons, some of them include:

Freedom to move around easily

The reason why most people use car hire is to be able to move around better. When you take a trip to a new part of Auckland, you would most likely want to experience your destination at your own pace without having to worry about the hassles of public transportation or taxis.

Car rentals make moving around easier and more convenient during your trip.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance cost

Car rentals take away the bother of maintenance cost unlike what is the case is when you use your vehicle. One of the best advantages of a car hire is that the car rental companies are responsible for maintenance.

Some car rentals also have insurance but it’s up to you to look into what type of car rental insurance the company provides so you can know what the insurance covers.

Provides you with options

If you’re renting a car to have a new or different driving experience or just a different vehicle for a trip, car hire is a great option.

Car rentals provide you with an array of options from standard to luxury cars- and provides something for everyone.

Saves cost

Car rentals save more costs than when you use your vehicle. It helps you avoid wear and tear of your car, it’s a lot cheaper than public transport or taxis, it may provide better gas mileage than your car, and it also gives you the option of buying extra protection and insurance.

Car hire can save you a lot of money especially if you are taking a budget-friendly road trip with colleagues, family, or friends.

Comfort is guaranteed

One of the best car rentals for short or long trips is the 8 seater people mover. Road trips are more fun when there is enough space and comfort for everyone in it. 

If your car cannot provide comfort for everyone in it, a car rental is just what you need. You can opt for 8 seater car rentals depending on the size of your company. The 8 seater is spacious and ensures a comfortable experience throughout the trip. 

Once you are ready for car hire in Auckland, you can contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.