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A trip with friends is always something we all look forward to now and then. While driving on a road trip, It’s easy to get distracted with the fun, conversations, games, and other activities during the trip but if you are the designated driver, we encourage you to keep reading this.

The safety of the group in the vehicle is based on how well and safe you drive. As the designated driver for the trip, it is your job to make sure that your driving does not endanger anyone. If you are planning on renting a 10 seater van for hire in Auckland for your next trip, you should consider the following safety tips.

Experience and responsibility is important

A 10 seater van hire can be difficult to navigate if you haven’t driven one before. Before you start your trip, we suggest you take the van for a spin in the car park to get familiar with the vehicle. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a hang of it, and once you are sure you have familiarised yourself with the van rental features, you can be on your way.

Another important thing to remember throughout the trip is the responsibility that comes with driving a 10 seater van rental. As the designated driver, you must ensure safety first and this includes staying sober and alert while driving. Remember that everyone’s safety and the van hire are in your hands. 

As you drive, you may get distracted by the music or conversations but to be responsible is to stay focused and concentrate once behind the wheel. 

Be extra cautious when it’s raining

If you planned a trip with friends during the rainy season, you must be extra cautious when you drive. Reckless driving while it rains can cause an accident. You should always drive slowly so you can control the vehicle better in case the tires slide on the wet road. 

Keep a gap between the van and the vehicle ahead and behind so you can have ample time to break when needed. This is applicable always and not just on a rainy day especially when you are driving uphill.

Watch your speed and take note of road signs

Always obey the speed limits and road signs while you drive. There are usually fines to pay when you break a road rule. When you drive past residential areas or busy parts of the city, it’s also important to be aware of cyclists and bikers, intersections, roundabouts, and pedestrian walks as you drive. This ensures everyone’s safety and avoids damage to the van rental.

Driving a 10 seater van rental requires a lot of responsibility. It is important to drive safely and take extra caution while driving around Auckland. We hope you keep these tips in mind on your next road trip.

When it comes to vehicle hire, it is important to always keep in mind that prices fluctuate. 

One of the most frequent questions people ask when they are looking to book a vehicle is when is the best time to book? With the high rate of vehicle hire in West Auckland, the simple answer will be now. If you are planning a trip and need a vehicle hire, don’t procrastinate. To get the best deals, it is best you book ahead and follow up on your reservations. Depending on demand and supply, vehicle hire can be unpredictable.

In this article, we would be highlighting the best time to rent a vehicle and get the best deals in West Auckland.

Be An Early Bird

When looking to hire a vehicle, no matter the time or season, it is always advised to book as early as possible. This allows you to get the best prices and deals.

If you are working towards a holiday trip during a busy season or period, try booking for your vehicle six months ahead of time and monitor how the prices go as time passes. To get started, do your research and compare rental companies for price range and services before you commit to any company. Once you find a company and deal that is great for your plan and budget, just go ahead and book it. If you’re in luck and have free cancellation, you can always do that and book a cheaper or better deal over time. 

With vehicle hire, it is always a better option to book in advance than wait until the last minute to do so.

What Happens When You Book Late? 

If you intend on taking a trip during less busy times or have a flexible travel plan, booking late may not be an issue. But lack of cars available for your rental date can slow down your plans. If you will be traveling in small groups or alone, booking late is okay. It is important to note that prices can rise within 48 hours so while you book late, avoid booking a vehicle at the very last minute.

Booking late may allow you to compare prices and choose the cheapest or best deals available, rather than being stuck with whatever is available on last-minute arrival.

What To Do When Prices Go Down After Booking Early

Before finalizing any booking arrangements for vehicle hire, you should be sure to go through the rental company’s terms and conditions. This will help determine what happens in a scenario where prices drop after the booking is complete.

Vehicle hire terms and conditions differ but most times, rental company’s offer free cancellation. So, if you find a lower price or better deal after booking a vehicle hire, you can easily cancel and rebook if the terms and conditions are favorable.

Are You Looking To Hire A Vehicle In West Auckland?

Auckland Vehicle Rentals provides competitive pricing, a wide range of vehicles, and provide vehicles that fit your budget. Call us today to book your vehicle hire!

Many people rent cargo vans for moving and transporting their items and belongings from one place to another. But did you know that a cargo van can be used for other purposes besides moving to a new home or workplace?

Cargo vans have other uses you should consider. In this article, we would be discussing the other uses for a cargo van rental. 

The following are alternate uses for a cargo rental:

They are useful for gigs and parties

If you are part of a band, a member of a sports team, or a parent planning to celebrate your child’s birthday, cargo vans are perfect for transporting equipment you will need for either occasion. A cargo van is spacious and ideal for packing and moving equipment. Whether you are using a cargo van within the city or outside the city, these vehicles have a cargo space that guarantees property safety.

DIY projects made easier

Are you currently working on a DIY project in your home or workspace? If your answer is yes, you should consider renting a cargo van. It is an easy and fast way of getting the project errands done. Personal projects like renovations may be tasking and will require a lot of moving around to get things done. Hiring a cargo van while working on your project can allow you to easily move supplies and other necessary items around.

They can be a substitute for furniture trucks

If you are planning a self-move of your belongings from one location to another, you can get a budget van hire to get the job done yourself. Cargo vans are affordable and ideal for making daily moves within or outside a city.

Are you looking to rent a cargo van in Auckland? Contact us today.

Cargo vans can be used for deliveries and shopping

Do you run a business that requires deliveries? Cargo van rental can be useful to help you get the job done. Whether you run a catering service looking to transport orders across town or a party planner who needs to carry items and equipment from one location to another regularly, a cargo van is a good option.

If your business needs to make use of a cargo van regularly and you are not ready to buy one, you can opt out for a long-term van rental option and save costs.

Shopping for your home can be overwhelming especially if you are someone who shops in large amounts. Sometimes, your car cannot carry all the items you can need at once from the store. So if you are planning on shopping in bulk, try booking a van hire in advance.

Van rentals are versatile and can be used for different purposes. Next time you think of a cargo van, avoid limiting yourself to the idea that a cargo van is only useful for moving because it can be used to do so much more. 

Auckland Vehicle Rentals can provide you with a cargo van for your next gig, shopping day, or gig, all you have to do is contact us today!

Getting movers to help you with a move in and out of a home can be expensive. If you want to reduce costs and are willing to do some heavy lifting a truck rental can help you save costs.

But before you rush into getting a truck rental, there are a couple of things you should know about renting a moving truck. Some of the things to consider include the size of the truck to hire, how to get the best deals, how to pack your belongings in the truck, etc.

If you want to know about the best way to rent a furniture truck, this article will provide you with stress-free solutions for your next truck rental.

What truck size do you need for your move?

Can you imagine how terrible you would feel to find out on your moving day that the truck hire you got was too small? It would be devastating! Before you decide on which size of truck to hire, you should know the size of your belongings and ensure you have precise measurements. This will help you determine which truck will be best to hire.

Most truck rental companies have several types of truck sizes to suit your belongings and can help you determine what size will help get the job done. If you want to book a furniture truck in Auckland  Auckland Vehicle Rentals has several options for your move. 

If you still feel skeptical about the size of the truck to hire, you can go ahead and rent a large truck if your budget permits it.

When is the best time to book a moving truck?

With booking any vehicle, timing is key. You should always book a truck a couple of weeks or months in advance of your moving day. If you are not in a hurry to move and would like to get the best deals on truck rental, you should consider moving during the off-season where trucks are in less demand.

Have an idea on how to drive a truck

The safety of your lives and belongings is in the way you drive the truck. If you have never driven one, take time to practice and if you have, it’s okay to still practice. Before signing the rental terms of the agreement, ensure that you are comfortable driving the size of truck you want to hire.

Do your research on the route you will be using, considering low bridge overhangs, roundabouts, T junctions, and other detours. Prior knowledge and practice will prepare you for the drive. If you still don’t feel like you can easily maneuver a moving truck, you can always opt out for cargo vans.


While we hope for the best for your move, it is important to cover all grounds in a situation of mishaps or accidents during the trip. Before you rent a truck, ensure that your belongings are insured and confirm with the rental company whether or not you need extra coverage.

Make final and precise plans for moving day

As you draw closer to moving day, you should be fully prepared. Some necessary things to consider include:

  • What route you will be using.
  • Make sure your driver’s license, credit cards, and other important documents are close to you.
  • Taking note of existing damages on the truck rental. Take pictures if you must to avoid being blamed or charged wrongly.
  • Before you drive off, ensure everything in the vehicle is functioning efficiently, this includes ramps and any other extra moving equipment you hire.

What to take note of on the return

Before returning a truck rental, ensure it is in the same condition that it was given.

It is also important to remember to refuel the truck rental before returning. Be sure to also inquire about the type of gas the truck should be filled with. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, all vehicles are given a full fuel tank and need to be returned full. Additional charges apply if we have to do this for you.

If you are moving cross country or within the city, these tips are very much applicable. We hope this helps prepare you for your next move. 


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