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Getting movers to help you with a move in and out of a home can be expensive. If you want to reduce costs and are willing to do some heavy lifting a truck rental can help you save costs.

But before you rush into getting a truck rental, there are a couple of things you should know about renting a moving truck. Some of the things to consider include the size of the truck to hire, how to get the best deals, how to pack your belongings in the truck, etc.

If you want to know about the best way to rent a furniture truck, this article will provide you with stress-free solutions for your next truck rental.

What truck size do you need for your move?

Can you imagine how terrible you would feel to find out on your moving day that the truck hire you got was too small? It would be devastating! Before you decide on which size of truck to hire, you should know the size of your belongings and ensure you have precise measurements. This will help you determine which truck will be best to hire.

Most truck rental companies have several types of truck sizes to suit your belongings and can help you determine what size will help get the job done. If you want to book a furniture truck in Auckland  Auckland Vehicle Rentals has several options for your move. 

If you still feel skeptical about the size of the truck to hire, you can go ahead and rent a large truck if your budget permits it.

When is the best time to book a moving truck?

With booking any vehicle, timing is key. You should always book a truck a couple of weeks or months in advance of your moving day. If you are not in a hurry to move and would like to get the best deals on truck rental, you should consider moving during the off-season where trucks are in less demand.

Have an idea on how to drive a truck

The safety of your lives and belongings is in the way you drive the truck. If you have never driven one, take time to practice and if you have, it’s okay to still practice. Before signing the rental terms of the agreement, ensure that you are comfortable driving the size of truck you want to hire.

Do your research on the route you will be using, considering low bridge overhangs, roundabouts, T junctions, and other detours. Prior knowledge and practice will prepare you for the drive. If you still don’t feel like you can easily maneuver a moving truck, you can always opt out for cargo vans.


While we hope for the best for your move, it is important to cover all grounds in a situation of mishaps or accidents during the trip. Before you rent a truck, ensure that your belongings are insured and confirm with the rental company whether or not you need extra coverage.

Make final and precise plans for moving day

As you draw closer to moving day, you should be fully prepared. Some necessary things to consider include:

  • What route you will be using.
  • Make sure your driver’s license, credit cards, and other important documents are close to you.
  • Taking note of existing damages on the truck rental. Take pictures if you must to avoid being blamed or charged wrongly.
  • Before you drive off, ensure everything in the vehicle is functioning efficiently, this includes ramps and any other extra moving equipment you hire.

What to take note of on the return

Before returning a truck rental, ensure it is in the same condition that it was given.

It is also important to remember to refuel the truck rental before returning. Be sure to also inquire about the type of gas the truck should be filled with. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, all vehicles are given a full fuel tank and need to be returned full. Additional charges apply if we have to do this for you.

If you are moving cross country or within the city, these tips are very much applicable. We hope this helps prepare you for your next move. 


You can contact us today for a quote.

North Harbour is a fast-expanding suburb that is located in the northern part of the city of Auckland. With a continuous increase of residents and businesses populating this area, the need for affordable truck rentals is rising.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we offer specialized rental services available for every customer at the right price. With almost 20 years of experience, we have provided affordable rental services to residents and the local market of the North Harbour region. 

If you are looking to hire a truck in North Harbor, we have a fleet of rental trucks that are cost-friendly and available in different sizes. Each vehicle is car license-sized, terrific for do-it-yourself moves, and great for transporting large items. Our trucks are all automatic transmission and come with reverse cameras. The following trucks are available for rental:


2 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

These trucks are approximately 10 cubics with a box size of 3.1L x 1.8W x 1.9H meters. The vehicle has an automatic transmission and comes with reversing cameras. Rental package includes standard insurance. You can rent this truck with only your car license.

The hire price is $150 for 24 hours and includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


2 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

This truck just like the one above is 10 cubic meters but comes with a tail lift option for easy carriage of items in and out of the vehicle. Having the same features as the 2 tonnes rental truck without the tail lift, it also comes with standard insurance.

The hire price is $185 for 24 hours and includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


2 tonne furniture truck with ramp for hire

This truck is approximately 12 cubic meters with a box size of 3.1L x 1.9W x 1.9H meters. It comes with extra storage space over the cab and has a pull-out ramp for loading items.

It also has an automatic transmission, reversing cameras, and requires only a car license for hire.

The hire price is $150 for 24 hours and it also includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


3 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

This truck is approximately 20 cubic meters with a box size of 4.5L x 2.08W x 2.16H. Like all our rental trucks, these come with automatic transmission. It requires only a car license to hire, has a hydraulic tail lift and reversing camera.

The hire price is $215 for 24 hours and also includes standard insurance and GST, and up to 100 km of free travel.*

In addition to rental trucks, our services also include mini rentals, car hire, and cargo van rental to customers in North Harbour at affordable prices. We are confident that our services will be useful to you.

To find more about rental vehicles in Auckland, contact us.

*Please note – pricing is subject to change…check out our vehicle pages for most recent pricing.

Are you a resident of North Shore looking for the best truck rental service available to cater to your needs? Look no more because our services are available to you seven days a week. 

Moving is a big step and can be stressful. Remove as much stress as possible by hiring from a company that cares and has quality vehicles…you are in safe hands with us.

If you are planning to rent a truck to move items or make deliveries, we provide hiring services that get the job done without complications. Hiring from us gives you access to benefits that make your moving process go as smooth as anticipated.

Our services include 24-hour roadside assistance which is available for all vehicles and customers enjoy unlimited kilometers on all car and minibus rentals. In the case of renting our trucks or cargo vans, you get the first 100 km for free. 

Are you concerned about the safety of your personal vehicle during a truck rental? You have the option of parking your car in our secure yard while you are renting one of our trucks.

With a variety of vehicles, we provide you with vehicle options that suit your needs. 

The 2-tonne rental trucks come with or without certain features like a hydraulic tail lift, Luton box, or ramp – this depends on the truck rental in mind (please note that the hire price varies). 

We also have the 3- tonne rental trucks which come with a hydraulic lift as well and if you want something smaller to get the job done, furniture moving vans are also available.

Some of our other truck rental points include; no hidden costs on a rental, comprehensive insurance on every hire, and all quotes that include GST. 

If you are in North Shore looking for a truck rental that is stress-fee, affordable, and cares about you and your items, you can trust our services to deliver. Get in touch with our friendly team today. 

Rental trucks in Auckland are in high demand, and the busiest ones are without a doubt the small car-licence furniture types. These are a swiss army knife among vehicles, a versatile tool that is the smart solution to a broad range of challenges. Here’s how a truck rental might be your solution!

Moving House In Auckland?

An obvious one, as these rental trucks are built for exactly this purpose. By renting a furniture truck you won’t have to depend on unreliable third parties to get the job done, you can stay on schedule and in control of every cost. Using a rental truck for a local move could save hundreds, but if you’re moving out of Auckland the savings from not using a furniture removal service could be much more.

The Helper

Even if you prefer (or need) to let the professionals shift your furniture, they are often not interested in packing the odds and ends you may have accumulated in sheds, gardens and garages. A smaller rental truck is ideal for cleaning out a workshop, transporting pot plants, taking rubbish to the recycle centre, or donating surplus items to family or charity.

The Storage Unit Shuttle

Renting storage space? If your house is on the market, or just overflowing, renting a storage unit is a popular solution in Auckland. Shuffle boxes and furniture back and forth as you need them with a quick, convenient truck rental.

Bought, Begged, or Borrowed?

Larger items sold through auction sites are usually “pick up only”, and retail stores that offer deliveries may have a waiting list that doesn’t appeal. Although trailers are handy for some jobs, it’s hard to beat a rental truck when you need a weather-proof, secure, easy to manoeuvre option, especially ones that come with handy options like hydraulic lifts, hand trollies, furniture blankets and straps to protect your precious cargo.

You Have A Truck, It Doesn’t Work

Maybe your company delivery vehicle is off the road for servicing, or worse – a more major repair. Don’t turn away business that you may never get back, simply grab a rental truck and it’s business as usual!

You Don’t Have A Truck, But Are Thinking About It

Maybe your business is thinking of offering deliveries as added value for your customers in Auckland’s cutthroat market. Test the waters without making a huge financial commitment by hiring a rental truck as needed. Special discounts usually apply to longer hires, too.

The Mobile Port-A-Com

At a trade fair, construction site, or anywhere within extension cord reach of a power supply, a truck rental can provide a dry, secure work space or pop-up store. And unlike the traditional work-site caravan, they can be shifted easily, and of course collect supplies when you’re low on stock.

Temporary Storage

Having guests for the weekend? Having an open home or property inspection? Book a truck rental for a couple of days and store the untidy realities of your life out of sight!

What do you need a truck rental for? Choose from our range!