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When you are planning a trip, you want to make sure you get the best minibus rental your money can afford. To ensure that you sort through rental companies to find which is best for you, you would need to use a few tips and tricks to help you get the best company for a minibus rental.

The following tips will help you make the best choice for using a rental company and will help you know the things to look out for in the process.

Google is your friend- Do a ranking search

Most times before you make any purchase online, you usually would go through reviews to know more about the business. The same applies to choosing a minibus rental. Use Google to check the rental companies ranking in your area.

Using Google as a research tool will help you decide on which company to rent a minibus from. Google ranking of rental companies in your area provides you with necessary information about the company including proximity, prominence, photos, company information, other locations, and more. Google research allows you to find rentals close and available to you without having to stress going across town.

Visit their website

You can tell a lot about a business by taking a look at their website. Before deciding on a minibus rental, ensure that you check out the rental company’s website. A company website that is up to date with information, content, good navigation links, and high-quality photos of available minibusses to rent is always a good sign. A good website should have all the necessary details that customers will need to know about the company.

When a rental company’s website is updated and organized, it shows that they care about providing you with the right information. This can also give you insight into what their customer service is like.

Take note of their customer service

No one likes terrible customer service. When you reach out to rental companies to make inquiries about hiring a minibus, take note of how they treat you over the phone or in person. Customer service should be considered when you speak with them because this will determine how you will be treated when you get that minibus rental. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, you can be sure to receive courteous responses from our friendly team as we do not take customer’s trust and loyalty for granted.

Look out for online reviews and check their online presence if they have one.

Reading online reviews from customers can help you make that final decision on knowing whether or not you have found the best minibus rental for your trip. Online reviews help you see people’s first-hand experience with a company in regards to response time, customer service, business credibility, best pricing, etc.

If the company has an online social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc), it’s an extra advantage for you. It will give you more insight into customer engagement, loyalty, and trust. 

Planning a trip can be hectic. The last thing you want is to have a bad experience with the rental company you use. To ensure that you make the right choice and find the best minibus rental in Auckland, you should consider the tips above. Auckland Vehicle Rentals provides customers with the best minibus rental services. Our fleet has 8-12 seaters minibus rental available for you and also comes with extra accessories on demand. Call us today to get a quote.

Are you finally moving out from your family home to an apartment alone or planning a road trip back to college after the holidays? If your answer is yes, then you are probably planning a small move.

Small moves usually require less effort and are faster to complete with the right vehicle rental. If you are looking for the best vehicle option for a small self-move in Auckland, you should consider getting a cargo van rental.  

Cargo van rentals are perfect for moving into one-bedroom apartments, dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and small apartments. The following are reasons why a cargo van hire is ideal for your small move:

They are the ideal size for a small move

There’s the right van size for every move, and a cargo van is a perfect size for a small move. If you are planning to move into a single room or small space, that means you most likely have fewer items and belongings to transport. This van can take all your items in one or two trips while it helps you cut costs on fuel or mileage.

They are enclosed

Unlike trailers, cargo vans are enclosed. This means you don’t have to stress or worry about losing or damaging items during the trip because cargo vans are enclosed. With cargo vans, you can guarantee less stress when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and dry while in transit. 

They make multiple trips easier

Multiple trips can be stressful particularly when you have a lot of items to move or transfer from one location to another. Cargo vans are comfortable to drive. They make the driving process a lot easier and more convenient compared to when you take multiple trips with a trailer or truck. 

Cargo vans are slightly bigger than SUVs which makes them easier to operate, load, and offload. You don’t need to hire a moving professional or get help from anyone to pack your belongings for your move because you can get it done yourself.

They are easy to operate

Still not sure whether or not a cargo van rental is ideal for your next move? Here’s another important reason to consider, they are easy to maneuver.

If you’ve ever driven a trailer or furniture truck before, you can agree that it can be challenging. And even more challenging if your first experience was your only one. It is easier to move around Auckland with cargo vans, particularly when it comes to reversing, driving uphill, making turns, and parking.

A cargo van hire is most likely for you if you are a student, a bachelor, or a spinster moving to a small home/space. No matter where you are moving to in Auckland, you can hire a van rental from Auckland Vehicle Rentals. Our services are available to you at an affordable price and we can help you save time, money, and effort.


Getting an 8 seater car rental with a good deal and cheap rates is always a big win, especially when working on a budget. 

If you are looking to rent an 8 seater car in Auckland, Auckland Rental Vehicles can provide you with the best deals at affordable rates to meet your needs.

To save money on your next car rental, you might find the following tips useful.

Research Prices and Discounts

Doing your research leads to finding what company or deals suit you best. One of the key factors of finding an 8 seater car rental has to do with researching prices and discounts.

Once you find a car rental company of interest, you should go on and book a reservation because, with the fluctuation of prices rates, you cannot guarantee a reduction in price rates. However, in a situation where there’s a fall in price rates, it is okay to cancel previous bookings and rebook the new price– in most cases, there’s usually no fee for this.

In the process of research, you should also keep an eye out for discounts you might be eligible to enjoy. For this reason, we suggest you pay attention to discount information so you don’t miss out on great deals that can help you save more money.

Avoid Car Rental During Peak Seasons

Do you need an 8 seater car rental for a holiday trip? We suggest you book ahead of time and avoid booking in peak seasons. These vehicles are usually sought after during peak seasons. So if you are planning a trip for the summer, spring, or winter in Auckland, book your car rental in advance.

It Is Better To Rent A Car In The Suburbs Than The Airport

It is usually a better option to rent a car at suburban locations than the airport. Why? Because most airport location rates are higher than the price of a rental company around town. If you want to save money, cut down costs, compare prices online, and check out local businesses to choose the best car rental option.

Compare Daily, Weekly, And Weekend Rates

If your plan for renting an 8 seater car rental in Auckland is flexible, you should consider comparing the daily, weekly, and weekend rates. Most times, you get the best value for your money renting a car weekly because you get charged per week which could be better than a daily rate.

Occasionally, some car rental companies offer very cheap rates for weekends. So like we stated above, if you have a flexible plan, this can work in your best interest.

You Can Check The Availability Of Car Rental Services In Surrounding Areas

You don’t have to stay fixed on picking up your rental car from one location/place particularly if you want to rent in a small city. Auckland Vehicle Rentals has branches in Auckland’s North Shore and western suburbs, so no matter your location. You can rent a car from us!

If you would like to save money on renting an 8 seater rental car in Auckland, you can contact us today to make your bookings or get a quote.


At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we are known for having the right vehicle for the right price. We offer a large fleet of vehicle options that are of the best quality and standard to meet all your needs.  

Our van rental options are very sought after in the North Shore because they are spacious, convenient to move around with, and easier than driving trucks. The following reasons will let you know why a van rental is a great choice for you.

A Van Rental Is A Great Option For Moving

Moving out of a home and into a new one can be stressful but with proper preparation and the right van rental, your experience might be better than expected. Van rentals are great for moving small items from one location to another. Depending on the size of the rental, vans have storage space that allows you to easily carry packed boxes, furniture, appliances, and other items safely and securely.

So, when next you are preparing to move or just need to move heavy items around the North Shore, a van rental is suitable for getting the job done.

Deliveries and Errands

If you run a business that requires a lot of moving around and transportation, you might need a van rental as they are cheaper than owning your vehicle. All you have to do is make payments for an agreed period and have a van at your disposal whenever you need it.

If your job also requires deliveries to customers, van rentals are perfect to get the job done. They can be handy on busy days when you need an extra set of wheels to get things done. Cargo vans have enough space to carry goods and products you need to deliver around the North Shore. Auckland Vehicle Rentals have affordable, modern, and safe cargo van options from our fleet you can rent whenever you need to get deliveries and errands done.

Trips And Other Activities

The beauty of van rentals is that they are versatile and can be used for different purposes. If you are planning a trip with the family, an excursion with the kids to a museum, or a work retreat with your colleagues, van rentals come in very handy. Auckland Vehicle Rentals have several seated options you can choose from. 

In a situation where you volunteered to help out with your kid’s soccer team trip or help your friend’s band move equipment, van rentals are also great to use in these situations. You can use a van to move items and pieces of equipment to and from a location as well as the group too. With van rentals, it is safe to say the possibilities are limitless.

There are a few other reasons why you might need to rent a van in North Shore but whatever you need a van for, Auckland Vehicle Rentals has you covered. To make inquiries about our services or to get a quote, contact us today!