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Driving a minibus is different from driving the average car. If you have not driven one before, you will notice that minivans are heavier and difficult to drive on the first try than an average car.

As much as it is fun to take road trips, taking long trips can be exhausting. Before embarking on any trip, take time to relax and prepare yourself. 

When driving a minivan, the following safety tips will help ensure road safety:

Be Prepared

When you are planning the trip, it is essential to consider important factors that will help make the trip go smoothly. Start by getting enough rest before you begin your trip and ensure that activities for the trip are thoroughly planned out to avoid a rush. Being prepared will help you avoid making any mistake like leaving someone behind.

If it is your first time driving a minivan rental in Auckland, we recommend you take a few test drives before you start the trip. The test practice allows you to get familiar with the vehicle and make any necessary adjustments to the mirror and seats before hitting the busy road.

Another important factor to consider is planning your route. This is very useful especially if you are taking a trip through an unfamiliar route. Planning your route prepares you for road sign warnings, speed limits, lane changes, or any hazards you are likely to face during the trip.

Avoid Distractions

Driving any vehicle requires a lot of focus. Avoiding distractions is for the safety of everyone in the vehicle and around the vehicle.

Before starting the trip, brief your passengers and let them know what you are comfortable and uncomfortable with. During trips, it’s common to experience loud noise, sing-alongs, and other activities that can be a distraction to you. Laying down ground rules is necessary for everyone’s safety on the trip.

Other distractions to look out for include using your phone while driving, loud radio volume, limiting your conversations with the passengers, etc.

Distractions can lead to accidents and potential damage to the minibus rental. To avoid this, stay focused by keeping your eyes on the road.

Take Breaks And Know The Signs of Fatigue

Driving a minibus rental requires vigilance and concentration at all times. This can get exhausting over time which is why it is important to take breaks.

Knowing the signs of road fatigue helps you know when it is time to take to rest. Being unaware of these signs can cause distractions and lead to dangerous driving mistakes. For safety purposes, you can have another driver take over when you are tired.

Being well prepared for your trip means that taking frequent breaks will not slow down your itinerary or plans. If you feel tired while driving, we recommend you take a break by pulling over and taking time to rest. Breaks are also good for the passengers to have pee breaks, grab a bite or just get some fresh air.

The art of driving safe ensures everyone arrives at the destination safely without accidents or incidents. When you drive safe, you are sure that the minivan rental is returned in good condition. This will save you money on extra charges.

If you are looking to rent a minivan in Auckland, we have just what you need. Book with us today!

Albany is one of the fastest-growing areas in the North Shore that is known for its retail and shopping zones. Because of this, the demand for van rentals in Albany is pretty high.

Auckland Vehicle Rentals has served as a reliable van rental service to the residents of Albany since 2011. Our vehicles are qualified and authorised to help you make that move or take that trip.

Whether you are moving to a new home, going on a trip with friends or family, or need assistance to move large or delicate items from one location to another, consider hiring a suitable van from Auckland Vehicle Rentals in Albany.

The following are our fleet of vans available for rental:

Cargo vans

Toyota Hiace Cargo van for hire

Cargo vans are cost-effective and ideal for rental when moving out of a house, running business deliveries, or relocating an item.

Our moving van services offer you two options which you can pick from. The first is the high top which is about 7.5 cubic meters of the cargo area and the low top which is about 6.5 cubic meters of cargo areas. Both of these cargo van rentals are suitable for moving light and fragile items from one place to another.

The cargo van options both have side and back door access, and automatic transmission for easy operation, and all our van rentals include standard insurance, GST, and 100 km of distance free.

If you are in Auckland looking for a van rental to make a trip across the region or within Albany, the cargo van is a perfect choice.


Van 12 Seater

If you like planning trips with the family, going to an occasion with a group of friends, or you have a business retreat with your colleagues from the office, our minivans are exactly what you need.

These types of van rentals also come in various sizes depending on the number of people going on the trip and what your needs are. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we provide you a range of options from an 8-seater people movers to 10 and 12- seater minivans.
The 8-seater is perfect for a short trip with the family while the 10 to 12- seaters are ideal for groups, businesses, schools, sports teams or organisations. If you are looking for something more spacious and comfortable for both the group and your baggage, we suggest you opt for the 12-seater minivan.

Our minivans are affordable, convenient, and are in top shape for trips and activities.

When next you plan on taking a trip within or outside Albany, know that Auckland Vehicle Rentals has you covered with van rentals. We are here to provide you with exceptional van rental services that will guarantee an effortless move or trip.