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Road trips allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while allowing you to experience the world around you as you go.

If you haven’t used a car hire for a road trip and are considering using one, you should keep reading. We believe there are a few things you can learn from this.

Whether it’s a business trip with colleagues or a vacay with family or friends for the weekend or you are looking for a new driving experience, car hire is a great option to consider.

There are a lot of benefits that come with renting a car rather than using your vehicle, this usually depends on some factors like duration of the trip, the condition of your vehicle, and your destination. Using car rentals for road trips provides comfort for everyone and helps reduce the wear and tear of your car.

Why should I rent a car?

People use car rentals for a couple of reasons, some of them include:

Freedom to move around easily

The reason why most people use car hire is to be able to move around better. When you take a trip to a new part of Auckland, you would most likely want to experience your destination at your own pace without having to worry about the hassles of public transportation or taxis.

Car rentals make moving around easier and more convenient during your trip.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance cost

Car rentals take away the bother of maintenance cost unlike what is the case is when you use your vehicle. One of the best advantages of a car hire is that the car rental companies are responsible for maintenance.

Some car rentals also have insurance but it’s up to you to look into what type of car rental insurance the company provides so you can know what the insurance covers.

Provides you with options

If you’re renting a car to have a new or different driving experience or just a different vehicle for a trip, car hire is a great option.

Car rentals provide you with an array of options from standard to luxury cars- and provides something for everyone.

Saves cost

Car rentals save more costs than when you use your vehicle. It helps you avoid wear and tear of your car, it’s a lot cheaper than public transport or taxis, it may provide better gas mileage than your car, and it also gives you the option of buying extra protection and insurance.

Car hire can save you a lot of money especially if you are taking a budget-friendly road trip with colleagues, family, or friends.

Comfort is guaranteed

One of the best car rentals for short or long trips is the 8 seater people mover. Road trips are more fun when there is enough space and comfort for everyone in it. 

If your car cannot provide comfort for everyone in it, a car rental is just what you need. You can opt for 8 seater car rentals depending on the size of your company. The 8 seater is spacious and ensures a comfortable experience throughout the trip. 

Once you are ready for car hire in Auckland, you can contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.

New Zealand like any other country around the world has certain requirements that should be met before renting out a vehicle.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, you are allowed to rent most vehicles on a restricted license as long as it hasn’t been canceled or suspended. Trucks cannot be hired as they typically exceed the weight limits of restricted licences. Some requirements must be met first before you can rent a vehicle.

Please note that once your license is revoked, suspended, or expired, you will not be qualified to rent a vehicle with us. Also, you cannot use an NZ learner’s license because it is not accepted.

However, if you are an international visitor in Auckland looking to rent a vehicle, you must submit a valid driving license that has been held for at least a year alongside your passport as a supporting document.

There are steps you have to take when you are looking to rent a vehicle with a restricted license in Auckland, they include the following:

  • Present a valid license and a major credit card to the company; please know that copies and photos will not be accepted.
  • Present the license and the credit card to the agent in charge at the vehicle rental company you want to use.
  • If the submission process goes well and you are given a contract to sign for the vehicle hire, ensure that you go through it carefully before signing. Also, keep in mind that your insurance liability is going to be higher than a full license holder.

To respond to your question in simple terms on whether you can use a restricted license to hire a vehicle in Auckland, the answer is yes. A restricted license can be used to rent a vehicle in Auckland once the requirements are met.

Are you in Auckland planning a trip with the family and don’t want to make use of your vehicle? You should consider an 8 seater car hire for your trip.

An 8 seater car rental is ideal for a family trip. It is comfortable, spacious, and wonderful for a family trip. As you plan for your trip, there are a few things to consider:

Deciding on the rental company.

Thanks to Google and other search engines, finding a car rental company is simpler than ever because people have access to various car hire options. You can easily find a company that fits your needs, budget, and provides you with options to choose from in the comfort of your bed.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we provide budget 8 seater car hire at affordable prices to our customers.

Consider your luggage.

Before you hire a car for a trip, it is important to consider the number of luggage the family will need for the trip. One of the reasons why an 8 seater van rental is great for family trips is that it provides enough space for your family and your luggage too.

Have a look at the car and the rental conditions.

Before you drive off with your car rental, check the vehicle and inspect both inside and outside for any damages (you can also take pictures). Checking the vehicle before you leave the rental company saves you from future problems, helps you identify issues, and lets you know the condition of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle check is complete, remember to go through the car rental conditions before you sign. Pay attention to the details of the contract and what the company is offering like unlimited mileage, minimum rental days, mode of payment, and also additional costs and services. This will fully prepare you for the trip ahead.

While there are other things to consider that were not mentioned above, an 8 seater car rental is the best choice for a family trip. They are comfortable, easy to navigate, and come with features that enhance the experience of the trip for everyone. 

Looking for an 8 seater car rental? We believe we have just what you need at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.

Road trips with the family are a great way you share experiences and memorable moments. A promising way to enjoy the comfort and have a successful trip is by choosing the right vehicle for the trip. The type of vehicle you decide on is important for the convenience and concern of the family, ensure that you use a vehicle that doesn’t cause discomfort to everyone especially if it’s a long trip.

If you are planning a family trip in Auckland and are looking to hire a van, our 10 seater van may be just what you need. The following are reasons why a 10 seater van hire is perfect for you and the family for trips:

It is an affordable option for transportation.
Taking trips with the family can be overwhelming especially when there are kids involved. While flights are faster to arrive at your destination, taking trips is affordable and a great way to bond while keeping an eye on everyone.

Hiring the 10 seater van for a family trip is a cost-effective mode of transportation for taking trips with the family in Auckland. It allows for splitting the bill evenly between the group which is a lot cheaper than separate fares and costs.

It allows for flexibility with your travel plans.
Part of the beauty of road trips is being able to encounter the scenery as you go. Road trips can be fun for the family. Choosing to hire a van gives you control over where you go, where you stop, and what you do. A 10 seater van hire in Auckland would make a great pick to enjoy the flexibility.

It’s a comfortable choice.
You can say goodbye to discomfort until arrival. Opting for the 10 seater van hire is choosing the level of comfort you desire. You don’t have to worry about the boot being enough to fit everything in or having enough legroom throughout the trip. In cases when there are kids on board, the 10 seater van can prevent discomfort amongst the kids which in turn could be stressful for you.

Enjoy extra space without making sacrifices.
Depending on the nature of the trip, there are certain equipment and supplies that will take up space with your car. You don’t have to worry about this when you hire the 10 seater van. It allows for extra space which means you don’t have to make any sacrifices or face the struggles of what will fit in and won’t.

You can make the most of your trip around Auckland with the 10 seater van hire without the distress of not enough space.

When next you plan to take a trip with the family and want to enjoy comfort, affordability, and flexibility you should consider a 10 seater van hire in Auckland. To make your bookings or get more information, contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.