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When it comes to furniture truck hire, there are a couple of unspoken rules to live by. Moving can be an overwhelming process. Usually, the stress of moving can cause you to forget a few things. If you are a resident at Silverdale, looking for a furniture truck hire, this article will help you know the most common problems you may face and how to avoid them.

The following tips will help you avoid the most common moving problems you might face:

Your Timing Is Of The Essence

Just like time is important in everything you do in life, renting a furniture truck is no different. As you plan to move or relocate furniture or other items from one place to another, you must book your furniture truck hire in advance. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to get this done because that is never a good idea. When you don’t book in advance, you get a limited option of a truck of choices or none at all. This means you have to settle or postpone your move. 

With the technology available at the click of a finger, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance so your truck can be ready and available when you need it.

Include Extra Fees In Your Budget

In most cases, you might end up paying more than the quote given to you. Moving can be so overwhelming, it’s easy to mistakenly overlook a few important pieces of information for hiring a furniture truck. Including the extra fees in your budget ensures that you have made preparations for any unexpected charges.

Some noteworthy things to help you avoid extra charges include; 

  • read the contract thoroughly and ask questions for clarification.
  • return the furniture truck with a full tank of fuel, or as hired.
  • return the furniture truck hire on time agreed upon and in the same condition as you were given. 

The reason for extra charges may vary for different rental companies but to avoid extra charges, find out more about the company’s payment system before you leave with the furniture truck.

You Rent it, You Drive It

If you will need to share driving duties especially when you are covering a long distance, ensure the rental company is aware. This may cost additional insurance. Avoid the risk of attracting extra charges that should have been accounted for by letting someone else drive the rental.

It is also important to consider the age of your substitute driver before handing over the keys to them. Rental companies sometimes have age limits and restrictions for drivers of their trucks.

Size and Space Should Not Be Overlooked

Choosing the right furniture truck size can be difficult particularly when you don’t know the size of your belongings and how much space it can take up. At Auckland Vehicle Rental, we have a variety of car licence truck sizes available for your move around Silverdale. 

Choosing the right truck size saves you time, energy, and money.

If you are looking for a furniture truck hire in Silverdale, Auckland Vehicle Rentals are your go-to. Call us today and request a quote!

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life. As you prepare to move into your new space, there are important details you should know and remember. These details can make the process easier especially when you decide on doing a DIY move.

Before the energy rush of the move comes in on a moving day, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you have a seamless move. Some of these things include deciding what to move, how to move your items, who will help out with the move, and most importantly the moving truck hire to use. With so much to do before moving into a new home, here are a few tips you should know before moving into your new home:

Everything Cannot Go

One of the hardest parts of moving is deciding what items stay and what items go. As humans, it is not surprising that we can become attached to certain items for sentimental reasons. To make the decision process easier, you can start sorting out your items into categories such as donate, sell, or throw away. This process of sorting out will give you clarity on what cannot go with you to your new home by making the decision process easier.

Knowing what is going with you to your new home can help you in deciding what type of moving truck to hire. 

Plan Your Move

Early preparation saves time and reduces stress. For a seamless move, proper preparation is necessary. The first step in the preparation direction is doing your research on vehicle rental companies. 

When you can decide on the rental company to use, book a moving truck ahead of time. An early booking will help you choose your moving date and prepare you for the move. Planning your move ahead of time fully prepares you for your moving on time instead of making last minute decisions that can be overwhelming and costly.

Get A Quote 

A quote gives an estimate on the cost of hiring a moving truck. When you have an idea of how much you will spend on truck hire, you are better prepared for the cost and extra charges. If you are preparing to move to Auckland’s North Shore, Auckland Vehicle Rentals can provide you with a quote for your hire. We offer competitive prices to suit your budget.

Secure Paperwork

Keeping track of all your paperwork is an important factor of moving that most people forget. It is so easy to stay focused on moving out furniture and everything else that one can easily forget to secure paperwork until the last minute. As you prepare to move, ensure that all your moving documents are handy.  Other documents such as passports, licenses, vehicle registration, etc. should always be kept together during the move to avoid losing them.

 Size Matters

The size of your moving boxes and items will help in knowing the type of moving truck to hire. To avoid overloading your moving truck or taking multiple trips, measure your box sizes so you can have an idea of the best type of moving truck to hire. Auckland Vehicle Rentals have a variety of moving trucks, we also cater to specific requirements such as hydraulic tail lift and ramp model that will help make the moving process smooth and easy.

Congratulations on your new home!

We hope you find these tips useful as you prepare to move into your new home.

If you need a moving truck to hire in North Shore, Auckland Vehicle Rentals has something for you. Contact us today!


Driving a minibus is different from driving the average car. If you have not driven one before, you will notice that minivans are heavier and difficult to drive on the first try than an average car.

As much as it is fun to take road trips, taking long trips can be exhausting. Before embarking on any trip, take time to relax and prepare yourself. 

When driving a minivan, the following safety tips will help ensure road safety:

Be Prepared

When you are planning the trip, it is essential to consider important factors that will help make the trip go smoothly. Start by getting enough rest before you begin your trip and ensure that activities for the trip are thoroughly planned out to avoid a rush. Being prepared will help you avoid making any mistake like leaving someone behind.

If it is your first time driving a minivan rental in Auckland, we recommend you take a few test drives before you start the trip. The test practice allows you to get familiar with the vehicle and make any necessary adjustments to the mirror and seats before hitting the busy road.

Another important factor to consider is planning your route. This is very useful especially if you are taking a trip through an unfamiliar route. Planning your route prepares you for road sign warnings, speed limits, lane changes, or any hazards you are likely to face during the trip.

Avoid Distractions

Driving any vehicle requires a lot of focus. Avoiding distractions is for the safety of everyone in the vehicle and around the vehicle.

Before starting the trip, brief your passengers and let them know what you are comfortable and uncomfortable with. During trips, it’s common to experience loud noise, sing-alongs, and other activities that can be a distraction to you. Laying down ground rules is necessary for everyone’s safety on the trip.

Other distractions to look out for include using your phone while driving, loud radio volume, limiting your conversations with the passengers, etc.

Distractions can lead to accidents and potential damage to the minibus rental. To avoid this, stay focused by keeping your eyes on the road.

Take Breaks And Know The Signs of Fatigue

Driving a minibus rental requires vigilance and concentration at all times. This can get exhausting over time which is why it is important to take breaks.

Knowing the signs of road fatigue helps you know when it is time to take to rest. Being unaware of these signs can cause distractions and lead to dangerous driving mistakes. For safety purposes, you can have another driver take over when you are tired.

Being well prepared for your trip means that taking frequent breaks will not slow down your itinerary or plans. If you feel tired while driving, we recommend you take a break by pulling over and taking time to rest. Breaks are also good for the passengers to have pee breaks, grab a bite or just get some fresh air.

The art of driving safe ensures everyone arrives at the destination safely without accidents or incidents. When you drive safe, you are sure that the minivan rental is returned in good condition. This will save you money on extra charges.

If you are looking to rent a minivan in Auckland, we have just what you need. Book with us today!

When it comes to driving any vehicle, always remember safety first before anything. 

Driving a truck or van requires extra care and safety. Although truck hire is a great way to save money, driving a truck is a very big responsibility. Transporting your belongings in a truck by yourself can be the most challenging part of a DIY move. 

When you hire a moving van, reckless and unsafe driving can lead to damages that will cost you more money. The following tips will guide you on how to drive a van hire safely:

Know The Road Rules

If you are new in New Zealand, it is important to know that everyone drives on the left side of the road. This may seem unfamiliar to you at first but once you get in the habit of keeping left, you will get the hang of it eventually. 

Keep your seatbelts on always. Before you start the vehicle, ensure that everyone has their seatbelt on. It is your responsibility as the driver is to get everyone to their destination safely and to do that, everyone must observe all safety rules including yourself. Failure to obey these rules could cost you a fine if you are caught by authorities.

Make sure that you know all the road rules before you drive a truck.

Speed Limit

Speed limits are there for a reason and you must respect them. When you’re driving a truck, you are expected to drive slowly and carefully. Most accidents and mishaps that happen while driving a truck are usually a result of driving above the speed limit. Always remember to observe speed limits in each city.

Drive safe and limit your speed especially when you are driving through curves, corners, high traffic areas, narrow streets, or turning into parking lots and driveways, or backing out. 

Safe Distance

Always maintain a safe distance when you drive a van, especially when you are driving uphill. Unlike regular cars, trucks take a longer time to come to a complete stop because they are heavier. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and the cars around you is very important.

When you drive a truck, make sure you watch out for your blind spots. This will help you navigate high-traffic areas better and avoid any accidents or road mishaps. 

It is also important to take breaks when you need to, especially when the weather condition is not favorable for the drive. Taking breaks keeps your mind alert and energizes you to get back on the road again.

Before renting a van or truck, ensure that you have these tips in mind. They will help you stay safe, prepared, and careful throughout the trip. 

Are you looking for a truck or van hire in Auckland? Auckland Vehicle Rentals can provide you with a variety of options to suit your preference. Contact us today.

When it comes to vehicle hire, it is important to always keep in mind that prices fluctuate. 

One of the most frequent questions people ask when they are looking to book a vehicle is when is the best time to book? With the high rate of vehicle hire in West Auckland, the simple answer will be now. If you are planning a trip and need a vehicle hire, don’t procrastinate. To get the best deals, it is best you book ahead and follow up on your reservations. Depending on demand and supply, vehicle hire can be unpredictable.

In this article, we would be highlighting the best time to rent a vehicle and get the best deals in West Auckland.

Be An Early Bird

When looking to hire a vehicle, no matter the time or season, it is always advised to book as early as possible. This allows you to get the best prices and deals.

If you are working towards a holiday trip during a busy season or period, try booking for your vehicle six months ahead of time and monitor how the prices go as time passes. To get started, do your research and compare rental companies for price range and services before you commit to any company. Once you find a company and deal that is great for your plan and budget, just go ahead and book it. If you’re in luck and have free cancellation, you can always do that and book a cheaper or better deal over time. 

With vehicle hire, it is always a better option to book in advance than wait until the last minute to do so.

What Happens When You Book Late? 

If you intend on taking a trip during less busy times or have a flexible travel plan, booking late may not be an issue. But lack of cars available for your rental date can slow down your plans. If you will be traveling in small groups or alone, booking late is okay. It is important to note that prices can rise within 48 hours so while you book late, avoid booking a vehicle at the very last minute.

Booking late may allow you to compare prices and choose the cheapest or best deals available, rather than being stuck with whatever is available on last-minute arrival.

What To Do When Prices Go Down After Booking Early

Before finalizing any booking arrangements for vehicle hire, you should be sure to go through the rental company’s terms and conditions. This will help determine what happens in a scenario where prices drop after the booking is complete.

Vehicle hire terms and conditions differ but most times, rental company’s offer free cancellation. So, if you find a lower price or better deal after booking a vehicle hire, you can easily cancel and rebook if the terms and conditions are favorable.

Are You Looking To Hire A Vehicle In West Auckland?

Auckland Vehicle Rentals provides competitive pricing, a wide range of vehicles, and provides vehicles that fit your budget. Call us today to book your vehicle hire!