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Driving a truck rental is probably the most affordable and flexible way to transport your items or belongings from one place to another. Before settling on what rental company to use when you want to get a truck hire in Auckland, the following will give you insight on why driving a truck rental yourself can be beneficial.

It is cheaper and stress-free

One of the best things about driving a truck is that it saves you money and the stress of having to load heavy items in your car or having to borrow someone else’s vehicle to move. Driving a truck hire yourself to is the best worry-free way to ensure a safe and secure move of all your valuable items. 

If you would like to hire a truck for your next move in Auckland, it’s noteworthy to know that with Auckland Vehicle Rentals you are guaranteed a free mileage for the first 100 kilometers when you hire a truck with us.

Rental terms for truck hire is flexible and convenient

Sometimes, you might need a truck for more than a day. In situations like that, it is great to know that you can enjoy the level of flexibility that comes with truck rental. The flexibility of truck rentals, however, depends on your agreement with the rental company. Your rental terms allow you to use a truck rental for as long as you need to. 

Driving a truck rental yourself also means all your special needs and requirements for the trip are made available by the rental company at your request. This is great for your convenience.

You don’t have to worry about a breakdown

Renting a truck from a reliable and reputable company means that the vehicles are properly and frequently serviced. This means that you don’t have to worry about your truck breaking down in the middle of nowhere because of a malfunction. Regularly serviced trucks mean fewer car-related issues for your trip and thankfully, most rental companies provide insurance for their trucks as well as provide emergency roadside assistance.

You have more vehicle options

With the truck hire, you have access to several vehicle options when you need to use them. This means that if you are familiar with a specific truck brand or have a preferred brand, you’re in luck. Most truck rental companies have a variety of truck models with different capacities that you can choose from.

Truck rental allows you to choose the best truck options that suit your preference and special requirements.27

If you ever consider getting a truck rental in Auckland, the following information above is some of the advantages to stand to benefit from. Driving a rental truck yourself is a more convenient, flexible, and affordable way to move your items from one place to another.

One of the concerns people have about hiring a van rental is whether or not the car rental company can track where they drive to. This thought comes either as a result of safety or caution on the client’s end. 

For car rental companies that track where vehicles go, it is usually because they are looking out to protect their investment alongside signed contracts and insurance.

Why would a rental company track your van rental?

It is essential to understand that not all rental companies track your van rental. When you hire a cargo van that is being tracked, it is not because the company wants to know where you are going. The tracking devices in a van rental are useful for situations of theft or emergencies on your trip. It can help them locate you easily and track down a stolen van rental.

However, most companies with tracking devices in their vehicles, have GPS to protect their investment and would always inform you before you sign their agreement.

Reasons why a company will not track a van rental

Although tracking van rentals is a way of protecting company investment, not every company adds tracking devices to their vehicles. This is because tracking devices are expensive— especially if a rental company owns a large fleet of vehicles. It would cost a lot of money to install and maintain. 

Having tracking devices in van rentals can also lead to rising rental prices which can result in rental companies losing clients or driving them to their competitors.

What is the benefit of tracking your rental van?

Installing tracking devices in van rentals can be beneficial to both the driver and the rental company.

Although the rental company does not care what you are transporting and where you drive to, they would like to keep an eye out for illegal activities and unlawful use of their vans. This also means that tracking devices can help them avoid being implicated in a crime or illicit situation.

A tracking device in a cargo van rental can help the company easily recover stolen or missing vehicles and save the company from financial drawbacks.

Lastly, tracking devices can make the driver feel more safe and secure in case of accidents or emergencies. Imagine for a second that your cargo van stops in the middle of nowhere? Tracking devices take out the worry of not being found because these devices provide the company with accurate location information for assistance. Some GPS tracking devices even signal the rental companies in the event of an accident with SOS buttons or automated alerts.

The next time you hire a cargo van, feel free to ask if they include GPS tracking devices in their vehicles if you have any concerns before signing an agreement but remember that they are fitted in the van to protect you and the company’s investments.

Moving into a new home can come with great expenses which is why van hire is always an option to consider. With so much to be done when you are planning a move, if you are unable to handle everything carefully with a proper organizing system, moving can be a far more overwhelming and stressful process. 

One of the good things about self-moving is that it lets you take care of your belongings in the best way possible—instead of having to deal with the carelessness and accidents movers tend to cause during a move. 

Whether you need a van to move or transfer your belongings from one location to another, Auckland Vehicle Rentals is ready to provide you with quality cargo van hires and rentals for your move. 

Whatever the reason for your move is, you should consider hiring your cargo van from us. Our fleet is affordable, well maintained, and most importantly very safe for your use. We have two different models of moving vans for you to choose from which are the high top and the low top.

The high-top moving van has approximately 7.5 cubic meters of cargo/storage space with a side opening and a back door for easy storage of your belongings. 

The low-top moving van has approximately 6 cubic meters of cargo/storage space. Similar to the high top, it also has a back door and side door for easy loading, entrance, and exit. 

These van rentals have automatic transmissions and are available from 2003 models or newer. The price for short-term rentals is $120 per day. 

Cargo van rentals are not only a cost-effective way to move, but they also make your self-moving process stress-free because you can easily get things done at your own pace without any rush compared to when you hire professional movers.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we are reliable and trustworthy. We offer the best services with the help of our friendly team who are always available to attend to all your questions and concerns. We also provide you with affordable prices on van rentals and offer you services that you know you can trust.

If you ever need a cheap cargo van hire in Auckland, you can contact us today.

Are you looking to spend quality family bonding time this year? 

Comfort is a huge factor to consider when taking road trips, especially with kids. The last thing you want on a trip is uncomfortable kids in a confined space, so you have to ensure you use the right vehicle for the trip.

If you don’t own a minivan, you can get a 10 seater van hire. They are spacious, have great extra storage spaces, and come with extra accessories on demand that can make the trip enjoyable for the whole family. 

Instead of using your family car to take a road trip with the family, a 10 seater hire is perfect for your next family road trip because of the following reasons:

  1. A van hire saves cost on gas, maintenance, and wear and tear.
  2. It creates space for the family and your luggage. You can say goodbye to using separate trailers for your luggage.
  3. It is a great way to keep the family together and spend more time bonding and having fun.
  4. It provides more legroom for the family which is a great way to avoid temper tantrums. The extra legroom provides everyone with enough space for themselves.
  5. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, our 10 seater van hire can be booked with extra accessories like child seats and GPS units. These accessories aid in making the trip go smoother.
  6. Van hire is an effective and affordable way to take family trips.
  7. Using a 10 seater van hire will allow you to fully experience the scenery during the trip compared to a plane that has beautiful but limited scenery.

Family trips are fun and exciting for creating memories and enjoying life experiences together as a family. As you work out the details for your next family trip, you should include a 10 seater van hire, you won’t regret it.

To book a 10 seater van hire in Auckland or make inquiries about a quote, contact us at Auckland Vehicle Rentals.