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A truck for hire is necessary when you need to move into a new house or shift large items. It is advisable to also have the right vehicle for the job, otherwise you can end up wasting precious time if you hire the wrong vehicle. 

This article will provide insights into everything you need to know about truck hire in Auckland. We believe you will find this information useful so let’s dive right in.

Know how much furniture you have.

You never know how much furniture and belongings you have until it’s time to move. When you are taking account of all your belongings, be sure you have everything accounted for before deciding on the truck to hire. 

In Auckland, the size or amount of items that you need to shift is a primary factor when determining hiring the correct truck. It is advisable to check the dimensions of the boxes and/or items that you are moving and match them to the dimensions of the truck you might need to hire. 

What size of truck to hire.

Once you know how much you have to pack, you can then decide the type of truck you would hire. Your moving checklist will determine the truck you hire based on the box sizes and furniture, but we advise that you hire a truck that is bigger than the calculated size to avoid unnecessary repeated trips. This will save you time and money.

Compare services and prices.

Before hiring a truck, we suggest you do a little research and not jump on the first deal you see.

Take your time to compare the prices and quality of service (this can be done by reading reviews) between truck rental companies in Auckland. The process helps you discover the best rates for moving and keeps you in line with your budget.

Once you are satisfied with the price and service, be sure to book ahead! Don’t wait to hire a rental truck on a moving day because the truck you want may not be available.

Insurance, terms of service, and other agreements.

This bit is an important part of any truck hire in Auckland. Make sure you know what each agreement covers for the period of hire. Find out if there is coverage on accidental damage to your possessions and the hire truck.

Knowing the necessary information will let you know what you will be responsible for in the case of any damage. Before signing any agreements, you need to understand your exposure.

Be safe when driving the truck.

Ensure that you drive the truck safely to avoid accidents or damage. 

Be cautious when driving a truck, take all the necessary precautions like adjusting mirrors, obeying speed limits and traffic laws, etc.

For any further information on hiring a truck in Auckland, contact us.

When you’re moving house on a budget, or just shifting a single large item, a truck for hire is indispensable. The right vehicle at the right price can save the day, and of course the wrong one can cost more than anticipated in dollars, effort, and time.

Here are our top tips for finding the right truck for hire in Auckland.

Wise to Upsize?

The cost of any truck for hire in Auckland is primarily based on the box size. Committing to a bigger truck than you need means that you could be paying more than necessary, while mistakenly hiring a smaller one will cost you in extra trips, mileage, fuel, and general stress! Always check the box measurements when choosing a truck for hire, and try to mentally pack your belongings into that space. Allow lots of extra space for all the small things you forgot to load in your virtual truck, and don’t forget the shed and garage. If you’re moving locally in Auckland then unforeseen extra trips may be fine, for greater distances it’s often wise to upsize – just in case.

Book Your Truck For Hire Early!

You want to move on a Saturday? Guess what – so do most people in Auckland. If moving during the week is feasible for you, then you may find that a broader range of trucks is available, and you’re more likely to get a truck for hire at short notice. Some companies occasionally offer mid-week discounts to make these days even more attractive. If a weekend if your only option, be sure to book your truck for hire well in advance.

Where Is The Truck For Hire?

It sounds silly, but in this age of online browsing and price comparisons some people book the first cheap truck for hire in Auckland that they see, only to realise that the pick up location is miles away. This usually results in extra fuel and mileage costs just to save a few dollars on the initial hire, not to mention the time wasted in Auckland traffic on a busy and stressful day. Double check whether the truck for hire will be available from a branch that is convenient to you, or if not, that the deal is still worth the extra travel.

Will Hidden Charges Offset A Cheap Quote?

One of the reasons it’s hard to compare quotes for a truck for hire in Auckland is that your final cost is usually made up of at least two factors: the hire cost, and the mileage rate. Some companies advertise VERY low hire prices in VERY large print, offset this with a high mileage fee, so it’s critical that you take a moment to calculate the cost of your estimated distance. Remember too, that trucks for hire are classed as commercial vehicles, and so many companies will also add GST on to all their quoted figures. It’s worth mentioning that a truck for hire from Auckland Vehicle Rentals comes with 100 free kms included in their already sharp prices, and GST is included too. Kilometre rates for longer distances are also cheaper than many other operators.

Spend It Where It Counts

Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars if it saves you extra work, risk, or cost down the track. In a pressure cooker situation such as a house move, this has never been more relevant.

Tail Lifts: The single greatest invention for the amateur furniture mover, this feature can transform loading appliances, workshop equipment, and hefty furniture into a single-handed operation. It can also be set halfway up and used as a large step, saving you and your crew the hassle of climbing in and out of the truck all day. Not surprisingly, a tail lift truck for hire is always in demand – book early if this feature is on your wish list.

Trollies, furniture blankets, and straps: These small and inexpensive accessories can really help your move go smoothly. And again, if they’re critical to you it’s worth confirming that they can be added to your booking. The quantity and style of blankets, straps and trollies can also vary greatly between Auckland rental companies, so this is worth clarifying too.

Insurance: Like rental cars, a truck for hire in Auckland usually includes only the most basic insurance cover, and the hirer may need to accept responsibility for a much higher excess than their private motor vehicle insurance policy. Check out the options for reducing this excess, the extra cost is usually very reasonable. That way you can move on quickly and affordably from any mishap.

If you need a truck for hire in Auckland, contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals for an all-inclusive quote.