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If you are thinking of new ways to spend time with family and friends, make new memories, and save money while at it, then you should consider a van rental for your next holiday trip.

Van rental is always a great idea for several reasons, some of which include:

It is cost-effective

Although catching a flight for your next holiday trip may seem like a faster and easier way to arrive at your destination, they are way more expensive than when you rent an 8 or 10 seater van.

If you want to save money on your next holiday, you should consider driving instead of flying this holiday. It is an affordable way to create unexpected memories and enjoy new bonding experiences with your family. We have just what you need for your trip at Auckland Vehicle Rentals, contact us today 

Your trips are more flexible 

Planning trips can be overwhelming especially with kids. The last thing you want when taking a trip is to be unable to carry certain items because of luggage restrictions. With road trips, you have the freedom to take whatever you need for your trip without having to deal with any restrictions.

When it comes to using a budget van rental, you also have the flexibility on your schedule and activities for the trip. Van rentals allow you to enjoy the luxury of having everything you need throughout the trip without having to downsize. Another reason to hire a van is that you can have more people and even your pets tag along for the fun.

It allows you to enjoy the scenery

Driving lets you enjoy the view and take in the scenery throughout the trip. This also allows you to enjoy walks, picnics, sightseeing, camping and a bunch of other outdoor activities as long as it’s safe and does not interrupt your trip schedule.

Auckland Vehicle Rentals offer car rentals and van hires. If you are planning a trip within Auckland, contact us today for the best deals.

Planning trips with family or friends can be an exciting part of the holiday season. Laughter, camaraderie, and creating unforgettable memories usually come with taking road trips. If you haven’t considered this yet, you should consider exploring Auckland with a minibus rental.

Next time you are planning a trip, you can opt for a minibus hire instead of moving in a convoy with different cars which is more expensive and not as exciting because the group gets split up.

Not sure what the advantages of exploring the streets of Auckland in a minibus rental are? 

The following are a few of the many advantages that come with a minibus hire:

You can all enjoy mutual interaction and still enjoy your own space

Using a mini bus rental for taking trips with family and close friends is an ideal way to enjoy exploring a city or town. While using your car for a group trip is not a bad option, when there are too many people in a vehicle, things can get uncomfortable quickly. From the excessive noise to brewing tension, the trip can get overwhelming in no time especially when it is a long trip.

To avoid situations like this, using a minibus hire is perfect for traveling in small groups. A minibus rental provides enough space for the group while allowing everyone to interact with each other comfortably. Minibuses have enough space for small groups and can fit eight to twelve people perfectly.

Less waiting periods on your tours

When taking a bus tour with a large group there are longer waiting periods for people to get back to the bus, use the bathroom, stop to eat, and see the sights and attractions. This can be frustrating or exhausting if you take a short trip over the weekend. It can feel like a waste of time when you are slowed down by other people.

Taking a minibus hire with just family or close friends allows you to enjoy the trip better and have little or no waiting periods because you can control where you go, how many stops are made, and what you will see. 

The views are much better

Because minibuses are smaller than large tour buses, it’s easy to enjoy the views on the trip better. In a minibus, you can comfortably take in the scenery of the trip without having to stretch or look over/past people’s heads to see the attractions.

A minibus rental is convenient, spacious, and ideal for sightseeing. You are guaranteed to enjoy a better experience with a minibus hire.

It allows for flexibility

Taking a trip on a coach or tour bus does not allow for flexibility. Tour buses usually have a strict itinerary or schedule you have to follow through and while this may be great in some cases, it doesn’t allow for personal detours.

Exploring with family and close friends with a minibus rental allows you to enjoy the pleasure of flexibility. You can choose where you want to go, and see what you want to see without missing out or rushing through places to save time. The group gets to experience the freedom of deciding what they want to explore on the trip.

Trips with family or close friends can be exciting, fun-filled, and memorable with a minibus hire. Minibus rentals allow you to curate an enjoyable experience for the group.

When you need to book a trip for a group, Auckland Vehicles is the best choice. Call us today for a quote.

Renting a minibus for road trips or to visit family, friends, and even to attend a work function is a fantastic idea to reduce travel costs.

Whatever the function, road trips have a way of opening people up to new experiences, and what better way to explore the beauty of Auckland than hiring a minibus from us? 

Are you planning a trip with your family/friends or a retreat with colleagues at work? 

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals we provide you with three minibus rental options that are suitable for your preference. Our minibus rental services have something for everybody. 


This minibus type is a great option for day trips, fishing trips, or camping. With 10 to 11 seaters, they are perfect for customers who travel light and want something affordable. 

Driving the 10 seater minibus is easy to navigate because it has a standard automatic transmission. 

If you are concerned about being cooped in a minibus up for a while without enough storage space, don’t worry the rental provides space for 10 passengers with a seat in the center front as the 11th. It also has windows all round.

This rental minibus has single air conditioning that provides a comfortable environment for all passengers. These minibuses has limited storage capacity at the rear.


The standard rental minibus is a 12 seater and a top pick in Auckland. These mini buses are comfortable, spacious and the most ideal for any trip.

Not everyone has a 12 seater minibus just parked in the garage ready to go at any time but that’s okay because we offer the best minibus hire service in Auckland. If you need a vehicle that would be perfect for school trips, sports teams, or long family road trips, this standard minibus is just what you need. 

The 12 seater minibus has some great features like the bench-style seats with a mix of three-point and lap belts, enough room for both your legs and bags (especially for the adults), automatic transmissions that make operating the van easier for the driver, and of course, single air conditioning. 


If you are looking to hire a premium minibus in Auckland, our 12 seater rental is the newest of all the other types of buses, and has significant features that stand out.

This minibus has a 3-liter turbo-diesel powerplant which means it consumes less fuel, has a cheaper pump price, and produces fewer emissions. When using this van you don’t have to worry about the stress of reversing because our premium mini buses have a backing camera that makes the process easier.

Whether you’re taking a trip on a hot day or a chilly morning, the dual air conditioning/heating is available to guarantee comfort all the way. The minibus has Bluetooth stereos that keep the group entertained.

Enjoy your own space with the full heights seats that come separately for each passenger with three-point seat belts and a luggage barrier for safety. Although this is our most expensive minibus hire, it saves costs the further you travel.

This minibus is suitable for business trips or social occasions.

Trying to decide what rental minibus to choose for your next road trip within Auckland? 

Contact us today!


Are you a resident of North Shore looking for the best truck rental service available to cater to your needs? Look no more because our services are available to you seven days a week. 

Moving is a big step and can be stressful. Remove as much stress as possible by hiring from a company that cares and has quality vehicles…you are in safe hands with us.

If you are planning to rent a truck to move items or make deliveries, we provide hiring services that get the job done without complications. Hiring from us gives you access to benefits that make your moving process go as smooth as anticipated.

Our services include 24-hour roadside assistance which is available for all vehicles and customers enjoy unlimited kilometers on all car and minibus rentals. In the case of renting our trucks or cargo vans, you get the first 100 km for free. 

Are you concerned about the safety of your personal vehicle during a truck rental? You have the option of parking your car in our secure yard while you are renting one of our trucks.

With a variety of vehicles, we provide you with vehicle options that suit your needs. 

The 2-tonne rental trucks come with or without certain features like a hydraulic tail lift, Luton box, or ramp – this depends on the truck rental in mind (please note that the hire price varies). 

We also have the 3- tonne rental trucks which come with a hydraulic lift as well and if you want something smaller to get the job done, furniture moving vans are also available.

Some of our other truck rental points include; no hidden costs on a rental, comprehensive insurance on every hire, and all quotes that include GST. 

If you are in North Shore looking for a truck rental that is stress-fee, affordable, and cares about you and your items, you can trust our services to deliver. Get in touch with our friendly team today.