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Planning trips with family or friends can be an exciting part of the holiday season. Laughter, camaraderie, and creating unforgettable memories usually come with taking road trips. If you haven’t considered this yet, you should consider exploring Auckland with a minibus rental.

Next time you are planning a trip, you can opt for a minibus hire instead of moving in a convoy with different cars which is more expensive and not as exciting because the group gets split up.

Not sure what the advantages of exploring the streets of Auckland in a minibus rental are? 

The following are a few of the many advantages that come with a minibus hire:

You can all enjoy mutual interaction and still enjoy your own space

Using a mini bus rental for taking trips with family and close friends is an ideal way to enjoy exploring a city or town. While using your car for a group trip is not a bad option, when there are too many people in a vehicle, things can get uncomfortable quickly. From the excessive noise to brewing tension, the trip can get overwhelming in no time especially when it is a long trip.

To avoid situations like this, using a minibus hire is perfect for traveling in small groups. A minibus rental provides enough space for the group while allowing everyone to interact with each other comfortably. Minibuses have enough space for small groups and can fit eight to twelve people perfectly.

Less waiting periods on your tours

When taking a bus tour with a large group there are longer waiting periods for people to get back to the bus, use the bathroom, stop to eat, and see the sights and attractions. This can be frustrating or exhausting if you take a short trip over the weekend. It can feel like a waste of time when you are slowed down by other people.

Taking a minibus hire with just family or close friends allows you to enjoy the trip better and have little or no waiting periods because you can control where you go, how many stops are made, and what you will see. 

The views are much better

Because minibuses are smaller than large tour buses, it’s easy to enjoy the views on the trip better. In a minibus, you can comfortably take in the scenery of the trip without having to stretch or look over/past people’s heads to see the attractions.

A minibus rental is convenient, spacious, and ideal for sightseeing. You are guaranteed to enjoy a better experience with a minibus hire.

It allows for flexibility

Taking a trip on a coach or tour bus does not allow for flexibility. Tour buses usually have a strict itinerary or schedule you have to follow through and while this may be great in some cases, it doesn’t allow for personal detours.

Exploring with family and close friends with a minibus rental allows you to enjoy the pleasure of flexibility. You can choose where you want to go, and see what you want to see without missing out or rushing through places to save time. The group gets to experience the freedom of deciding what they want to explore on the trip.

Trips with family or close friends can be exciting, fun-filled, and memorable with a minibus hire. Minibus rentals allow you to curate an enjoyable experience for the group.

When you need to book a trip for a group, Auckland Vehicles is the best choice. Call us today for a quote.

There are a few reasons why a 12 seater van hire is a great option to consider for a planned trip. Whether you are planning a retreat with colleagues or a holiday road trip with the family, there are various reasons why a 12 seater van rental in Auckland is an option to consider.

A 12 seater van hire is perfect for carrying around a group of people at the same time. The following are groups that can benefit from using a 12 seater van rental on a trip:

Companies and Businesses

Some companies go on office retreats, host or attend work conferences, and participate in other out of the office business-related events. In such cases, a 12 seater van hire is usually a go-to rental for such companies. A 12 seater van rental helps carry attendees to and fro from the meeting.

This van rental is comfortable and great for taking trips from one place to another, it also gives colleagues time to go over information and make decisions before arriving at their destination.

Film and tv production companies

When a movie, tv-series or documentary is being filmed, there is a lot of manpower involved. These companies usually hire a great number of people to bring their ideas to life and the 12 seater van hire is ideal when you need to shuttle crew from one set or location to another. 

With a 12 seater van rental, these companies can carry both actors and technicians behind the scene with their gear. Renting a 12 seater is also an economical way of transportation that will help save costs and keep your project on budget.

Sports teams and activities

Do you have big away games for your kid’s soccer team or are you and your friends going to see your favorite team out of town? A 12 seater is just what you need.

Likewise, when it comes to athletes, most sports teams shuffle between locations all through the season, from games to practice and it can be difficult transporting them in small groups. A 12 seater van hire is a good transportation option because you can get everyone together at the same time and eliminate the hassle of individual transportation.

Organisations and other events

Sometimes, when an organisation has a program or an event that requires attendees, they often rent out 12 seater buses to pick up individuals who can’t travel to the venue. These attendees could be elderly, very young, or unable to afford their transportation fare. The 12 seater is a convenient way to transport individuals to functions, outreaches, events, and other forms of gatherings.

Senior Homes

One of the greatest advantages of a van hire is that people can travel together and save time. Just like everyone, people who live in senior homes still enjoy going out, having fun, running errands, and even participating in certain activities. 

Sadly, not all of them who like to do these things can drive or move around due to reasons like poor eyesight, arthritis, or even dementia. Because these elderly people in senior living communities still want to go out and do things but can’t drive themselves safely, a 12 seater van hire allows them to go out together and get things done.

Various groups can benefit from a 12 seater van rental besides the ones listed above, if you are in Auckland and are planning a group trip, you can book a 12 seater van hire with us today!

Albany is one of the fastest-growing areas in the North Shore that is known for its retail and shopping zones. Because of this, the demand for van rentals in Albany is pretty high.

Auckland Vehicle Rentals has served as a reliable van rental service to the residents of Albany since 2011. Our vehicles are qualified and authorised to help you make that move or take that trip.

Whether you are moving to a new home, going on a trip with friends or family, or need assistance to move large or delicate items from one location to another, consider hiring a suitable van from Auckland Vehicle Rentals in Albany.

The following are our fleet of vans available for rental:

Cargo vans

Toyota Hiace Cargo van for hire

Cargo vans are cost-effective and ideal for rental when moving out of a house, running business deliveries, or relocating an item.

Our moving van services offer you two options which you can pick from. The first is the high top which is about 7.5 cubic meters of the cargo area and the low top which is about 6.5 cubic meters of cargo areas. Both of these cargo van rentals are suitable for moving light and fragile items from one place to another.

The cargo van options both have side and back door access, and automatic transmission for easy operation, and all our van rentals include standard insurance, GST, and 100 km of distance free.

If you are in Auckland looking for a van rental to make a trip across the region or within Albany, the cargo van is a perfect choice.


Van 12 Seater

If you like planning trips with the family, going to an occasion with a group of friends, or you have a business retreat with your colleagues from the office, our minivans are exactly what you need.

These types of van rentals also come in various sizes depending on the number of people going on the trip and what your needs are. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we provide you a range of options from an 8-seater people movers to 10 and 12- seater minivans.
The 8-seater is perfect for a short trip with the family while the 10 to 12- seaters are ideal for groups, businesses, schools, sports teams or organisations. If you are looking for something more spacious and comfortable for both the group and your baggage, we suggest you opt for the 12-seater minivan.

Our minivans are affordable, convenient, and are in top shape for trips and activities.

When next you plan on taking a trip within or outside Albany, know that Auckland Vehicle Rentals has you covered with van rentals. We are here to provide you with exceptional van rental services that will guarantee an effortless move or trip.

If you are reading this post, chances are you’re planning on hiring a rental truck in Auckland

The idea of moving can be as exciting as it is stressful for a lot of reasons. But with rental trucks in high demand in Auckland, the process can be a lot easier. On that note, we think it’ll be great to point out that the small car-license furniture trucks are usually the most ideal and versatile option for carrying out any moving challenge.

Wondering if renting a truck is your solution? This article will provide you with the benefits and advantages of hiring a rental truck. 

Moving In/Out.

Truck hire is extremely helpful for the process of moving in/out of a new home or just moving a large item. Hiring a truck saves you time and cost and allows you to rely on your schedule without having to work with a third-party. 

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself and a flexible moving option in Auckland, then hiring a rental truck is the solution.

Helps Meet Immediate Needs.

With or without the help of a professional, rental trucks can be useful in helping you meet immediate needs. 

They can be useful for transporting gardening commodities, donating excess items in your home to charity, or getting rid of trash after a day of cleaning out your workshop. Rental trucks in Auckland are safe, useful, and reliable for carrying out immediate needs especially in the case of fragile items.

Suitable for Long/Short Distances.

When you’re moving out of a house, there might be an occasional back and forth shuffle with certain items. Rental trucks are a swift and convenient way to get this done.

If you have a rented storage unit in Auckland, you can save the time and energy of repeated trips by using a rental truck to move between the storage space and your home.

Pickups Made Easier.

Occasionally, you might buy large items at an auction or shop for items through retail stores that require a pick-up only option. Using rental trucks plays an important role here because the vehicles are easy to finesse, suitable for any weather, safe, and reliable for delivery. 

When next you have to pick up large or heavy items for your home or business, hire a rental truck!

Rental Trucks Come In Handy.

As a business owner in Auckland, there might be times when you need to hire a rental truck to help you make deliveries to customers. When your company’s van is damaged or needs servicing, you don’t have to wait for the vehicle to get fixed before going back to business as usual. 

Truck rentals can come in handy to your business and help in making deliveries despite potential transporting setbacks. Plus, the longer you rent out a truck, the more discount on prices.

Versatile and Portable.

Rental trucks are practical and effective to use at a construction worksite or trade fair because they can provide you with a secure workspace or pop-up store. Unlike the conventional work caravan, these trucks are movable and make it easy for you to stock up when you run low on supplies.

No Storage Challenges.

Occasionally you may need to declutter your home for various reasons. The reason could be that you have guests coming over for the weekend or maybe you have to show your home for an open house or inspection. 

Rental trucks can serve as a quick way to get items to the dump or at a pinch even be used as a temporary storage space where you can keep excess or untidy items you own out of sight.

Whatever you need a rental truck for, Auckland Vehicle Rentals has got you covered!