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Furniture vans are super helpful when moving house, relocating items, or business deliveries. Moving vans are cost-effective and are also useful for moving boxes or items. Do you need to rent a furniture van for a trip across Auckland or within the country? We have vans that are capable of getting the job done.


Van 12 Seater

The hightop moving van is approximately 7 cubic meter cargo area, has an automatic transmission with back and side doors. 

The cost of hire is $120 per day*


Toyota Hiace Cargo van for hire

The low top moving van is slightly different from the high top. It is approximately 6 cubic meters cargo area, has back and side doors, and comes with both manual and automatic transmissions.

The cost of hire is also $120 per day*

If you are still wondering why you should choose a furniture van, we’ve come up with a few good reasons!

  • They are useful for relocations: usually, an overwhelming feeling comes with relocations. Figuring out how to transport fragile and valuable items can cause worry especially when you don’t want these items put in a large truck full of furniture and other large items. A furniture van can help ease your concern and guarantee control on how these items are handled during transit. 
  • They are great for self-moving: moving can be hectic which is why people hire professionals to get it done. These professionals work with the time and may try to rush the process of getting things done. When you hire a furniture van for self-move, you are in charge of packing the items. This gives you time to articulate and sort out items to load and unload at your own pace.
  • They are useful for businesses: if you have a business that requires carrying extra luggage from one location to another, these vans are cost-effective and practical to get the job done. They can also be used to deliver items to customers, transport goods ordered from retail stores or items acquired at an exhibition.
  • They can be used for holidays and trips: our vans are great for trips with the family, friends, or colleagues. Instead of squeezing all the gear into the family car or a trailer, you can hire a van. Fit bikes, surfboards, a bbq…all manner of gear for your camping or bach excursion.

Next time you are looking to transport items, self-move, or take a trip remember you can always hire a van to get the job done! 

*please note prices are subject to change…please check out the moving van category for up to date pricing.


Mini Buses are essential for trips. Whether it’s a trip with the family, a school trip, a work function, or a sports team game, mini buses are useful and cost-effective. 

When planning a trip, it is easier to rent a minibus for the group instead of shuffling to make arrangements for different cars and following each other from location to location with hopes that one car does not lose its way.  Hiring a minibus is a convenient and reliable way to have the travel group together.

Renting a minibus in Auckland is not only a simple process, it also allows you to select amenities that would support the needs of whoever is in the group. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we know the ups and downs our customers have faced while renting a minibus which is why we are sharing insider tips with you to ensure you make the most of the trip. 


To some customers, driving a minibus rental may seem like they are driving an unfamiliar vehicle. Put aside all distractions before you begin a trip, as the saying goes, safety first. 

So what do you do? Take it easy with your driving, avoid engaging in distracting behavior while travelling and utilize all driving signals. When there are distractions, you are at a slightly higher risk of an accident. 

Other key things that can help are: 1. keep your phone out of sight, and 2. ensure your passengers respect your ability to safely focus while driving.


Be cautious of the vehicle’s features when you drive. Before starting the trip, get familiar with the minibus features because when you understand them, you can handle the vehicle with caution.

Adjust the mirrors to your best view to minimise blind spots and pay attention to the mirrors throughout the trip. Well-adjusted mirrors help you navigate around posts, gates, and even other vehicles. When it comes to parking the minibus, always take note of obstacles that make a spot unsuitable for parking.


This act requires a certain finesse to it. When you hire a minibus, it’s vital to keep safety in mind and avoid any collusion. Poor reversing visibility can cause an accident that can easily be avoided if the right precautions are taken.

The following are a few things to consider before reversing:

  • Make sure the rearview mirrors are clean and well-adjusted.
  • Avoid reversing over a long distance.
  • Keep an eye out for obstacles.
  • Do not reverse from a minor road to a major road.
  • Reverse slowly and check your mirrors on both sides.


You can also ask someone to guide you when you’re reversing. (Note: All our Premium 12 seater minibuses come with a backing camera to make reversing a lot easier.)


Driving a minibus rental is a great responsibility for a lot of reasons. You can have a safe and smooth trip when you are responsible for the wheels. 

Fully loaded minibus rentals are quite heavy and their weight impacts momentum so slow down when braking or turning. Always drive carefully at a safe speed especially when there is traffic and sharp turns. Ensure you keep a distance from the car in front of you, especially large vehicles because it takes them longer to come to a stop.

New Zealand is known for its volcanic terrain and every so often, you’re likely to find yourself traveling up and down hills or mountain ranges when driving between main cities or towns. So, take it easy on the brakes and give them time to cool off.

Do you still have questions about minibus rentals in Auckland? Contact us for more information

The use of truck rental to transport furniture or a large item from one location to another is essential.

Being able to move on a budget is always a win-win situation. But how can you ensure that you are not going above your budget? You can do this by choosing a rental company that provides vehicles and services at an affordable price. 

Here are steps to choosing a furniture truck for hire:


A little research goes a long way. Instead of rushing into a booking, go the extra mile, and find options. You can do this by finding companies online or talking to family and friends for referrals. Once you have found the company that meets your requirements, always book ahead! 

Being proactive by booking ahead is always a great idea because you are going to have a broader range of truck options than booking on short notice. Depending on the company you decide to hire, this step can save cost (you can get a discount).


3 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

Before you hire a furniture truck, understanding the size of truck you need is essential, the last thing you want is to hire a furniture truck that is too small for your items.

In Auckland, the cost of your hire is determined by the size of your boxes. Not knowing the size of items before hiring a truck can cost you mileage, extra trips, and energy. When next you are looking to rent a furniture truck, keep in mind that size always matters.


The pickup location of the furniture truck hire is an important aspect to consider before hiring. Don’t just settle for the cheapest truck for hire seen online, this seems tempting but it’s not worth the stress. Thanks to the internet it’s easy to find a location before booking is much easier. There is nothing more stressful than booking a rental truck and realizing the pickup location is far away. If you are in Auckland, finding a vehicle rental that is close to you will save cost, fuel, and time.


Making extra payment for additional accessories when hiring a furniture truck can save time and enhance the convenience of moving. Loading items can be made easier with these specific features, for example, tail lifts are incredible and functional accessories that ease the struggle of lifting large objects. Some other extra costs to consider are insurance, hand trollies, furniture blankets, and moving straps.

If you are looking to hire a furniture truck in Auckland, call us today and request a quote!

Albany is a fast-growing shopping and retail zone in the northern suburbs of Auckland. It’s no surprise that truck rentals are in high demand. 

If you are in Albany and you plan on moving to a new home or need some extra help moving hefty items, Auckland Vehicle Rentals’ services are available to you. Our locally owned business has provided truck rental services to residents over the years, and we are equipped with perfect vehicles for your move. 

Our available fleet of trucks include the following:


This rental truck has a box body of 10 cubic meters and has an automatic transmission which makes driving the vehicle easy. While you can hire a 2-tonne truck without additional features, we give you an option that comes with a hydraulic lift (at a slightly higher price that is).

The 2-tonne truck is also available with a 12 cubic meter box size if you are looking for something larger. This Luton box version comes with a handy pullout loading ramp

All the types of 2-tonne trucks come with reversing cameras and can be driven with a car license.


This truck has a box body of approximately 20 cubic meters and is perfect for moving large items. They come in automatic transmission with reversing cameras, and all 3-tonne trucks are equipped with hydraulic tail lifts. 

If you are concerned about what type of license can be used to hire this rental truck, no worries – all you need is a car license, and you’re good to go!


Toyota Hiace Cargo van for hire

When hiring a moving van, our services provide you with two alternatives to choose from, the high top (7 cubic meters cargo area) and the low top (6 cubic meters cargo area).

They both have side and back doors and automatic transmission.

These vans are great for moving lighter household items.

All our truck and moving van rentals include 100 km of distance free, standard insurance, and GST. We focus on providing you with excellent services to make sure you have an effortless move. 

Please note that prices and offers may change…so do check the vehicle pages on our website for up to date offers and pricing. 

North Harbour is a fast-expanding suburb that is located in the northern part of the city of Auckland. With a continuous increase of residents and businesses populating this area, the need for affordable truck rentals is rising.

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals, we offer specialized rental services available for every customer at the right price. With almost 20 years of experience, we have provided affordable rental services to residents and the local market of the North Harbour region. 

If you are looking to hire a truck in North Harbor, we have a fleet of rental trucks that are cost-friendly and available in different sizes. Each vehicle is car license-sized, terrific for do-it-yourself moves, and great for transporting large items. Our trucks are all automatic transmission and come with reverse cameras. The following trucks are available for rental:


2 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

These trucks are approximately 10 cubics with a box size of 3.1L x 1.8W x 1.9H meters. The vehicle has an automatic transmission and comes with reversing cameras. Rental package includes standard insurance. You can rent this truck with only your car license.

The hire price is $150 for 24 hours and includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


2 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

This truck just like the one above is 10 cubic meters but comes with a tail lift option for easy carriage of items in and out of the vehicle. Having the same features as the 2 tonnes rental truck without the tail lift, it also comes with standard insurance.

The hire price is $185 for 24 hours and includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


2 tonne furniture truck with ramp for hire

This truck is approximately 12 cubic meters with a box size of 3.1L x 1.9W x 1.9H meters. It comes with extra storage space over the cab and has a pull-out ramp for loading items.

It also has an automatic transmission, reversing cameras, and requires only a car license for hire.

The hire price is $150 for 24 hours and it also includes up to 100 km of free travel.*


3 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hire

This truck is approximately 20 cubic meters with a box size of 4.5L x 2.08W x 2.16H. Like all our rental trucks, these come with automatic transmission. It requires only a car license to hire, has a hydraulic tail lift and reversing camera.

The hire price is $215 for 24 hours and also includes standard insurance and GST, and up to 100 km of free travel.*

In addition to rental trucks, our services also include mini rentals, car hire, and cargo van rental to customers in North Harbour at affordable prices. We are confident that our services will be useful to you.

To find more about rental vehicles in Auckland, contact us.

*Please note – pricing is subject to change…check out our vehicle pages for most recent pricing.