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So you’re thinking about going on vacation with your friends? You’re going to need a ride that’s affordable and big enough to accommodate the entire group. Cheap van hire in Auckland is your solution. Here’s how to get started:

Prioritise Your Needs 

What’s the most important reason for needing a van? It must be affordable, and it must have enough space to accommodate everyone going on the trip. You can also get other features in van rentals, such as DVD players. However, storage, enough room for a comfortable ride, and fuel efficiency are more important than your entertainment options. Once you know what you need, the search is narrowed down to more viable options.

Count Your Group 

How many people who are travelling with you is a significant consideration. You need to have a clear idea of how many people are joining you so that you can get a van rental of the perfect size. Make sure that everyone commits to the trip, and can pay their share of the split costs. Once you know how many people are coming along, you can look for vans that have from 8 to 15 seats available.

Account For Storage 

The van you choose should have enough space to keep everyone comfortable, but is there enough storage space for luggage, camping equipment, and more? You can also hire a luggage trailer to tow behind the vehicle, but you should be comfortable with towing before you sign for it on the agreement.

Set A Budget 

With the vehicle you’d most likely need in mind, you can start setting a budget. The budget should be split between each person so that it’s more affordable for everyone. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can spend, you can start looking for cheap van hire in Auckland that fits what you can comfortably pay.

Do Your Research 

If you’ve never hired a cheap van in Auckland before, you might want to do some research. Make sure that you’re hiring from a reputable rental company with a clean track record. Have more than one rental company to choose from, and read online reviews for past customers experiences.

Going on a trip with a group could build some fond memories of your time together, but it could also be a nightmare if you go about it incorrectly. Follow this guide on how to find the right cheap van hire in Auckland, and your trip will go off without a hitch.

When you’re moving house on a budget, or just shifting a single large item, a truck for hire is indispensable. The right vehicle at the right price can save the day, and of course the wrong one can cost more than anticipated in dollars, effort, and time.

Here are our top tips for finding the right truck for hire in Auckland.

Wise to Upsize?

The cost of any truck for hire in Auckland is primarily based on the box size. Committing to a bigger truck than you need means that you could be paying more than necessary, while mistakenly hiring a smaller one will cost you in extra trips, mileage, fuel, and general stress! Always check the box measurements when choosing a truck for hire, and try to mentally pack your belongings into that space. Allow lots of extra space for all the small things you forgot to load in your virtual truck, and don’t forget the shed and garage. If you’re moving locally in Auckland then unforeseen extra trips may be fine, for greater distances it’s often wise to upsize – just in case.

Book Your Truck For Hire Early!

You want to move on a Saturday? Guess what – so do most people in Auckland. If moving during the week is feasible for you, then you may find that a broader range of trucks is available, and you’re more likely to get a truck for hire at short notice. Some companies occasionally offer mid-week discounts to make these days even more attractive. If a weekend if your only option, be sure to book your truck for hire well in advance.

Where Is The Truck For Hire?

It sounds silly, but in this age of online browsing and price comparisons some people book the first cheap truck for hire in Auckland that they see, only to realise that the pick up location is miles away. This usually results in extra fuel and mileage costs just to save a few dollars on the initial hire, not to mention the time wasted in Auckland traffic on a busy and stressful day. Double check whether the truck for hire will be available from a branch that is convenient to you, or if not, that the deal is still worth the extra travel.

Will Hidden Charges Offset A Cheap Quote?

One of the reasons it’s hard to compare quotes for a truck for hire in Auckland is that your final cost is usually made up of at least two factors: the hire cost, and the mileage rate. Some companies advertise VERY low hire prices in VERY large print, offset this with a high mileage fee, so it’s critical that you take a moment to calculate the cost of your estimated distance. Remember too, that trucks for hire are classed as commercial vehicles, and so many companies will also add GST on to all their quoted figures. It’s worth mentioning that a truck for hire from Auckland Vehicle Rentals comes with 100 free kms included in their already sharp prices, and GST is included too. Kilometre rates for longer distances are also cheaper than many other operators.

Spend It Where It Counts

Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars if it saves you extra work, risk, or cost down the track. In a pressure cooker situation such as a house move, this has never been more relevant.

Tail Lifts: The single greatest invention for the amateur furniture mover, this feature can transform loading appliances, workshop equipment, and hefty furniture into a single-handed operation. It can also be set halfway up and used as a large step, saving you and your crew the hassle of climbing in and out of the truck all day. Not surprisingly, a tail lift truck for hire is always in demand – book early if this feature is on your wish list.

Trollies, furniture blankets, and straps: These small and inexpensive accessories can really help your move go smoothly. And again, if they’re critical to you it’s worth confirming that they can be added to your booking. The quantity and style of blankets, straps and trollies can also vary greatly between Auckland rental companies, so this is worth clarifying too.

Insurance: Like rental cars, a truck for hire in Auckland usually includes only the most basic insurance cover, and the hirer may need to accept responsibility for a much higher excess than their private motor vehicle insurance policy. Check out the options for reducing this excess, the extra cost is usually very reasonable. That way you can move on quickly and affordably from any mishap.

If you need a truck for hire in Auckland, contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals for an all-inclusive quote.

A long-term car rental is a convenient and inexpensive way of transporting yourself around without the risk and commitment of owning a car. The following are several benefits of long-term car rental.

Let’s Talk Costs

Unlike short-term car rentals (daily and weekly rentals), one of the biggest benefits of getting a rental car for a long time is it saves cost. Renting a car monthly or annually is cheaper than owning your car or renting a car for a short period.

With long-term car rentals, the prices are usually fixed based on your budget and contract with the rental company. With a fixed monthly cost, you stay prepared for payment when needed and have time to focus on developing other aspects of your livelihood without having to worry about car depreciation costs. Auckland Vehicle Rentals is here for you if you need a long-term car rental in and around Auckland.

Little Or No Paperwork

Renting a car long-term allows you to be free of all car documentation like maintenance, insurance, possible periodic inspections, taxes, etc. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of driving the car like it is yours without having to deal with revision or renewal of documentation. In a situation where the car you rent needs maintenance, the company gives a replacement car to use.

A Wide Range Of Vehicle Options

Another notable advantage of long-term car rental is you have an option of a wide range of car options. You can choose from any vehicle without any limit so long as it is within your budget of initial payment made. This means you can go for an 8 seater van, SUV, station wagon, compact, city cars, etc, to suit your needs and requirements.

Are You Considering Long-Term Car Rental?

If you are contemplating whether to not long term car rental is for you, you should consider the following statements:

  • It is a good option for you if you are not ready to have a car in your name just yet but still need something to move around.
  • It is for you if you like to change cars often.
  • It is for you if you would rather invest your money in other businesses and ventures instead of putting it into owning your car.

Do you fall for any other of the things written above? Then maybe a long-term car rental is for you!

If you are looking to hire a long-term car rental in Auckland, contact us today and get a quote.


A poor driving habit in summary is any driving practice that is unsafe for the road and damaging to your vehicle. You can be a good driver with bad driving habits and this can be dangerous as it disobeys road rules.

Do you fall under the category of good drivers with poor driving habits? If your answer is yes, here are a few tips on bad habits to avoid when driving a rental van.

Avoid Potholes

Drinking into potholes can be dangerous for several reasons. Driving into potholes can cause steering wheel misalignment, damage to the exhaust system, dented rim, and even popping your tire. Every city has potholes and it is important to avoid them while driving. Unfortunately, most people who drive large cars like SUVs, vans, and trucks usually drive over potholes because they believe their vehicles will not be damaged but they are wrong. 

Staying alert and avoiding potholes while you drive is an important thing to remember while driving.

Slow down instead of driving fast on speed bumps

Speed bumps are put on the road for a reason which is to regulate driving speed. This is particularly found in most residential areas or outside schools and hospitals. Driving fast over speed bumps can be damaging to the undercarriage of a car. You may think that driving a rental van will allow you to speed over speed bumps because they seem big enough but that’s not the case because they can still damage the vehicle which will lead to paying costly repair fees to the rental company.

Use the hand brake

Making sure you use it when you park the van rental. The hand brake ensures that your vehicle stays immobile while it is parked. Some people have a careless habit of not engaging this mechanism and if this is you, we encourage you to always put the car into parking gear when you turn off the vehicle. Avoid causing damage to the van rental by letting the car move forwards or backward down a road (especially slopes) because the parking wasn’t engaged as it ought to be.

Make sure you don’t drive on an almost empty tank

Driving on an empty tank is a risky thing to do when driving a vehicle let alone a rental van. This is because, besides the risk of running out of fuel, you can cause the car to overheat which is damaging to the vehicle.

When you drive a van rental, you should always drive safely and carefully to avoid causing damage to the vehicle. Cheap van rental is affordable when it is not damaged with poor driving habits.