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Cargo vans are super helpful when moving house, relocating items, or business deliveries. Moving vans are cost-effective and are also useful for moving boxes or items. Do you need to rent a cargo van for a trip across Auckland or within the country? We have vans that are capable of getting the job done.


The high top moving vaHigh Topn has approximately 7.5 cubic metres cargo capacity, has an automatic transmission with back and side doors. 

The cost of hire is $105 per day, including 100 free kilometres of travel*



Low Top

The low top moving van is a similar length and width to the high top, but has a lower roofline which is ideal for under cover parking access. It is approximately 6 cubic metres cargo area, and all have automatic transmission.


The cost of hire is also $105 per day, including 100 free kilometres of travel*

If you are still wondering why you should choose a cargo van, we’ve come up with a few good reasons!

  • They are useful for relocations: usually, an overwhelming feeling comes with relocations. Figuring out how to transport fragile and valuable items can cause worry especially when you don’t want these items put in a truck full of furniture and other large items. A cargo van can help ease your concern and guarantee control on how these items are handled during transit. 
  • They are great for self-moving: moving can be hectic which is why people hire professionals to get it done. These professionals work with the time and may try to rush the process of getting things done. When you hire a cargo van for self-move, you are in charge of packing the items. This gives you time to articulate and sort out items to load and unload at your own pace.
  • They are useful for businesses: if you have a business that requires carrying products from one location to another, these vans are a cost-effective and practical way to get the job done. They can also be used to deliver items to customers, transport goods ordered from retail stores or items acquired at an exhibition.
  • They can be used for holidays and trips: our vans are great for trips with the family, friends, or colleagues. Instead of squeezing all the gear into the family car or a trailer, you can hire a van. Fit bikes, surfboards, a bbq…all manner of gear for your camping or bach excursion.

Next time you are looking to transport items, self-move, or take a trip, remember you can always hire a van to get the job done! 

*please note prices are subject to change…please check out the moving van category for up to date pricing.

Renting a minibus for road trips or to visit family, friends, and even to attend a work function is a fantastic idea to reduce travel costs.

Whatever the function, road trips have a way of opening people up to new experiences, and what better way to explore the beauty of Auckland than hiring a minibus from us? 

Are you planning a trip with your family/friends or a retreat with colleagues at work? 

At Auckland Vehicle Rentals we provide you with three minibus rental options that are suitable for your preference. Our minibus rental services have something for everybody. 


This minibus type is a great option for day trips, fishing trips, or camping. With 10 to 11 seaters, they are perfect for customers who travel light and want something affordable. 

Driving the 10 seater minibus is easy to navigate because it has a standard automatic transmission. 

If you are concerned about being cooped in a minibus up for a while without enough storage space, don’t worry the rental provides space for 10 passengers with a seat in the center front as the 11th. It also has windows all round.

This rental minibus has single air conditioning that provides a comfortable environment for all passengers. These minibuses has limited storage capacity at the rear.


The standard rental minibus is a 12 seater and a top pick in Auckland. These mini buses are comfortable, spacious and the most ideal for any trip.

Not everyone has a 12 seater minibus just parked in the garage ready to go at any time but that’s okay because we offer the best minibus hire service in Auckland. If you need a vehicle that would be perfect for school trips, sports teams, or long family road trips, this standard minibus is just what you need. 

The 12 seater minibus has some great features like the bench-style seats with a mix of three-point and lap belts, enough room for both your legs and bags (especially for the adults), automatic transmissions that make operating the van easier for the driver, and of course, single air conditioning. 


If you are looking to hire a premium minibus in Auckland, our 12 seater rental is the newest of all the other types of buses, and has significant features that stand out.

This minibus has a 3-liter turbo-diesel powerplant which means it consumes less fuel, has a cheaper pump price, and produces fewer emissions. When using this van you don’t have to worry about the stress of reversing because our premium mini buses have a backing camera that makes the process easier.

Whether you’re taking a trip on a hot day or a chilly morning, the dual air conditioning/heating is available to guarantee comfort all the way. The minibus has Bluetooth stereos that keep the group entertained.

Enjoy your own space with the full heights seats that come separately for each passenger with three-point seat belts and a luggage barrier for safety. Although this is our most expensive minibus hire, it saves costs the further you travel.

This minibus is suitable for business trips or social occasions.

Trying to decide what rental minibus to choose for your next road trip within Auckland? 

Contact us today!


Have you ever wondered if you can use a restricted license to rent a vehicle in Auckland? Well, we can’t speak for every rental company because different rental companies have their policies.

Auckland Vehicle Rentals allow you to rent a vehicle with a restricted license as long as the license has not been suspended or revoked. If you have a license that has been canceled, suspended, revoked, or expired, you are not qualified to hire a car.

A New Zealand learner’s license is also not accepted.

If you are an international visitor in New Zealand looking to hire a vehicle, you must present a valid driver’s license which has been held for a minimum of 12 months before you may rent a vehicle, supported by your passport. 

The following are steps on how you can hire a vehicle with a restricted license:

  • Take a valid license and major credit card to the company; copies or photos are not accepted.
  • Present the license and credit card to the agent at the rental company you want to use.
  • If the process goes smoothly and you have been given a contract to sign concerning the hire, ensure that you read it carefully. Your insurance liability is most likely higher than a full licence holder. 

To answer the question to the topic, a restricted license can be used to hire a vehicle with Auckland Vehicle Rentals if you can meet the above requirements. For any questions, you can contact us today!

Are you a resident of North Shore looking for the best truck rental service available to cater to your needs? Look no more because our services are available to you seven days a week. 

Moving is a big step and can be stressful. Remove as much stress as possible by hiring from a company that cares and has quality vehicles…you are in safe hands with us.

If you are planning to rent a truck to move items or make deliveries, we provide hiring services that get the job done without complications. Hiring from us gives you access to benefits that make your moving process go as smooth as anticipated.

Our services include 24-hour roadside assistance which is available for all vehicles and customers enjoy unlimited kilometers on all car and minibus rentals. In the case of renting our trucks or cargo vans, you get the first 100 km for free. 

Are you concerned about the safety of your personal vehicle during a truck rental? You have the option of parking your car in our secure yard while you are renting one of our trucks.

With a variety of vehicles, we provide you with vehicle options that suit your needs. 

The 2-tonne rental trucks come with or without certain features like a hydraulic tail lift, Luton box, or ramp – this depends on the truck rental in mind (please note that the hire price varies). 

We also have the 3- tonne rental trucks which come with a hydraulic lift as well and if you want something smaller to get the job done, furniture moving vans are also available.

Some of our other truck rental points include; no hidden costs on a rental, comprehensive insurance on every hire, and all quotes that include GST. 

If you are in North Shore looking for a truck rental that is stress-fee, affordable, and cares about you and your items, you can trust our services to deliver. Get in touch with our friendly team today. 

New Zealand is a beautiful country with up and down terrain and rapidly changing weather. These two elements can affect driving conditions and even experienced drivers can get caught out.

If you are new in New Zealand, we understand that driving in unfamiliar terrain can be daunting especially when driving a large vehicle. 

This article will be educating you on safety tips to know when diving a truck hire in Auckland – but before we get to that, the following are requirements you have to meet:

  •  Age: age matters when renting a vehicle. Most companies have age limits for hiring a vehicle but most times, you must be at least 20 years old with a driving license. And If you are a visitor to New Zealand, ensure that you have your international licence or authorised translation.
  • Licenses: All of the trucks available at Auckland Vehicle Rentals require only a class 1 license. 
  • Fuel: after making use of the rental truck, always return the truck with the amount of fuel you picked it up with (we hire our vehicles with a full tank for your convenience). Failure to return the truck without filling the fuel tank can attract additional service charges.

Understanding these requirements will help you prepare for the process of truck hire.

Driving a large vehicle is not as easy as driving a normal car. To maneuver a rental truck with ease on unfamiliar roads, you must get familiar with the following safety tips:

Know your route and get familiar with the vehicle

Learning to prepare ahead of time is never a bad idea. Before the trip, take time to plan the routes you will use and ensure that you are prepared for what is ahead. You cannot rely only on navigation systems because anything can happen.

Get familiar with the truck before setting out for the trip. Understand the driving controls, make necessary adjustments (such as mirrors), and be sure that everything is working faultlessly. Once you are satisfied with all the adjustments made and there’s confirmation that you can see the road clearly on all sides, you are good to go.

(Important tip: do not forget your driver’s license, you need it at all times.)

Follow the rules and drive safely

When driving a truck, always use the right signals, put your seatbelt on, and be respectful to other drivers. The speed limit for a trucks is 90km/h on motorways because speeding can put you at risk of an accident. Ensure that you are always driving at a safe speed and also monitor the following distance of cars ahead of you.

When you want to change lanes make use of your mirrors carefully and always use indication lights to give other drivers a heads up. Look out for risks and avoid any sudden maneuvers because it could be harmful to other drivers behind you.

As you drive, pay attention to the road, keep an eye out for blind spots, and avoid distractions. Focus on the road at all times and when you feel tired, take short breaks to recharge and relax.

Pay attention to driving conditions

As earlier stated, the weather in Auckland changes rapidly so keep this in mind when you drive. Make sure you drive the truck according to the current weather situations.

Whether the road is wet, icy, bumpy, smooth, narrow, or straight, adjust your speed and driving style to suit the driving condition.

Reverse, brakes, and security

2 tonne furniture truck with tail lift for hireReversing a truck is different from reversing any other vehicle so you have to be careful and slow when you reverse. If you have issues reversing properly, you can always ask for help from people around to navigate your way out of a parked position.

When using the brakes, parking and making turns, be cautious. Ensure that you give time and space before fully braking because braking too fast can lead to loss of vehicle control.

Finally, always make sure all your load is locked and safely secured. The last thing you want is your load poking out on the sides of the truck or moving around the truck while in transit.

When you are driving a truck, especially for the first time, always be careful and take precautions.

We hope you found this helpful and if you’re looking to hire a truck in Auckland, we’ve got you covered!

Auckland is the most populous city in New Zealand. This beautiful city offers an array of activities for tourists and residents to enjoy and partake in. 

Car hire in Auckland is a great way to move around and explore the city because it allows you to enjoy the city at your own pace. Driving yourself around the city is more flexible than taking a taxi because it allows you to complete your itinerary without having to rush activities. 

The process of hiring a car can be stress-free if you follow these few tips:

Book on time and plan ahead

Before deciding to hire a car, it’s advisable to do some research on car rental companies. We encourage you to look through options and take note of all the details that suit your preference and budget before going on to book a car for your trip.

After your research is complete and a decision has been reached, you’re good to go!  

Luckily the world is digital and so are Auckland car hire services! You can book ahead of time and have all your questions answered without having to step into any office. 

Booking ahead for your trip gives you an advantage on the best deals because rates go up and down according to the demand and supply and the season of times too. 

Take photos of the car

Taking pictures has become much easier thanks to smart phones. When you go to pick up the car you have hired, we advise that you take a few snapshots and possibly make a video of the car while on the premises. Ask the staff to identify any existing damage to you and take close-up images of them so you can avoid any future disputes when the car is returned.

Pay attention to all the necessary details

Take note of all the details from the fuel policy, to the excess charges on insurance which can vary between companies. Inquire about all deposits required for the car rental and make sure you have sufficient money on your card to pay for any future holiday expenditure.

Also, take note of return requirements and extra charges on drivers under a particular age. Keeping all these in mind can help you avoid paying for extra charges at the end of the trip. 

Age range and drivers

Have your license with you when you are going to hire a car because you would not be able to rent a car without it.

Hiring a car for a trip doesn’t have to be stressful. All you have to do is follow these steps and we can guarantee you a smooth and easy rental experience.

Looking for a car rental service in Auckland? Contact us today

Auckland City is spreading, oozing out of its north and south boundaries like a burst tube of toothpaste. Where Albany was once considered the top of the north shore, outlying suburbs such as Silverdale, Orewa, and Whangaparaoa are now major centres, and new neighbourhoods like Millwater and Oteha have become real estate hotspots.

With the population centre of Auckland shifting northwards, where do thousands of residents and businesses head for cheap truck rentals in north harbour?

Introducing Auckland Vehicle Rentals

This locally-owned brand has been servicing Auckland’s north harbour region for many years with their fleet of busy rental trucks. All are car licence sizes, so are perfect for DIY house moves or transporting bulky purchases. All are automatic and fitted with reversing cameras, so that virtually anyone can hire one with confidence. Their north harbour rental truck fleet includes:

2-Tonne Rental Truck

Hire for up to 24 hours for $120

Includes GST, standard insurance, and up to 100kms travel. Additional kms charged at 39c each if needed.

Internal dimensions are 3.1m long x 1.75 wide x 2.0 high approximately


2-Tonne Rental Truck with Tail Lift

Hire for up to 24 hours for $160

Includes GST, standard insurance, and up to 100kms travel. Additional kms charged at 39c each if needed.

Internal dimensions are 3.1m long x 1.75 wide x 2.0 high approximately


3-Tonne Rental Truck with Tail Lift

Hire for up to 24 hours for $200

Includes GST, standard insurance, and up to 100kms travel. Additional kms charged at 43c each if needed.

Internal dimensions are 4.5m long x 2.05 wide x 2.15 high approximately


In additional to rental trucks, Auckland Vehicle Rentals also provide rental cargo vans, minibuses, and cars for north harbour customers at very competitive rates. Pop in to their branch at the corner of Bush Road and Volkner Place in Albany, or contact us for more info.

When you’re moving house on a budget, or just shifting a single large item, a truck for hire is indispensable. The right vehicle at the right price can save the day, and of course the wrong one can cost more than anticipated in dollars, effort, and time.

Here are our top tips for finding the right truck for hire in Auckland.

Wise to Upsize?

The cost of any truck for hire in Auckland is primarily based on the box size. Committing to a bigger truck than you need means that you could be paying more than necessary, while mistakenly hiring a smaller one will cost you in extra trips, mileage, fuel, and general stress! Always check the box measurements when choosing a truck for hire, and try to mentally pack your belongings into that space. Allow lots of extra space for all the small things you forgot to load in your virtual truck, and don’t forget the shed and garage. If you’re moving locally in Auckland then unforeseen extra trips may be fine, for greater distances it’s often wise to upsize – just in case.

Book Your Truck For Hire Early!

You want to move on a Saturday? Guess what – so do most people in Auckland. If moving during the week is feasible for you, then you may find that a broader range of trucks is available, and you’re more likely to get a truck for hire at short notice. Some companies occasionally offer mid-week discounts to make these days even more attractive. If a weekend if your only option, be sure to book your truck for hire well in advance.

Where Is The Truck For Hire?

It sounds silly, but in this age of online browsing and price comparisons some people book the first cheap truck for hire in Auckland that they see, only to realise that the pick up location is miles away. This usually results in extra fuel and mileage costs just to save a few dollars on the initial hire, not to mention the time wasted in Auckland traffic on a busy and stressful day. Double check whether the truck for hire will be available from a branch that is convenient to you, or if not, that the deal is still worth the extra travel.

Will Hidden Charges Offset A Cheap Quote?

One of the reasons it’s hard to compare quotes for a truck for hire in Auckland is that your final cost is usually made up of at least two factors: the hire cost, and the mileage rate. Some companies advertise VERY low hire prices in VERY large print, offset this with a high mileage fee, so it’s critical that you take a moment to calculate the cost of your estimated distance. Remember too, that trucks for hire are classed as commercial vehicles, and so many companies will also add GST on to all their quoted figures. It’s worth mentioning that a truck for hire from Auckland Vehicle Rentals comes with 100 free kms included in their already sharp prices, and GST is included too. Kilometre rates for longer distances are also cheaper than many other operators.

Spend It Where It Counts

Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra dollars if it saves you extra work, risk, or cost down the track. In a pressure cooker situation such as a house move, this has never been more relevant.

Tail Lifts: The single greatest invention for the amateur furniture mover, this feature can transform loading appliances, workshop equipment, and hefty furniture into a single-handed operation. It can also be set halfway up and used as a large step, saving you and your crew the hassle of climbing in and out of the truck all day. Not surprisingly, a tail lift truck for hire is always in demand – book early if this feature is on your wish list.

Trollies, furniture blankets, and straps: These small and inexpensive accessories can really help your move go smoothly. And again, if they’re critical to you it’s worth confirming that they can be added to your booking. The quantity and style of blankets, straps and trollies can also vary greatly between Auckland rental companies, so this is worth clarifying too.

Insurance: Like rental cars, a truck for hire in Auckland usually includes only the most basic insurance cover, and the hirer may need to accept responsibility for a much higher excess than their private motor vehicle insurance policy. Check out the options for reducing this excess, the extra cost is usually very reasonable. That way you can move on quickly and affordably from any mishap.

If you need a truck for hire in Auckland, contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals for an all-inclusive quote.

Auckland is a sprawling metropolis known for its far flung suburbs… and marginal public transport services. Any local will tell you emphatically: you can’t survive in Auckland without a car. So if your car is being repaired,  you’re a visitor to Auckland, or you’re a one car family but occasionally need two, a hire car is often the perfect solution to  your transport dramas. Typically, a day’s hire cost can be less than a single trip in a taxi or Uber.

Of course a car hire can also bring its own dramas, so in this series we give you some tips for a smooth, uneventful, stress-free  car rental in Auckland, and the obvious place to start is:

Picking Up Your Hire Car

This is a critical time, but quite often there is a fair amount of “she’ll be right” on behalf of both the hirer and hiree. It’s understandable: you’ve probably used hire cars before and can’t wait to get on the road, and the rental operator has phones ringing and other customers waiting. You will forget to ask half the questions you planned to, and they will forget to tell you some quirks of operation in your car. Remember, for the company staff this hire car is just like dozens of others, so for them these details may seem too obvious to bore you with.

Collecting your rental car doesn’t need to be slow and arduous, but here are a few tips that are definitely worth remembering:

1. Online Saves Time!

It’s the 21st century, and these days many Auckland car hire companies let you pre-enter most of your information online before you set foot in their office. Do this if at all possible. It not only means that you’ll be behind the wheel of your hire car within moments, but it will often answer many of the questions you had, or raise others, before you meet the rental staff.

2. Who’s Driving?

Make sure you have your licence. Not a photo or xerox of your licence, but your actual licence. You will not be able to hire a car without it.

Ideally bring the licences of any likely drivers with you, too. Hirers often casually mention that their spouse “might” drive the hire car, but don’t have that person or their licence with them. No licence on the hire agreement means NO INSURANCE COVER, so don’t even think about it. Some rental companies let you add licences by sending scans or photos through during the hire, but don’t take this for granted, others can be quite strict.

Licences should be in English, or accompanied by an International Driving Permit or authorised translation. Overseas licence holders will also need to present their passport.

3. Snap Away!

Take photos of your hire car. The rental company will probably have done this, but these days it is so easy to walk around the car with your phone and take a few snaps or a video while it’s still on their premises. Take close ups of any existing damage. Disputes still can arise, even between perfectly honest rental companies and perfectly honest customers, so this is free peace of mind.

4. Any Questions?

Check the important things while you’re there. If the stereo or GPS in your hire car will be critical to your travelling pleasure, try and get some joy out of it. If you plan to fold seats away for luggage or sleeping space, do it now. Trying to communicate these things over the phone later can be challenging for both parties.

Do you need a car hire in Auckland? We can help! See our range and contact us here.

Minibuses are useful. Everyone should have one! Trips with extended family, kids birthday parties, stag do’s, hen’s nights. Work functions, VIP tours, inter-site shuttles. Sports team away games, school trips… most folk will have a use for one occasionally and some folk, schools, or businesses depend on them heavily.

Like any expensive piece of equipment though, if you don’t need a minibus frequently then it’s smarter to hire. And while a rental saves you a ton of responsibilities and costs, it can come with its own pitfalls. At Auckland Vehicle Rentals we know from bitter experience the things our customers have struggled with over the years and are happy share this insider advice for your benefit!


Safety campaigns have drummed in the perils of drivers using phones, and small squabbling children are known to be a lethal distraction to parents at the wheel. Imagine, then, the potential of ten or eleven passengers to affect your concentration while you operate an unfamiliar and large rental van. Your responsibility is magnified in this situation, so take it easy and let the passengers entertain each other.


Perhaps the most commonly damaged area of a rental minibus is the passenger side, on or just ahead of the rear wheel arch. This is simply because drivers negotiate obstacles as though they were driving a car, and forget that a rental van is significantly longer. Before you even leave the rental operators premises, set your mirrors to suit, and then watch them like a hawk when navigating around posts, gates, bollards, and other vehicles.


Jumbo vans and undercover parking don’t seem to mix well. Our 12-seat minibuses are 2.3 metres high, so pay attention to any signage at parking building entrances. Roof repairs are expensive, as well as embarrassing.


Reversing a minibus is a knack. Visibility can easily be blocked by people, luggage, and the rows of seats. Things get a little easier in rental vans equipped with backing cameras (all our 12-seat Premium vans have them), but if in doubt dispatch a spotter to guide you.


Aside from the obvious truism that a minibus is larger and heavier than a car, a rental van full of passengers and their luggage can easily add another tonne. Factor this critical mass into your stopping distances, and take speed recommendations on highway corners fairly literally.

Braking constantly while descending long hills can cause the brakes to overheat quicker than they would in a lighter vehicle. Smoke coming from the front wheels is an alarming indicator that your minibus brakes need a breather, and in extreme cases continued abuse will damage the components. New Zealand is known for its volcanic landscape and consequently you’re likely to find yourself traversing mountain ranges during many inter-city drives, so take it easy on the anchors. Watching your speed and releasing the brakes momentarily every few seconds gives them a chance to cool off.

Have more questions about driving a rental minibus? Call 09827760 to speak to one of our staff.